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Recommended update for libsodium, python-Django, python-PyNaCl, python-cffi, python-hypothesis, python-packaging, python-readthedocs-sphinx-ext, python-semver, python-sphinx_rtd_theme

Type: recommended
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-12-14
This update for libsodium, python-Django, python-PyNaCl, python-cffi, python-hypothesis, python-packaging, python-readthedocs-sphinx-ext, python-semver, python-sphinx_rtd_theme fixes the following issues:


- Version update from 1.0.16 to 1.0.18 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * Enterprise versions of Visual Studio are now supported
  * Visual Studio 2019 is now supported
  * 32-bit binaries for Visual Studio 2010 are now provided
  * Emscripten: print and printErr functions are overridden to send errors to the console, if there is one
  * Emscripten: UTF8ToString() is now exported since Pointer_stringify() has been deprecated
  * Libsodium version detection has been fixed in the CMake recipe
  * Generic hashing got a 10% speedup on AVX2.
  * New target: WebAssembly/WASI (compile with dist-builds/wasm32-wasi.sh)
  * New functions to map a hash to an edwards25519 point or get a random point: core_ed25519_from_hash() and core_ed25519_random()
  * crypto_core_ed25519_scalar_mul() has been implemented for scalar*scalar (mod L) multiplication
  * Support for the Ristretto group has been implemented for interoperability with wasm-crypto
  * Improvements have been made to the test suite
  * Portability improvements have been made
  * 'randombytes_salsa20' has been 'renamed to randombytes_internal'
  * Support for NativeClient has been removed
  * Most ((nonnull)) attributes have been relaxed to allow 0-length inputs to be NULL.
  * The -ftree-vectorize and -ftree-slp-vectorize compiler switches are now used, if available, for optimized builds
  * For the full list of changes please consult the packaged ChangeLog
- Disable LTO to bypass build failures on Power PC architecture (bsc#1148184)

- Version update from 1.11.2 to 1.15.0 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * Fixed MANIFEST.in to include missing file for Windows arm64 support
  * Fixed Linux wheel build to use gcc default ISA for libffi
  * Updated setup.py Python trove specifiers to currently-tested Python versions
  * CPython 3.10 support (including wheels)
  * MacOS arm64 support (including wheels)
  * Initial Windows arm64 support
  * Misc. doc and test updates
- Fix for using to proper void returning function not to corrupt memory in tests. (bsc#1111657)    
- New package at version 2.0.7 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)

- Version update from 3.40.1 to 3.76.0 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * This release deprecates using floats for min_size and max_size
  * The type hint for average_size arguments has been changed from Optional[int] to None, because non-None values are
    always ignored and deprecated.
  * Fix a broken link in a docstring
  * Deprecate the use of 'min_size=None', setting the mdefault min_size to 0
  * Strategies are now fully constructed and validated before the timer is started
  * Fix some broken formatting and links in the documentation
  * Check that the value of the print_blob setting is a PrintSettings instance
  * Being able to specify a boolean value was not intended, and is now deprecated. In addition, specifying True will
    now cause the blob to always be printed, instead of causing it to be suppressed.
  * Specifying any value that is not a PrintSettings or a boolean is now an error
  * Changes the documentation for hypothesis.strategies.datetimes, hypothesis.strategies.dates,
    hypothesis.strategies.times to use the new parameter names min_value and max_value instead of the deprecated names
  * Ensure that Hypothesis deprecation warnings display the code that emitted them when you’re not running in -Werror
  * For the full list of changes please consult the changelog at 

- Version update from 16.8 to 21.3 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * Fix testsuite on big-endian targets
  * Ignore python3.6.2 since the test doesn't support it 
  * Replace the blank pyparsing 3 exclusion with a 3.0.5 exclusion
  * Fix a spelling mistake
  * Work around dependency generator issues (bsc#1186870) 
  * Remove dependency on attrs (bsc#1144506)
  * Update documentation entry for 21.1.
  * Update pin to pyparsing to exclude 3.0.0.
  * PEP 656: musllinux support
  * Drop support for Python 2.7, Python 3.4 and Python 3.5.
  * Replace distutils usage with sysconfig
  * Add support for zip files in `parse_sdist_filename`
  * Use cached `_hash` attribute to short-circuit tag equality comparisons
  * Specify the default value for the `specifier` argument to `SpecifierSet`
  * Proper keyword-only "warn" argument in packaging.tags
  * Correctly remove prerelease suffixes from ~= check
  * Fix type hints for `Version.post`` and `Version.dev`
  * Use typing alias `UnparsedVersion``
  * Improve type inference for `packaging.specifiers.filter()`
  * Tighten the return type of `canonicalize_version()`
  * For the full list of changes please consult the packaged CHANGELOG file

 - Version update from 1.2.1 to 1.4.0 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * Add dependency requirement to python-six, needed by the testsuite 
  * Update `libsodium` to 1.0.18.
  * **BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE:** We no longer distribute 32-bit `manylinux1`
    wheels. Continuing to produce them was a maintenance burden.
  * Added support for Python 3.8, and removed support for Python 3.4.
  * Add low level bindings for extracting the seed and the public key
    from crypto_sign_ed25519 secret key
  * Add low level bindings for deterministic random generation.
  * Add `wheel` and `setuptools` setup_requirements in `setup.py`
  * Fix checks on very slow builders (#481, #495)
  * Add low-level bindings to ed25519 arithmetic functions
  * Update low-level blake2b state implementation
  * Fix wrong short-input behavior of SealedBox.decrypt()
  * Raise CryptPrefixError exception instead of InvalidkeyError when trying
    to check a password against a verifier stored in a unknown format
  * Add support for minimal builds of libsodium. Trying to call functions
    not available in a minimal build will raise an UnavailableError
    exception. To compile a minimal build of the bundled libsodium, set
    the SODIUM_INSTALL_MINIMAL environment variable to any non-empty
    string (e.g. `SODIUM_INSTALL_MINIMAL=1`) for setup.
- New package at version 2.13.0 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)

- Version update from 0.2.4 to 0.5.1 (bsc#1199282, jsc#PM-3243, jsc#SLE-24629)
  * Add github, gitlab, bitbucket page arguments option
  * Add html language attribute
  * Add language to the JS output variable
  * Add open list spacing
  * Add option to style external links
  * Add pygments support
  * Add setuptools entry point allowing to use sphinx_rtd_theme as Sphinx html_theme directly.
  * Add Sphinx as a dependency
  * Allow setting 'rel' and 'title' attributes for stylesheets
  * Changed code and literals to use a native font stack
  * Color accessibility improvements on the left navigation
  * Compress our Javascript files
  * Do not rely on readthedocs.org for CSS/JS
  * Fix line height adjustments for Liberation Mono
  * Fix line number spacing to align with the code lines
  * Fix many sidebar glitches
  * Fix many styling issues
  * Fix mkdocs version selector
  * Fix small styling issues
  * Fix some HTML warnings and errors
  * Fix table centering
  * Hide Edit links on auto created pages
  * Include missing font files with the theme
  * Updated dependencies
  * Write theme version and build date at top of JavaScript and CSS



  • python-sphinx_rtd_theme-0.5.1-150000.3.5.1