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Security update for binutils

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2023-09-27
This update for binutils fixes the following issues:

Update to version 2.41 [jsc#PED-5778]:

* The MIPS port now supports the Sony Interactive Entertainment Allegrex
  processor, used with the PlayStation Portable, which implements the MIPS
  II ISA along with a single-precision FPU and a few implementation-specific
  integer instructions.
* Objdump's --private option can now be used on PE format files to display the
  fields in the file header and section headers.
* New versioned release of libsframe: libsframe.so.1.  This release introduces
  versioned symbols with version node name LIBSFRAME_1.0.  This release also
  updates the ABI in an incompatible way: this includes removal of
  sframe_get_funcdesc_with_addr API, change in the behavior of
  sframe_fre_get_ra_offset and sframe_fre_get_fp_offset APIs.
* SFrame Version 2 is now the default (and only) format version supported by
  gas, ld, readelf and objdump.
* Add command-line option, --strip-section-headers, to objcopy and strip to
  remove ELF section header from ELF file.
* The RISC-V port now supports the following new standard extensions:

  - Zicond (conditional zero instructions)
  - Zfa (additional floating-point instructions)
  - Zvbb, Zvbc, Zvkg, Zvkned, Zvknh[ab], Zvksed, Zvksh, Zvkn, Zvknc, Zvkng,
    Zvks, Zvksc, Zvkg, Zvkt (vector crypto instructions)

* The RISC-V port now supports the following vendor-defined extensions:
  - XVentanaCondOps
* Add support for Intel FRED, LKGS and AMX-COMPLEX instructions.
* A new .insn directive is recognized by x86 gas.
* Add SME2 support to the AArch64 port.
* The linker now accepts a command line option of --remap-inputs
  <PATTERN>=<FILE> to relace any input file that matches <PATTERN> with
  <FILE>.  In addition the option --remap-inputs-file=<FILE> can be used to
  specify a file containing any number of these remapping directives.
* The linker command line option --print-map-locals can be used to include
  local symbols in a linker map.  (ELF targets only).
* For most ELF based targets, if the --enable-linker-version option is used
  then the version of the linker will be inserted as a string into the .comment
* The linker script syntax has a new command for output sections: ASCIZ "string"
  This will insert a zero-terminated string at the current location.
* Add command-line option, -z nosectionheader, to omit ELF section

- Contains fixes for these non-CVEs (not security bugs per upstreams
  * bsc#1209642 aka CVE-2023-1579 aka PR29988
  * bsc#1210297 aka CVE-2023-1972 aka PR30285
  * bsc#1210733 aka CVE-2023-2222 aka PR29936
  * bsc#1213458 aka CVE-2021-32256 aka PR105039 (gcc)
  * bsc#1214565 aka CVE-2020-19726 aka PR26240
  * bsc#1214567 aka CVE-2022-35206 aka PR29290
  * bsc#1214579 aka CVE-2022-35205 aka PR29289
  * bsc#1214580 aka CVE-2022-44840 aka PR29732
  * bsc#1214604 aka CVE-2022-45703 aka PR29799
  * bsc#1214611 aka CVE-2022-48065 aka PR29925
  * bsc#1214619 aka CVE-2022-48064 aka PR29922
  * bsc#1214620 aka CVE-2022-48063 aka PR29924
  * bsc#1214623 aka CVE-2022-47696 aka PR29677
  * bsc#1214624 aka CVE-2022-47695 aka PR29846
  * bsc#1214625 aka CVE-2022-47673 aka PR29876

- This only existed only for a very short while in SLE-15, as the main
  variant in devel:gcc subsumed this in binutils-revert-rela.diff.

- Document fixed CVEs:

  * bsc#1208037 aka CVE-2023-25588 aka PR29677
  * bsc#1208038 aka CVE-2023-25587 aka PR29846
  * bsc#1208040 aka CVE-2023-25585 aka PR29892
  * bsc#1208409 aka CVE-2023-0687 aka PR29444

- Enable bpf-none cross target and add bpf-none to the multitarget
  set of supported targets.
- Disable packed-relative-relocs for old codestreams.  They generate
  buggy relocations when binutils-revert-rela.diff is active.
- Disable ZSTD debug section compress by default.
- Enable zstd compression algorithm (instead of zlib)
  for debug info sections by default.
- Pack libgprofng only for supported platforms.
- Move libgprofng-related libraries to the proper locations (packages).
- Add --without=bootstrap for skipping of bootstrap (faster testing
  of the package).

- Remove broken arm32-avoid-copyreloc.patch to fix [gcc#108515]

Update to version 2.40:

* Objdump has a new command line option --show-all-symbols which will make it
  display all symbols that match a given address when disassembling.  (Normally
  only the first symbol that matches an address is shown).
* Add --enable-colored-disassembly configure time option to enable colored
  disassembly output by default, if the output device is a terminal.  Note,
  this configure option is disabled by default.
* DCO signed contributions are now accepted.
* objcopy --decompress-debug-sections now supports zstd compressed debug
  sections.  The new option --compress-debug-sections=zstd compresses debug
  sections with zstd.
* addr2line and objdump --dwarf now support zstd compressed debug sections.
* The dlltool program now accepts --deterministic-libraries and
  --non-deterministic-libraries as command line options to control whether or
  not it generates deterministic output libraries.  If neither of these options
  are used the default is whatever was set when the binutils were configured.
* readelf and objdump now have a newly added option --sframe which dumps the
  SFrame section.
* Add support for Intel RAO-INT instructions.
* Add support for Intel AVX-NE-CONVERT instructions.
* Add support for Intel MSRLIST instructions.
* Add support for Intel WRMSRNS instructions.
* Add support for Intel CMPccXADD instructions.
* Add support for Intel AVX-VNNI-INT8 instructions.
* Add support for Intel AVX-IFMA instructions.
* Add support for Intel PREFETCHI instructions.
* Add support for Intel AMX-FP16 instructions.
* gas now supports --compress-debug-sections=zstd to compress
  debug sections with zstd.
* Add --enable-default-compressed-debug-sections-algorithm={zlib,zstd}
  that selects the default compression algorithm
  for --enable-compressed-debug-sections.
* Add support for various T-Head extensions (XTheadBa, XTheadBb, XTheadBs,
  XTheadCmo, XTheadCondMov, XTheadFMemIdx, XTheadFmv, XTheadInt, XTheadMemIdx,
  XTheadMemPair, XTheadMac, and XTheadSync) from version 2.0 of the T-Head
  ISA manual, which are implemented in the Allwinner D1.
* Add support for the RISC-V Zawrs extension, version 1.0-rc4.
* Add support for Cortex-X1C for Arm.
* New command line option --gsframe to generate SFrame unwind information
  on x86_64 and aarch64 targets.
* The linker has a new command line option to suppress the generation of any
  warning or error messages.  This can be useful when there is a need to create
  a known non-working binary.  The option is -w or --no-warnings.
* ld now supports zstd compressed debug sections.  The new option
  --compress-debug-sections=zstd compresses debug sections with zstd.
* Add --enable-default-compressed-debug-sections-algorithm={zlib,zstd}
  that selects the default compression algorithm
  for --enable-compressed-debug-sections.
* Remove support for -z bndplt (MPX prefix instructions).

- Includes fixes for these CVEs:

  * bsc#1206080 aka CVE-2022-4285 aka PR29699

- Enable by default: --enable-colored-disassembly.
- fix build on x86_64_vX platforms 




  • binutils-2.41-150100.7.46.1