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Recommended update for htop

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2016-08-01
This update for htop provides version 2.0.2 and fixes the following issues:

- Mac OS X: stop trying when task_for_pid fails for a process, stops spamming logs with errors.
- Add Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E to go to beginning and end of line
- FreeBSD: Fixes for CPU calculation
- Usability: Auto-follow process after a search.
- Use Linux backend on GNU Hurd
- Improvement for reproducible builds.
- Fix behavior of Alt-key combinations
- OpenBSD: Various fixes and improvements
- FreeBSD: Fix CPU and memory readings 
- FreeBSD: Add battery support
- Linux: Retain last-obtained name of a zombie process
- Mac OS X: Improve portability for OS X versions
- Mac OS X: Fix reading command-line arguments and basename
- Mac OS X: Fix process state information
- Mac OS X: Fix tree view collapsing/expanding
- Mac OS X: Fix tree organization
- Mac OS X: Fix memory accounting
- Fix crash when emptying a column of meters
- Make Esc key more responsive
- Platform abstraction layer
- Initial FreeBSD support
- Initial Mac OS X support
- Swap meter for Mac OSX
- OpenBSD port
- FreeBSD support improvements
- Support for NCurses 6 ABI, including mouse wheel support
- Much improved mouse responsiveness
- Process environment variables screen (thanks to Michael Klein)
- Higher-resolution UTF-8 based Graph mode
- Show program path settings
- Fix crash when scrolling an empty filtered list.
- Use dynamic units for text display, and several fixes
- Fix error caused by overflow in usertime calculation
- Catch all memory allocation errors



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  • htop-2.0.2-9.1