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Security update for ansible

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-06-27
This update for ansible fixes the following issues:

Ansible was updated to version 2.8.1:

Full changelog is at /usr/share/doc/packages/ansible/changelogs/

- Bugfixes

  - ACI - DO not encode query_string
  - ACI modules - Fix non-signature authentication
  - Add missing directory provided via ``--playbook-dir`` to adjacent collection loading
  - Fix "Interface not found" errors when using eos_l2_interface with nonexistant
    interfaces configured
  - Fix cannot get credential when `source_auth` set to `credential_file`.
  - Fix netconf_config backup string issue
  - Fix privilege escalation support for the docker connection plugin when
    credentials need to be supplied (e.g. sudo with password).
  - Fix vyos cli prompt inspection
  - Fixed loading namespaced documentation fragments from collections.
  - Fixing bug came up after running cnos_vrf module against coverity.
  - Properly handle data importer failures on PVC creation, instead of timing out.
  - To fix the ios static route TC failure in CI
  - To fix the nios member module params
  - To fix the nios_zone module idempotency failure
  - add terminal initial prompt for initial connection
  - allow include_role to work with ansible command
  - allow python_requirements_facts to report on dependencies containing dashes
  - asa_config fix
  - azure_rm_roledefinition - fix a small error in build scope.
  - azure_rm_virtualnetworkpeering - fix cross subscriptions virtual network
  - cgroup_perf_recap - When not using file_per_task, make sure we don't
    prematurely close the perf files
  - display underlying error when reporting an invalid ``tasks:`` block.
  - dnf - fix wildcard matching for state: absent
  - docker connection plugin - accept version ``dev`` as 'newest version' and
    print warning.
  - docker_container - ``oom_killer`` and ``oom_score_adj`` options are available
    since docker-py 1.8.0, not 2.0.0 as assumed by the version check.
  - docker_container - fix network creation when ``networks_cli_compatible`` is
  - docker_container - use docker API's ``restart`` instead of ``stop``/``start``
    to restart a container.
  - docker_image - if ``build`` was not specified, the wrong default for
    ``build.rm`` is used.
  - docker_image - if ``nocache`` set to ``yes`` but not ``build.nocache``, the
    module failed.
  - docker_image - module failed when ``source: build`` was set but
    ``build.path`` options not specified.
  - docker_network module - fix idempotency when using ``aux_addresses`` in
  - ec2_instance - make Name tag idempotent
  - eos: don't fail modules without become set, instead show message and continue
  - eos_config: check for session support when asked to 'diff_against: session'
  - eos_eapi: fix idempotency issues when vrf was unspecified.
  - fix bugs for ce - more info see
  - fix incorrect uses of to_native that should be to_text instead.
  - hcloud_volume - Fix idempotency when attaching a server to a volume.
  - ibm_storage - Added a check for null fields in ibm_storage utils module.
  - include_tasks - whitelist ``listen`` as a valid keyword
  - k8s - resource updates applied with force work correctly now
  - keep results subset also when not no_log.
  - meraki_switchport - improve reliability with native VLAN functionality.
  - netapp_e_iscsi_target - fix netapp_e_iscsi_target chap secret size and
    clearing functionality
  - netapp_e_volumes - fix workload profileId indexing when no previous workload
    tags exist on the storage array.
  - nxos_acl some platforms/versions raise when no ACLs are present
  - nxos_facts fix <https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/57009>
  - nxos_file_copy fix passwordless workflow
  - nxos_interface Fix admin_state check for n6k
  - nxos_snmp_traps fix group all for N35 platforms
  - nxos_snmp_user fix platform fixes for get_snmp_user
  - nxos_vlan mode idempotence bug
  - nxos_vlan vlan names containing regex ctl chars should be escaped
  - nxos_vtp_* modules fix n6k issues
  - openssl_certificate - fix private key passphrase handling for
    ``cryptography`` backend.
  - openssl_pkcs12 - fixes crash when private key has a passphrase and the module
    is run a second time.
  - os_stack - Apply tags conditionally so that the module does not throw up an
    error when using an older distro of openstacksdk
  - pass correct loading context to persistent connections other than local
  - pkg_mgr - Ansible 2.8.0 failing to install yum packages on Amazon Linux
  - postgresql - added initial SSL related tests
  - postgresql - added missing_required_libs, removed excess param mapping
  - postgresql - move connect_to_db and get_pg_version into
    module_utils/postgres.py (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/55514)
  - postgresql_db - add note to the documentation about state dump and the
    incorrect rc (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/57297)
  - postgresql_db - fix for postgresql_db fails if stderr contains output
  - postgresql_ping - fixed a typo in the module documentation
  - preserve actual ssh error when we cannot connect.
  - route53_facts - the module did not advertise check mode support, causing it
    not to be run in check mode.
  - sysctl: the module now also checks the output of STDERR to report if values
    are correctly set (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/55695)
  - ufw - correctly check status when logging is off
  - uri - always return a value for status even during failure
  - urls - Handle redirects properly for IPv6 address by not splitting on ``:``
    and rely on already parsed hostname and port values
  - vmware_vm_facts - fix the support with regular ESXi
  - vyos_interface fix <https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/57169>
  - we don't really need to template vars on definition as we do this on demand
    in templating.
  - win_acl - Fix qualifier parser when using UNC paths -
  - win_hostname - Fix non netbios compliant name handling
  - winrm - Fix issue when attempting to parse CLIXML on send input failure
  - xenserver_guest - fixed an issue where VM whould be powered off even though
    check mode is used if reconfiguration requires VM to be powered off.
  - xenserver_guest - proper error message is shown when maximum number of
    network interfaces is reached and multiple network interfaces are added at
  - yum - Fix false error message about autoremove not being supported
  - yum - fix failure when using ``update_cache`` standalone
  - yum - handle special "_none_" value for proxy in yum.conf and .repo files

Update to version 2.8.0

Major changes:

  * Experimental support for Ansible Collections and content namespacing -
    Ansible content can now be packaged in a collection and addressed via
    namespaces. This allows for easier sharing, distribution, and installation
    of bundled modules/roles/plugins, and consistent rules for accessing
    specific content via namespaces.
  * Python interpreter discovery - The first time a Python module runs on a
    target, Ansible will attempt to discover the proper default Python
    interpreter to use for the target platform/version (instead of immediately
    defaulting to /usr/bin/python). You can override this behavior by
    setting ansible_python_interpreter or via config. 
    (see https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/50163)
  * become - The deprecated CLI arguments for --sudo, --sudo-user,
    --ask-sudo-pass, -su, --su-user, and --ask-su-pass have been removed, in
    favor of the more generic --become, --become-user, --become-method, and
  * become - become functionality has been migrated to a plugin architecture,
    to allow customization of become functionality and 3rd party become methods

- addresses CVE-2018-16859, CVE-2018-16876, CVE-2019-3828, CVE-2018-16837

For the full changelog see /usr/share/doc/packages/ansible/changelogs or online:



  • ansible-2.8.1-bp150.3.9.1