Update Info


Security update for ansible

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2017-11-10
This update for ansible to version fixes the following vulnerabilities:
- CVE-2017-7481: Security issue with lookup return not tainting the jinja2 environment (bsc#1038785)
- CVE-2016-9587: host to controller command execution vulnerability (bsc#1019021)
- CVE-2016-8628: Command injection by compromised server via fact variables (bsc#1008037)
- CVE-2016-8614: Improper verification of key fingerprints in apt_key module (bsc#1008038)
- CVE-2017-7550: jenkins_plugin module may have exposed passwords in remote host logs (bsc#1065872)

This update also contains a number of upstream bug fixes and improvements.



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