Update Info


Recommended update for fate

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2017-06-15
This update provides fate 1.6 and various improvements and bug fixes:

- Easier workflow fo Save/SaveAll features. (bsc#1036753)
- Multiple changes at once.
- Use class FeatureViewBase wherever appropriate.
- Enhance presenting Diffs. (bsc#1039533 and more)
- Refactor Simpleeditor.
- Multiple FeatureView windows.
- Make ECO code compliant to refactored class feature.
- Refactor SimpleEditor to use new signals of class Feature.
- New product&priority editor.
- New ActorList Editor.
- Configurable tabbed FeatureView.
- Eliminate use of some KDE widgets including KTabWidget.
- Refactor class Feature model alike.
- Normal quit of fate client triggers KCrash. (bsc#887741)
- Duplicate Person Box. (bsc#961147) 
- FATE: Does not show up in menu. (bsc#1024737) 
- Segfault when removing Info Provider. (bsc#1032240)
- No save button after changing product. (bsc#1032321) 
- Unable to save a feature. (bsc#1032481)
- Rename SLE-13-HPC to SLE-15-HPC. (bsc#1040654) 



  • fate-1.6.0-13.1