Update Info


Security update for postgresql14

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2023-11-20
This update for postgresql14 fixes the following issues:

Security issues fixed:

* CVE-2023-5868: Fix handling of unknown-type
  arguments in DISTINCT "any" aggregate functions. This error led
  to a text-type value being interpreted as an unknown-type value
  (that is, a zero-terminated string) at runtime. This could
  result in disclosure of server memory following the text value. (bsc#1216962)
* CVE-2023-5869: Detect integer overflow while
  computing new array dimensions. When assigning new elements to
  array subscripts that are outside the current array bounds, an
  undetected integer overflow could occur in edge cases. Memory
  stomps that are potentially exploitable for arbitrary code
  execution are possible, and so is disclosure of server memory. (bsc#1216961)
* CVE-2023-5870: Prevent the pg_signal_backend role
  from signalling background workers and autovacuum processes.
  The documentation says that pg_signal_backend cannot issue
  signals to superuser-owned processes. It was able to signal
  these background  processes, though, because they advertise a
  role OID of zero. Treat that as indicating superuser ownership.
  The security implications of cancelling one of these process
  types are fairly small so far as the core code goes (we'll just
  start another one), but extensions might add background workers
  that are more vulnerable.
  Also ensure that the is_superuser parameter is set correctly in
  such processes. No specific security consequences are known for
  that oversight, but it might be significant for some extensions.

- update to 14.10: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/14/release-14-10.html

- Overhaul postgresql-README.SUSE and move it from the binary
  package to the noarch wrapper package.
- Change the unix domain socket location from /var/run to /run.



  • postgresql14-14.10-150200.5.36.1