Update Info


Recommended update for binutils

Type: recommended
Severity: important
Issued: 2020-12-07
This update for binutils fixes the following issues:

Update binutils 2.35 branch to commit 1c5243df:

* Fixes PR26520, aka [bsc#1179036], a problem in addr2line with
  certain DWARF variable descriptions.
* Also fixes PR26711, PR26656, PR26655, PR26929, PR26808, PR25878,
  PR26740, PR26778, PR26763, PR26685, PR26699, PR26902, PR26869,
* The above includes fixes for dwo files produced by modern dwp,
  fixing several problems in the DWARF reader.

Update binutils to 2.35.1 and rebased branch diff:

* This is a point release over the previous 2.35 version, containing bug
  fixes, and as an exception to the usual rule, one new feature.  The
  new feature is the support for a new directive in the assembler:
  ".nop".  This directive creates a single no-op instruction in whatever
  encoding is correct for the target architecture.  Unlike the .space or
  .fill this is a real instruction, and it does affect the generation of
  DWARF line number tables, should they be enabled. This fixes an 
  incompatibility introduced in the latest update that broke the install
  scripts of the Oracle server. [bsc#1179341]



  • binutils-2.35.1-7.18.1