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Recommended update for tmux

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2017-07-04
This update provides tmux 2.5 for the SUSE PackageHub.

- major (incompatible) key table changes
- Support for mouse double and triple clicks.
- BCE (Background Colour Erase) is now supported.
- All occurrences of a search string in copy mode are now highlighted
- source-file now understands glob patterns.
- The configuration file now accepts %if/%endif conditional blocks
- detach-client now has -E to execute a command replacing the client instead of exiting
- Add support for custom command aliases
- break-pane now has -n to specify the new window name.
- Strikethrough support
- Grouped sessions can now be named (new -t).
- substantial performance improvements.



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  • tmux-2.5-12.1