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Recommended update for scite

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2017-06-07
This update provides scite 3.7.4 and various improvements and bug fixes:

- The build for scite is now reproduciable. (boo#1041090)
- In the Python lexer, improve f-string support. Add support for
  multiline expressions in triple quoted f-strings. Handle nested
  "()", "[]", and "{}" in f-string expressions and terminate
  expression coloring at ":" or "!". End f-string if ending quote
  is seen in a "{}" expression. Fix terminating single quoted
  f-string at EOL, (sf#1918).
- Fix to crash with fold tags where line inserted at start.
- Fix to stream selection mode when moving caret up or down,
- Fix Cocoa failure to display accented character chooser for
  European languages by partially reverting a change made to
  prevent a crash with Chinese input by special-casing the
  Cangjie input source. (sf#1881).
- Improved speed of accessibility code on GTK- by using
  additional memory as a cache, (sf#1910).
- Fix crash in accessibility code on GTK- < 3.3.6 caused by
  previous bug fix, (sf#1907).
- Fix to prevent double scrolling on GTK- with X11, (sf#1901).
- SciTE on GTK- adds an "accessibility" property to allow
  disabling accessibility on GTK- as an optimization.
- In SciTE can hide buffer numbers in tabs, (sf#1173).
- The Lua lexer requires the first line to start with "#!" to be
  treated as a shebang comment, not just "#", (sf#1900).
- The Matlab lexer requires block comment start and end to be
  alone on a line, (sf#1902).
- The Python lexer supports f-strings with new styles, allows
  Unicode identifiers, and no longer allows @1 to be a decorator,
- Fix folding inconsistency when fold header added above a folded
  part. Avoid unnecessary unfolding when a deletion does not
  include a line end, (sf#1896).
- Fix finalization crash on Cocoa, (sf#1909).
- Fix crash in accessibility code on GTK- due to signal receipt
  after destruction, (sf#1907).
- Make trackpad scrolling work on Wayland, (sf#1901). 
- Fix crash on GTK- <3.8 due to incorrect lifetime of
  accessibility object. More accurate reporting of attribute
  ranges and deletion lengths for accessibility.
- In SciTE, if a Lua script causes a Scintilla failure exception,
  display error message in output pane instead of exiting,
- Matlab folder based on syntax instead of indentation so more
  accurate (sf#1692).
- YAML lexer fixed style of references and keywords when followed
  by a comment, (sf#1872).
- Fixed a NULL access bug on GTK- where the scrollbars could be
  used during destruction, (sf#1873).
- A potential bug on GTK- fixed where asynchronous clipboard
  could be delivered after its target Scintilla instance was
- SciTE measures files larger that 2 GB which allows it to refuse
  to open huge files more consistently and to show better warning
- The Baan lexer was changed significantly with more lexical
  states, keyword sets, and support for abridged keywords.
- The YAML lexer recognizes inline comments, (sf#1660).
- On GTK- 3.21- fix incorrect font size in auto-completion list,
- Fix SciTE crash when command.mode ends with comma, (sf#1857).

You can find the complete changelog here: http://www.scintilla.org/ScintillaHistory.html.



  • scite-3.7.4-12.1