Update Info


Recommended update for unixODBC

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-08-31
This update for unixODBC fixes the following issues:

- ECO: Update unixODBC to 2.3.9 in SLE 15. (jsc#SLE-18004)
- Fix incorrect permission for documentation files.
- Update requires and baselibs for new libodbc2.
- Employ shared library packaging guideline: new subpacakge libodbc2. 
- Update to 2.3.9:
  * Remove "#define UNIXODBC_SOURCE" from unixodbc_conf.h

- Update to 2.3.8:
  * Add configure support for editline
  * SQLDriversW was ignoring user config
  * SQLDataSources Fix termination character
  * Fix for pooling seg fault
  * Make calling SQLSetStmtAttrW call the W function in the driver is its there
  * Try and fix race condition clearing system odbc.ini file
  * Remove trailing space from isql/iusql SQL
  * When setting connection attributes set before connect also check if the W entry poins can be used
  * Try calling the W error functions first if available in the driver
  * Add iconvperdriver configure option to allow calling unicode_setup in SQLAllocHandle
  * iconv handles was being lost when reusing pooled connection
  * Catch null copy in iniPropertyInsert
  * Fix a few leaks 

- Update to 2.3.7:
  * Fix for pkg-config file update on no linux platforms
  * Add W entry for GUI work
  * Various fixes for SQLBrowseConnect/W, SQLGetConnectAttr/W,and SQLSetConnectAttr/W
  * Fix buffer overflows in SQLConnect/W and refine behaviour of SQLGet/WritePrivateProfileString
  * SQLBrowseConnect/W allow disconnecting a started browse session after error
  * Add --with-stats-ftok-name configure option to allow the selection of a file name
    used to generate the IPC id when collecting stats. Default is the system odbc.ini file
  * Improve diag record handling with the behavior of Windows DM and export SQLCancelHandle
  * bug fix when SQLGetPrivateProfileString() is called to get a list of sections or a list of keys
  * Connection pooling: Fix liveness check for Unicode drivers



  • libtool-2.4.6-3.4.1