Update Info


Security update for Chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2017-03-17
Chromium was updated to 57.0.2987.98 to fix security issues and bugs.

The following vulnerabilities were fixed (bsc#1028848):

- CVE-2017-5030: Memory corruption in V8
- CVE-2017-5031: Use after free in ANGLE
- CVE-2017-5032: Out of bounds write in PDFium
- CVE-2017-5029: Integer overflow in libxslt
- CVE-2017-5034: Use after free in PDFium
- CVE-2017-5035: Incorrect security UI in Omnibox
- CVE-2017-5036: Use after free in PDFium
- CVE-2017-5037: Multiple out of bounds writes in ChunkDemuxer
- CVE-2017-5039: Use after free in PDFium
- CVE-2017-5040: Information disclosure in V8
- CVE-2017-5041: Address spoofing in Omnibox
- CVE-2017-5033: Bypass of Content Security Policy in Blink
- CVE-2017-5042: Incorrect handling of cookies in Cast
- CVE-2017-5038: Use after free in GuestView
- CVE-2017-5043: Use after free in GuestView
- CVE-2017-5044: Heap overflow in Skia
- CVE-2017-5045: Information disclosure in XSS Auditor
- CVE-2017-5046: Information disclosure in Blink

The following non-security changes are included:

- Address broken rendering on non-intel cards   



  • chromium-57.0.2987.98-8.1