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Recommended update for alpine

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2016-06-28
This brings the Alpine Mail Client in version 2.20 to the backports repository.

The upstream release 2.20 contains the following new features:
* Upgrade UW-IMAP to Panda IMAP from github.com/jonabbey/panda-imap
* S/MIME: Add screen to manage certificates.
* S/MIME: Signatures are validated using the user's certificates
  instead of the ones included in the message. Behavior can be
  disabled by disabling the option "Validate Using Certificate
  Store Only" which is enabled by default.
* S/MIME: add the sender certificate to the list of certificates
  in encrypted messages to make it possible for the sender to
  decrypt the message they sent.
* S/MIME: Forwarding a message will include the signed part as part
  of the text and not as a multipart message, just as the reply
  command does.
* Add support to selective expunge through a subcommand of the
  select-apply commands.
* Pico: New subcommand of the search command, allows to reverse the
  direction of search.
* Add /tls1, /tls1_1, /tls1_2 and /dtls1 to the definition of a
  server to use different ways to connect using ssl, for example
  {server.com/tls1} will attempt to connect to server.com at the
  ssl imap port (port 993) and establish a connection using TLSv1.
  These flags can be used in conjunction with the /ssl flag, the
  ssl flag is redundant. Conversely, however, the /ssl flag does
  not imply any of these flags; the /ssl flag means SSLv3 or, if
  not available, SSLv2 in the SSL port.
* Alpine does not attempt to automatically reopen a collection that
  was not opened due to cancellation by the user. Instead, the user
  must try to open it explicitly.
* Experimental: Write the content-type of a message in lowercase,
  as some non-compliant servers do not understand uppercase
* Opening a folder updates recent count in maildrops (this
  already works for other types of folders)
* Pico: Justification works without need of a predefined quote
  string. This allows justification of blocks of text that are
  indented with spaces.
* Decode the name of attachment names, so they can be written as
  part of the description of the part.
* Replace tabs by spaces in From and Subject fields to control for
  size in screen of these fields. Change only in index screen
- Drop alpine-month_name-utf8.patch (solved differently upstream),
  drop alpine-mime-type-workaround.patch (merged upstream)
- Add lint.diff to workaround new source code problems

- The pico and pilot standalone programs have version numbers of
  their own; expose these in the .spec file

- Add alpine-mime-type-workaround.patch:
  Send mime type in lowercase to work around MUAs that can't cope
  with upper case mime type strings in the Content-Type header
  such as the webmailer of GMX.  This is a backport from the
  current development release and will become obsolete with the
  next version upgrade.

- Update to new upstream release 2.11
* Increase encryption of S/MIME encrypted messages.
* Pico: Improvements in justification of paragraphs: lines that
  begin with a quote string, followed by a space were considered
  individual paragraphs, now they are considered part of a paragraph.
* Unix Alpine: Allow local .pinerc file to be a symbolic link.
* Experimental extended support of recognition of UTF-8 in urls
* Added recognition of ws and wss URIs.
* Add ability to color folder names, directory names, and text in
* Add the ability to color any token used in the display of the
* New option preserve-original-fields that adds the ability to
  preserve To: and Cc: fields when replying to a message, as
  specified by original sender.
* Added Quota subcommands for printing, forwarding, saving, etc. 
- Refresh from homepage (and save as unified): chappa-*.patch
- Refresh for -p1: operation-may-be-undefined-warning.diff,
  fix-implicit.patch, alpine-gcc44.diff
- Drop quilt-patches/alpine-2.00-as_needed.patch (merged upstream)

- Update to new upstream release 2.10
* Quota report for IMAP folders that support it
  (press the "@" command in the index screen of such folder).
* Search a folder for the content of any header with the ";"
* Foreign characters are decoded correctly in IMAP folders.
* Recognition of proper mime type for docx, xlsx, and pptx files.
* When composing a message, Alpine will create a new thread when
  the subject is erased.
- Uncompress patches, since quilt does not like working with them
- Remove because merged upstream: chappa-filterflagbug.patch(.gz),
  chappa-nlinfobug.patch(.gz), chappa-replacebug.patch(.gz),
  chappa-searchheader.patch(.gz), chappa-streamlock.patch(.gz)
- Rediff to clear fuzz: alpine-no-add-needed.patch,
- Remove because no longer applies and total lack of description
  as per Patch Guidelines:

- Remove old SUSE definitions

- Include sys/resource.h for getrlimit.

- clean up spec file 

- Fix two instances of premature closedir() and a potential buffer
  overflow in the maildir handler (alpine-maildir-closedir.patch).

- Fix and extend operation-may-be-undefined-warning.diff
- Overhaul RPM summary and description.
- Month names containing non-ASCII characters were rendered
  incorrectly in non-UTF8 locales (bnc#597744).

- Explicitly set the ssl prefix dir to fix build on ARM.

- add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build

- Fix build with no-add-needed 

- updated patches to apply with fuzz=0

- Included the latest bugfix-patches from Eduardo Chappa:
- replacebug: Fix a bug in Pico which makes it not update the
- unixnullbug: Fix a bug that makes Alpine crash when opening a
  unix type folder.
- streamlock: Fix a bug that makes Alpine crash when suspending it.
- filterflagbug: Fix a bug in Alpine that makes it not to set a
  flag in a filtered message (bnc#342075).
- nlinfobug: Fix a bug in Pico and Pilot that makes them crash
  for bad locale information.
- unverified: Fix a bug that makes Alpine not to give a warning
  if the Newsgroup header is present

- fixed build with --as-needed

- fix compilation with gcc44

- lzma is no longer needed for building.

- added unistd.h for prototypes

- Update to version 2.00 and the related Chappa patches.
- Changes include:
  *  Experimental S/MIME support added in UNIX versions of Alpine
  *  Enhance address completion in the composer (TAB command)
  *  Add line wrapping when displaying PRE formatted sections of
  *  Fix a crash when using tab-completion for selecting a Save
  *  Fix viewing, printing, exporting, replying, and bouncing of
     message digests.
  *  The Unknown Character Set option did not work correctly
     interpreting unknown characters in message headers
  *  Crash when TABing to next folder, the next folder with new
     mail is a POP folder, and there is a more than 10 minute
     pause between typing the TAB and typing the Yes
- For more details, see:

- fix build

- Update to alpine-1.10 and update fixes suggested for this version

- Update to alpine-1.00 and apply fixes suggested for this version 

- Use only select patches from Eduardo (fixes crash in mail reader)

- Remove files with unclear license from packaged sources (#308533)
- Add small bug fix: Postponed messages which were labelled as UTF-8 
- Spec file cleanup: Comments improved, obsoleted some warning flags

- Update to final prerelease 0.9999 with updates from Eduardo Chappa

- add a number of critcally needed fixes for some crashes (and more)

- initial version 0.999 + assorted feature patches and some fixes 



  • alpine-2.20-6.1