Update Info


Recommended update for libtermkey, neovim, and python-neovim

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-02-12
This update provides fixes and improvements for several packages:

Package: libtermkey

- Version bump to 0.20:
  * Adds parsing of DCS and OSC control strings
  * Fixed handling of Ctrl-Space, bugfix for keypad mode switching,
    endian fix for unicode keys (thanks jamessan)

Package: neovim

- Puts the system-wide config now in /etc (boo#1098800)
- Several other minor changes (see rpm .changes file for more details)
- Version bump to 0.3.1 introduced several features, bug fixes, and other changes

Package: python-neovim

- Version bump to 0.3.1 introduced several smaller changes to work with neovim
  (see rpm .changes file for more details)

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Update update project.



  • libtermkey-0.20-bp150.3.3.1
  • lua51-bit32-5.3.0-bp150.2.1
  • neovim-0.3.1-bp150.2.3.1
  • python-neovim-0.3.1-bp150.3.3.1