Update Info


Recommended update for phpMyAdmin

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2017-07-04
This update for phpMyAdmin version fixes the following issues:

* Make theme selection keep current server
* Fixed direct login for accounts without password
* Fixed check for mbstring.func_overload
* Fixed wrong encoding of table at triggers
* Fixed natural sorting in several places
* Show warning for users removed from mysql.user table
* Fixed loading additional javascripts
* Fixed editing QBE
* Improved documentation on user settings
* Gracefully handle early fatal errors in AJAX requests
* Fixed Incorrect NavigationTreeEnableExpansion default value in the documentation
* Fixed export of database with a lot of tables
* Improved performance when importing with enabled tracking
* Show only supported charsets for conversion
* Fixed operation with session.auto_start enabled
* Fix "Create PHP code"
* Fixed links to resume timeouted import



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  • phpMyAdmin-4.7.2-8.1