Update Info


Feature update for zxing-cpp

Type: feature
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-01-18
This feature update for zxing-cpp fixes the following issues:

Update LibreOffice from version to (jsc#SLE-18214):

- Fix UI scaling on HIDPI Wayland/KDE screens
- Fix gtk popover usage on gtk 3.20 for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12
- Fix inteaction between multi-column shape text and automatic height. (bsc#1187982)
- Fix interaction of transparent cell fill and transparent shadow. (bsc#1189813)
- Use external `poppler` version 21.01.0 (jsc#SLE-18214)
- Use external `CMIS` version 0.5.2
- Update external `boost` to version 1.75.0
- Update external `pdfium` to version 4500
- Update external `skia` to version `m90`
- Do not use `qrcodegen-devel` but move to `zxing-cpp` (jsc#SLE-18214)
- Keep upstream desktop file names (bsc#1183655) 
- Display math icon (bsc#1180479)
- Source `profile.d/alljava.sh` from either `/etc` (if found) or `/usr/etc`.

Provide `zxing-cpp` 1.2.0 as new LibreOffice dependency. (jsc#SLE-18214)

- Do not build examples to avoid a cycle with `QT5Multimedia`
- Use `cmake3-full` package instead of `cmake` on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12
- Do not build examples on SUSE Linux Enterprise 12
- Only build blackbox tests on openSUSE Tumbleweed
- New `BarcodeFormat`
- New ZXingQtCamReader demo app based on `QtMultimedia` and `QtQuick`
- New QRCode reader, faster and better support for rotated symbols
- Add `Structured Append` support for `DataMatrix`, `Aztec` and `MaxiCode`
- Add `DMRE` support for `DataMatrix`
- Switch to the reimplemented 1D detectors, about 5x faster
- Faster and more capable `isPure` detection for all 2D codes
- 20% faster `ReedSolomon` error correction.
- `ReedSolomon` error detection code 2x speedup.
- PDF417 is faster and supports flipped symbols
- Reduced false positive rate for `UPC/EAN` barcodes and improved Add-On symbol handling
- Fix country-code metadata decoding for UPC/EAN codes.
- Proper ECI handling in all 2D barcodes
- Add baselibs.conf
- Many performance improvements for 1D readers
- More meta-data exported when reading specific format
- Improve DataMatrix encoder
- Add interface to simplify basic usage
- WASM API to support pixels array as input
- `LuminanceSource` based API is now deprecated but still compiles.
- New BarcodeFormats flag type to specify the set of barcodes to look for.
- New simplified and consistent Python API
- Slightly improved QRCode detection for rotated symbols.



  • zxing-cpp-1.2.0-9.4.1