Update Info


Recommended update for KDE Plasma 5

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2017-03-28
This update contains KDE Plasma 5.8.6, a general bugfix release.

The following components were updated: 

ark, jsoncpp, kopete, mailcommon

The upstream announcements are available here:
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.6.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.5.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.4.php

Changes in ark:

- Avoid running executable scripts when clicking on them. (boo#1018648, kde#374572)

Changes in jsoncpp:

- Fix pkg-config. (boo#1015761)

Changes in kopete:

- Fix encrypting OTR messages after closing and re-opening kopete. (boo#1016982, kde#362535)

Changes in mailcommon:

- Fix a crash when the "Add Tag" dialog is opened. (boo#1020161)



  • ark-16.08.2-5.1
  • jsoncpp-1.7.4-5.1
  • kopete-16.08.2-5.1
  • mailcommon-16.08.2-5.1