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Recommended update for QR-Code-generator, boost, libreoffice, myspell-dictionaries, xmlsec1

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-03-30
This update for QR-Code-generator, boost, libreoffice, myspell-dictionaries, xmlsec1 fixes the following issues:

libreoffice was updated to (jsc#SLE-11174 jsc#SLE-11175 jsc#SLE-11176 bsc#1167223):

Full Release Notes can be found on:


- Fixed broken handling of non-ASCII characters in the KDE filedialog
- Move the animation library to core package bsc#1162152

xmlsec1 was updated to 1.2.28:

* Added BoringSSL support (chenbd).
* Added gnutls-3.6.x support (alonbl).
* Added DSA and ECDSA key size getter for MSCNG (vmiklos).
* Added --enable-mans configuration option (alonbl).
* Added coninuous build integration for MacOSX (vmiklos).
* Several other small fixes (more details).

- Make sure to recommend at least one backend when you install
  just xmlsec1

- Drop the gnutls backend as based on the tests it is quite borked:
  * We still have nss and openssl backend for people to use

Version update to 1.2.27:

* Added AES-GCM support for OpenSSL and MSCNG (snargit).
* Added DSA-SHA256 and ECDSA-SHA384 support for NSS (vmiklos).
* Added RSA-OAEP support for MSCNG (vmiklos).
* Continuous build integration in Travis and Appveyor.
* Several other small fixes (more details).

myspell-dictionaries was updated to 20191219:

* Updated the English dictionaries: GB+US+CA+AU
* Bring shipped Spanish dictionary up to version 2.5

boost was updated to fix:
- add a backport of Boost.Optional::has_value() for LibreOffice

The QR-Code-generator is shipped:

- Initial commit, needed by libreoffice 6.4



  • xmlsec1-1.2.28-7.3.2