Update Info


Recommended update for mkdud

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2018-05-15
This update for mkdud fixes the following issues:

- adjust mkdud to work around a problem when updating coreutils
- adjust CaaSP support (boo#1085261)
- support creating a dud in rpm format (boo#1006175)
- allow to skip distribution check using --force (boo#1012241)
- support openSUSE Kubic
- support CASP and extend documentation for --dist option
- fix service pack condition check
- follow casp -> caasp renaming
- use latest git2log script from linuxrc-devtools package
- more readable variable names
- be more specific about dists that support DUDs as rpm
- squash dashes ('-') to match more dist name spellings
- adjust documentation to include rpm format
- accept driver updates packed as rpm
- even more verbose error message
- fix Makefile and update git2log script
- improve documentation



  • mkdud-1.34-9.1