Update Info


Security update for iperf

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2023-09-28
This update for iperf fixes the following issues:

- update to 3.15 (bsc#1215662, ESNET-SECADV-2023-0002):
  * Several bugs that could allow the iperf3 server to hang waiting
    for input on the control connection has been fixed
    (ESnet Software Security Advisory ESNET-SECADV-2023-0002)
  * A bug that caused garbled output with UDP tests on 32-bit hosts
    has been fixed (PR #1554, PR #1556). This bug was introduced in
  * A bug in counting UDP messages has been fixed

- update to 3.14 (bsc#1213430, CVE-2023-38403):
  * fixes a memory allocation hazard that allowed a remote user to
    crash an iperf3 process
  * see https://downloads.es.net/pub/iperf/esnet-secadv-2023-0001.txt.asc

- update to 3.13:
  * Added missing bind_dev getter and setter.
  * a fix for A resource leak bug in function iperf_create_pidfile (#1443)
  * doc: Fix copy-and-paste error leading to wrong error message
  * Fix crash on rcv-timeout with JSON logfile

- update to 3.12:
  * cJSON has been updated to version 1.7.15 (#1383).
  * The --bind <host>%<dev> option syntax now works properly (#1360 /
  * A server-side file descriptor leak with the --logfile option has
    been fixed (#1369 / #1360 / #1369 / #1389 / #1393).
  * A bug that caused some large values from TCP_INFO to be misprinted
    as negative numbers has been fixed (#1372).
  * Using the -k or -n flags with --reverse no longer leak into future
    tests (#1363 / #1364).
  * There are now various debug level options available with the
    --debug option. These can be used to adjust the amount of
    debugging output (#1327).
  * A new --snd-timeout option has been added to set a termination
    timeout for idle TCP connections (#1215 / #1282).
  * iperf3 is slightly more robust to out-of-order packets during UDP
    connection setup in --reverse mode (#914 / #1123 / #1182 / #1212 /
  * iperf3 will now use different ports for each direction when the
    --cport and --bdir options are set (#1249 / #1259).
  * The iperf3 server will now exit if it can't open its log file
  * Various help message and output fixes have been made (#1299 /
  * Various compiler warnings have been fixed (#1211 / #1316).
  * Operation of bootstrap.sh has been fixed and simplified (#1335 /
  * Flow label support / compatibility under Linux has been improved
  * Various minor memory leaks have been fixed (#1332 / #1333).
  * A getter/setter has been added for the bind_port parameter
    (--cport option). (#1303, #1305)
  * Various internal documentation improvements (#1265 / #1285 / #1304).

- update to 3.11:
  * Update links to Discussions in documentation
  * Fix DSCP so that TOS = DSCP * 4 (#1162)
  * Fix --bind-dev for TCP streams (#1153)
  * Fix interface specification so doesn't overlap with IPv6 link-local addresses for -c and -B (#1157, #1180)
  * Add get/set test_unit_format function declaration to iperf_api.h
  * Auto adjustment of test-end condition for file transfers (-F), if no end condition is set, 
    it will automatically adjust it to file size in bytes
  * Exit if idle time expires waiting for a connection in one-off mode (#1187, #1197)
  * Support zerocopy by reverse mode (#1204)
  * Update help and manpage text for #1157, support bind device
  * Consistently print target_bandwidth in JSON start section (#1177)
  * Test bitrate added to JSON output (#1168)
  * Remove fsync call after every write to receiving --file (#1176, #1159)
  * Update documentation for -w (#1175)
  * Fix for #952, different JSON object names for bidir reverse channel

- update to 3.10.1:
  * Fixed a problem with autoconf scripts that made builds fail in
    some environments (#1154 / #1155).
  * GNU autoconf 2.71 or newer is now required to regenerate iperf3's
    configure scripts.

- update to 3.10:
  * Fix a bug where some --reverse tests didn't terminate (#982 /
  * Responsiveness of control connections is slightly improved (#1045
    / #1046 / #1063).
  * The allowable clock skew when doing authentication between client
    and server is now configurable with the new --time-skew-threshold
    (#1065 / #1070).
  * Bitrate throttling using the -b option now works when a burst size
    is specified (#1090).
  * A bug with calculating CPU utilization has been fixed (#1076 /
  * A --bind-dev option to support binding sockets to a given network
    interface has been added to make iperf3 work better with
    multi-homed machines and/or VRFs (#817 / #1089 / #1097).
  * --pidfile now works with --client mode (#1110).
  * The server is now less likely to get stuck due to network errors
    (#1101, #1125), controlled by the new --rcv-timeout option.
  * Fixed a few bugs in termination conditions for byte or
    block-limited tests (#1113, #1114, #1115).
  * Added tcp_info.snd_wnd to JSON output (#1148).
  * Some bugs with garbled JSON output have been fixed (#1086, #1118,
    #1143 / #1146).
  * Support for setting the IPv4 don't-fragment (DF) bit has been
    added with the new --dont-fragment option (#1119).
  * A failure with not being able to read the congestion control
    algorithm under WSL1 has been fixed (#1061 / #1126).
  * Error handling and error messages now make more sense in cases
    where sockets were not successfully opened (#1129 / #1132 /
    #1136, #1135 / #1138, #1128 / #1139).
  * Some buffer overflow hazards were fixed (#1134).
  * It is now possible to use the API to set/get the congestion
    control algorithm (#1036 / #1112).

- update to 3.9:
  * A --timestamps flag has been added, which prepends a timestamp to
    each output line.  An optional argument to this flag, which is a
    format specification to strftime(3), allows for custom timestamp
    formats (#909, #1028).
  * A --server-bitrate-limit flag has been added as a server-side
    command-line argument.  It allows a server to enforce a maximum
    throughput rate; client connections that specify a higher bitrate
    or exceed this bitrate during a test will be terminated.  The
    bitrate is expressed in bits per second, with an optional trailing
    slash and integer count that specifies an averaging interval over
    which to enforce the limit (#999).
  * A bug that caused increased CPU usage with the --bidir option has
    been fixed (#1011).
  * Fixed various minor memory leaks (#1023).

- update to 3.8.1
  * Minor bugfixes and enhancements

- update to 3.7
  * Support for simultaneous bidirectional tests with the --bidir flag
  * Use POSIX standard clock_gettime(3) interface for timekeeping where
  * Passwords for authentication can be provided via environment
  * Specifying --repeating-payload and --reverse now works
  * Failed authentication doesn't count for --one-off
  * Several memory leaks related to authenticated use were fixed
  * The delay for tearing down the control connection for the default
    timed tests has been increased, to more gracefully handle
    high-delay paths
  * Various improvements to the libiperf APIs
  * Fixed build behavior when OpenSSL is absent
  * Portability fixes

- update to 3.6
  * A new --extra-data option can be used to fill in a user-defined
    string field that appears in JSON output.
  * A new --repeating-payload option makes iperf3 use a payload pattern
    similar to that used by iperf2, which could help in recreating
    results that might be affected by payload entropy (for example,
  * -B now works properly with SCTP tests.
  * A compile fix for Solaris 10 was added.
  * Some minor bug fixes for JSON output.  In particular, warnings for
    debug and/or verbose modes with --json output and a fix for
    JSON output on CentOS 6
  * This maintenance release adds a -1 flag to make the iperf3
    execute a single test and exit, needed for an upcoming bwctl
    there is only one stream.



  • iperf-3.15-150000.3.6.1