Update Info


Recommended update for python-google-api-python-client

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-07-15
This update for python-google-api-python-client fixes the following issues:

- Fix dependencies to use google-auth instead of deprecated
  oauth2client (bsc#1160933, jsc#ECO-1148) 

python-cachetools 2.0.1 is shipped to the Public Cloud Module.
python-google-auth 1.5.1 is shipped to the Public Cloud Module.

python-google-api-python-client was updated to:

- Upgrade to 1.7.4: just series of minor bugfixes

- Fix check for error text on Python 3.7. (#278)
- Use new Auth URIs. (#281)
- Add code-of-conduct document. (#270)
- Fix some typos in test_urllib3.py (#268)
- Warn when using user credentials from the Cloud SDK (#266)
- Add compute engine-based IDTokenCredentials (#236)
- Corrected some typos (#265)

Update to 1.4.2:

- Raise a helpful exception when trying to refresh credentials without
  a refresh token. (#262)
- Fix links to README and CONTRIBUTING in docs/index.rst. (#260)
- Fix a typo in credentials.py. (#256)
- Use pytest instead of py.test per upstream recommendation,
  #dropthedot. (#255)
- Fix typo on exemple of jwt usage (#245)

New upstream release 1.4.1 (bsc#1088358)

- Added a check for the cryptography version before attempting to use it.

+ From version 1.4.0
  - Added `cryptography`-based RSA signer and verifier.
  - Added `google.oauth2.service_account.IDTokenCredentials`.
  - Improved documentation around ID Tokens
+ From version 1.3.0
  - Added ``google.oauth2.credentials.Credentials.from_authorized_user_file``.
  - Dropped direct pyasn1 dependency in favor of letting ``pyasn1-modules``
    specify the right version.
  - ``default()`` now checks for the project ID environment var before
    warning about missing project ID.
  - Fixed the docstrings for ``has_scopes()`` and ``with_scopes()``.
  - Fixed example in docstring for ``ReadOnlyScoped``.
  - Made ``transport.requests`` use timeouts and retries
    to improve reliability.



  • python-google-api-python-client-1.7.4-3.3.1