Update Info


Security update for tiff

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-02-17
This update for tiff fixes the following issues:

- CVE-2017-17095: Fixed DoS in tools/pal2rgb.c in pal2rgb (bsc#1071031).
- CVE-2019-17546: Fixed integer overflow that potentially causes a heap-based buffer overflow via a crafted RGBA image (bsc#1154365).
- CVE-2020-19131: Fixed buffer overflow in tiffcrop that may cause DoS via the invertImage() function (bsc#1190312).
- CVE-2020-35521: Fixed memory allocation failure in tif_read.c (bsc#1182808).
- CVE-2020-35522: Fixed memory allocation failure in tif_pixarlog.c (bsc#1182809).
- CVE-2020-35523: Fixed integer overflow in tif_getimage.c (bsc#1182811).
- CVE-2020-35524: Fixed heap-based buffer overflow in TIFF2PDF tool (bsc#1182812).
- CVE-2022-22844: Fixed out-of-bounds read in _TIFFmemcpy in tif_unix.c (bsc#1194539).



  • tiff-4.0.9-45.5.1