Update Info


Recommended update for kio

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2017-11-10
This update for kio contains the following bug fixes:

- The "Accept For Session" cookie setting that was not properly respected (boo#1049975, kde#386325)
- The file name was overlapping with the icon in the file dialog
  if the generic fallback icon is used (kde#372207)
- avoid high CPU load during file copies (boo#1016920, boo#1051349)
- Fix modifying applications' .desktop files in the "Edit File Type" dialog
  if the corresponding directory doesn't exist in ~/.local/share/ (boo#1000946)
- Fix for modifying advanced permissions in the Dolphin file/folder properties dialog (boo#978935, kde#365795)
- Prevent /tmp getting filled up because full directories are copied to it
  when generating folder previews for remote locations and the trash (kde#208625, boo#969768)
- Dolphin did not displaying symlinks under certain circumstances (boo#1030145, kde#369275)



  • kio-5.26.0-8.1