Update Info


Recommended update for SUSE Manager Client Tools

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-11-09
This update fixes the following issues:


- Update to version 9.5.8:
  * Features and enhancements
    GenericOAuth: Set sub as auth id
  * Bug fixes:
    DataSourceProxy: Fix url validation error handling
- Update to version 9.5.7:
  * Alerting: Sort NumberCaptureValues in EvaluationString
  * Alerting: Improve performance of matching captures
  * Alerting: No longer silence paused alerts during legacy
  * Alerting: Remove and revert flag alertingBigTransactions
  * Alerting: Migrate unknown NoData\Error settings to the default
  * Tracing: supply Grafana build version
  * Tempo: Escape regex-sensitive characters in span name before
           building promql query
  * Plugins: Only configure plugin proxy transport once
  * Alerting: Fix unique violation when updating rule group with
              title chains/cycles
  * Prometheus: Version detect bug
  * Prometheus: Fix heatmap format with no data
  * Database: Change getExistingDashboardByTitleAndFolder to get
              dashboard by title, not slug 
  * Alerting: Convert 'Both' type Prometheus queries to 'Range' in
  * SQLStore: Fix Postgres dialect treating "false" migrator
              default as true
  * Alerting: Support newer http_config struct
  * InfluxDB: Interpolate retention policies
  * StatusHistory: Fix rendering of value-mapped null
  * Alerting: Fix provenance guard checks for Alertmanager
              configuration to not cause panic when compared nested
  * AnonymousAuth: Fix concurrent read-write crash
  * AzureMonitor: Ensure legacy properties containing template
                  variables are correctly migrated
  * Explore: Remove data source onboarding page
  * Dashboard: Re-align Save form
  * Azure Monitor: Fix bug that did not show alert rule preview
  * Histogram: Respect min/max panel settings for x-axis
  * Heatmap: Fix color rendering for value ranges < 1
  * Heatmap: Handle unsorted timestamps in calculate mode
  * Google Cloud Monitor: Fix mem usage for dropdown
  * AzureMonitor: Fix logs query multi-resource and timespan values
  * Utils: Reimplement util.GetRandomString to avoid modulo bias
  * Alerting: Fix matching labels with spaces in their values
  * Dashboard: Fix applying timezone to datetime variables
  * Dashboard: Fix panel description event triggering every time
               panel is rendered
  * Tempo: Fix get label values based on CoreApp type
  * Heatmap: Fix log scale editor
  * Dashboard: Fix disappearing panel when viewed panel is
  * Prometheus: Fix bug in creating autocomplete queries with
  * Prometheus: Fix Query Inspector expression range value
  * Alerting: Fix migration failing if alert_configuration table is
              not empty
  * InfluxDB: Fix querying retention policies on flux mode
- Update to version 9.5.6:
  * Dashboard: Fix library panels in collapsed rows not getting
  * Auth: Add and document option for enabling email lookup


- Version 4.3.24-1
  * Change default scheduler from (none) to (system)


- Version 4.3.16-1
  * Update translation strings



  • golang-github-prometheus-promu-0.14.0-150000.3.15.2