Update Info


Security update for pdns-recursor

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2018-04-16
This update for pdns-recursor fixes the following issues:

- update to 4.1.2
  - New Features
    - #6344: Add FFI version of gettag().
  - Improvements
    - #6298, #6303, #6268, #6290: Add the option to set the AXFR
      timeout for RPZs.
    - #6172: IXFR: correct behavior of dealing with DNS Name with
      multiple records and speed up IXFR transaction (Leon Xu).
    - #6379: Add RPZ statistics endpoint to the API.
  - Bug Fixes
    - #6336, #6293, #6237: Retry loading RPZ zones from server when
      they fail initially.
    - #6300: Fix ECS-based cache entry refresh code.
    - #6320: Fix ECS-specific NS AAAA not being returned from the

- update to version 4.1.1:
  + Fixes security vulnerability where man-in-the-middle to send
    a NXDOMAIN answer for a DNSSEC name that does exist.
    (boo#1077154, CVE-2018-1000003)
  + Don't validate signature for "glue" CNAME, since anything else
    than the initial CNAME can’t be considered authoritative.

- update to version 4.0.7: (boo#1069242)



  • pdns-recursor-4.1.2-5.1