Update Info


Recommended update for KDE Plasma 5

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2017-03-28
This update contains KDE Plasma 5.8.6, a general bugfix release.

The following components were updated: 

breeze, discover, kde-user-manager, kiconthemes, kwin5, plasma5-SLE, plasma5-addons, plasma5-desktop, plasma5-pa, 
plasma5-session, plasma5-workspace

The upstream announcements are available here:
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.6.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.5.php
* https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.4.php

Changes in breeze:

  * Add top_left_arrow cursor symlinks.
  * Delay init of Wayland setup till next event cycle.
  * Fix broken kcfgc files.

Changes in discover:

  * Improve YaST integration and UI functionality.
  * Fix arguments when running .desktop files with runservice.
  * Make sure we report changes in the size once advertised.
  * AppStream: Take stock icons into account.
  * Enable full screenshot smoothness.
  * Don't close if the input is wrong.
  * Display an error if input URL was malformed.
  * Expose software-properties-kde if present.
  * Make sure the application delegate doesn't overflow when the view is narrow.
  * Elide category names when they're too big.
  * Move ifdefs to Discover instead of modifying Appstream.
  * Make it possible for 5.8 to compile against the last AppStreamQt.
  * Make screenshots visible when there's only one screenshot too.

Changes in kde-user-manager:

  * Hide "automatic login" button in UserAccounts since is does absolutely nothing.
  * Revert "Do not ask for root permissions when it's unnecessary".

Changes in kiconthemes:

  * Make icons sharper (not blurry) with non-integer scale factors. (boo#1006651, kde#366451)
  * Make running applications detect changing the configured icon theme and as a result not adding wrong icons to the 
    cache. (boo#1000519, kde#365363)

Changes in kwin5:

  * Avoid a crash on Kwin decoration KCM teardown.
  * Support modifier-only-shortcuts when capslock is on.
  * Translate the layout name when passing to layout change OSD.
  * Fixed initial graying out options in Cube Effect settings.
  * [TabBox] Remember current model index on SwitcherItem model set.
  * Align configure button consistently across delegates.
  * Fix AbstractClient::sizeForClientSize.
  * Ensure that all Effects honour the grab roles correctly.
  * Unpolish QStyle on QApp prior to destroying internal Wayland connection.
  * [helpers/killer] Force to platform XCB.
  * Simplify the window title passed in from the window system.
  * [desktopgrid] Don't manipulate virtual desktop of desktop window.
  * Invert the scroll direction for wheel events on internal windows.
  * Internal windows cannot be minimized.
  * [libinput] Add scroll method configuration support.
  * [libinput] Add natural scrolling support.
  * [libinput] Add middle mouse button emulation support.
  * Don't snap to auto-hidden panels.
  * [scripting] Silence unused variable warnings.
  * [scripting] Fix export of WorkspaceWrapper in QtScript.
  * Support for workspace.clientList() in declarative script.
  * Correctly set i18n suffix in mousemark spinbox.

Changes in plasma5-SLE:

  * Add default fonts to /etc/xdg/kdeglobals to make KDE4 applications use the Plasma5 fonts as well 
    (same as set by plasma5-integration). (boo#1026970)
  * Increase contrast on splash/images/bulb.png to get rid of noise and visible edges.

Changes in plasma5-addons:

  * Fix systemloadviewer tooltip. (boo#1020020, kde#129309)
  * Use PlasmaComponents.Label instead of Text. (kde#372218)
  * Check on current comic to be valid and don't crash on invalid config groups when asked. Also, disable the 
    context menu options when no valid comic is loaded. (kde#373031)

Changes in plasma5-desktop:

  * Fix default font in fonts kcm.
  * Use icon center for vertical hitscan on drop.
  * Remove get new looks button from 5.8.
  * Fix crash when invoking Present Windows with the group dialog open.
  * [Folder View] Don't show script execution prompt on desktop:/.
  * Use proper version for baloo.
  * [Solid Device Actions KCM] Encode action file name.
  * Revamp (Activity) Pager wheel handling.
  * [Folder View] show script execution prompt when clicking item.
  * Fix startup warning.
  * Fix clearing selection when rectangle selection contains no items.
  * Fix Plasmoid.busy visualization in desktop containment.
  * Call correct function and fix warning.
  * [Task Manager] Hide group dialog when opening applets settings.
  * [kcm] Fix reset logic.
  * Silence warning.
  * Fix crash during crash acrobatics.
  * Fix binding loop.
  * [Folder View] Fix right click erroneously opening files.
  * Clean up after a window delegate drag exits the window.
  * Fix Enter/Return not running non-dir items in list view mode.
  * Set current index to start of selection range when performing rectangle selection.
  * [Panel Containment] Explicitly bind visible on both the container and the applet.
  * [Task Manager] Parent QAction to "parent" instead of this.
  * [Containment Appearance] Make sure to always load a config view.
  * Don't clear hover state while a child dialog is open.
  * Prompt for executing files in folderview containment. (boo#1022904)
  * Prevent folderview from opening files erroneously in addition to showing the context menu when right-clicking 
    on an icon.
  * [Folder View] Workaround QML Text layouting glitch.
  * [Kicker] Support drag from bookmarks runner.
  * Larger icons and stack windows above label item.
  * Ensure results are sorted by relevance.
  * [taskmanager] Limit GroupDialog size, stop highlightwindow effect when it shown, increase items readability.
  * Fix 2 RTL bugs.
  * [Kicker] Hide "Edit Applications..." context menu entry if system immutable.
  * Fix running of recent docs actions for runner match entries.
  * [Folder View] Clear hover state when mouse leaves view.
  * Select correct index without timer.
  * Fix "Move to Current Desktop" action moving to all desktops instead.
  * Check whether the KServe is still valid before running.
  * Publish delegate geometry when ChildCount increases.
  * Fix config dialogs in ltr mode.
  * [Task Manager] Strip application:// prefix before looking up service.
  * [Task Manager] Pass local file to KService instead of stringified URL.
  * [Task Manager] Fix Unity launcher count badge rendering when task is created.

Changes in plasma5-pa:

  * Always check if context is valid when calling pa functions.
  * VolumeSlider: Ignore all value changes until Component is completed.
  * Fix compare for undefined argument in playFeedback().
  * Pass correct index to playFeedback.
  * Applet: Don't delete delegates while drag is active.

Changes in plasma5-session:

  * Only require version 5.8.6 of packages that actually changed.

Changes in plasma5-workspace:

  * Port to QMultiHash.
  * Only remove + announce if leader change actually occured, avoid excessive loop.
  * [Notifications] Never manually hide() the NotificationPopup.
  * Add comment laying out goals.
  * Fix crash when switching activities.
  * Tweak alphabetic (default) sort behavior.
  * Turn the NotificationItem in a MouseArea.
  * [DesktopView] show() ConfigView when it is already opened.
  * [System Tray Containment] Drop useless Q_INVOKABLE from .cpp file.
  * [System Tray Containment] Ungrab mouse before opening context menu.
  * [KRunner] In doubt use primary screen for view position.
  * Drop legacy fixup rule for VirtualBox.
  * Fix isOutputRedundant logic.
  * Fix group parents not appearing when disabling inline grouping.
  * Corona::screenGeometryChanged on qscreen resized.
  * MediaController: Update position while queuedPositionUpdate timer is running.
  * Better clean up of duplicate containments.
  * Fix "Pinned Chrome disappears when all Chrome windows are closed".
  * [MPRIS Data Engine] Don't crash if "Metadata" is a map but of wrong type.
  * Systray: Move all icon resolution to dataengine.
  * Use a native event filter to notice the screen was swapped.
  * Notice when the only screen changes.
  * Make sure  applet is removed from stack when destroyed.
  * [Lock Screen] Wrap OSD in its own ColorScope.
  * Move updating of primary screen in screenpool after fetching its id.
  * Calendar: Clear selection on opening.
  * Fix "Unable to assign [undefined] to int" log.
  * Refresh the ScreenGeometry data role whenever a screen is added or changes its geometry.
  * systemtray: Don't propagate unhandled wheel events.
  * [Lock Screen] Add keyboard icon for keyboard layout switcher.
  * remove categories not present on server anymore.
  * Select correct index without timer.
  * Expose rowCount as data role in TaskGroupingProxyModel.
  * [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for chromium.
  * [SDDM Theme] Fix background in qmlscene by providing proper config dummy data.
  * [SDDM Theme] Add "lastUser" and "disableAvatarsThreshold" properties to dummydata.
  * [SDDM Theme] Remember last username.
  * [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for chromium-browser.
  * Fix config dialogs in ltr mode.
  * Properly parse exec line before qprocessing it for autostart.
  * Disable Qt's high DPI scaling on shutdown/switch user dialogs.
  * Don't set PanelView visibilty when opening/closing config.
  * Check KPluginInfo.service() returns a valid object.
  * Revert "Port to new plasma-framework API".
  * Add plasma-discover to mappings.
  * [Windowed Widgets Runner] Don't access invalid KPluginMetaData.
  * Load screenpool at the same time as we connect to screenchanged signals.
  * Avoid connecting to screen changed signals twice.
  * Sync app config in sync with applets config.
  * Make sure all outputs are known.
  * [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for Google-chrome.
  * [XWindowTasksModel] Check for service being empty before searching new ones.
  * Fix behavior of scrollable systray popups.
  * Introduce new pre-layout script hook.
  * Make sure we're looking both for json and desktop metadata.
  * Port to new plasma-framework API.
  * Modified distance function to keep aspect ratio as close as possible.



  • breeze-5.8.6-6.1
  • breeze4-style-5.8.6-6.1
  • discover-5.8.6-6.1
  • kde-user-manager-5.8.6-6.1
  • kiconthemes-5.26.0-5.1
  • kwin5-5.8.6-5.1
  • plasma5-SLE-42.1.1-5.1
  • plasma5-addons-5.8.3-5.1
  • plasma5-desktop-5.8.6-5.1
  • plasma5-pa-5.8.6-5.1
  • plasma5-session-5.8.6-5.1
  • plasma5-workspace-5.8.6-5.1