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Recommended update for znc

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2016-06-28
The IRC bouncer znc was updated to 1.6.1:

* Fixed the problem that channels were no longer removed from the config despite 
  of chansaver being loaded. 
* Fixed query buffer size for users who have the default channel buffer size set to 0.
* Fixed a startup failure when simple_away was loaded after awaynick.
* Fixed channel matching commands, such as DETACH, to be case insensitive.
* Specified the required compiler versions in the configure script.
* Fixed a rare conflict of HTTP-Basic auth and cookies.
* Hid local IP address from the 404 page.
* Fixed a build failure for users who have -Werror=missing-declarations in their CXXFLAGS.
* Fixed CXXFLAGS=-DVERSION_EXTRA="foo" which is used by some distros to package ZNC.
* Fixed znc-buildmod on Cygwin.
* Fixed CThreadPool destructor to handle spurious wakeups.
* Fixed make distclean to remove zncconfig.h.
* Improved the error message about --datadir.
* Fixed a compilation warning when HAVE_LIBSSL is not defined.
* Fixed 'comparision' typos in CString documentation.
* Added a non-minified version of the jQuery source code to make Linux distributions
  (Debian) happy, even though the jQuery license does not require this.
* chansaver:
   * Fixed random loading behavior due to an uninitialized member variable.
* modpython:
   * Fixed access to CUser::GetUserClients() and CUser::GetAllClients().
* sasl:
   * Improved help texts for the SET and REQUIREAUTH commands. (#875)
* savebuff:
   * Fixed periodical writes on the disk when the module is loaded after startup. (#868)
* webadmin:
   * Fixed module checkboxes not to claim that all networks/users have loaded 
     a module when there are no networks/users. (#872)
   * Added an explanation that ZNC was built without ICU support, when encoding 
     settings are disabled for that reason.
   * Improved the breadcrumbs.
   * Mentioned ExpandString in CTCP replies.
   * Added an explanation how to delete port which is used to access webadmin.



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  • znc-1.6.1-25.1