Update Info


Security update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-02-21
This update for libsolv, libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

Security issue fixed:

- CVE-2019-18900: Fixed assert cookie file that was world readable (bsc#1158763).

Bug fixes

- Fixed removing orphaned packages dropped by to-be-installed products (bsc#1155819).
- Adds libzypp API to mark all obsolete kernels according to the existing purge-kernel script rules (bsc#1155198).
- Do not enforce 'en' being in RequestedLocales If the user decides to have a system without explicit language support he may do so (bsc#1155678).                                            
- Load only target resolvables for zypper rm (bsc#1157377).
- Fix broken search by filelist (bsc#1135114).
- Replace python by a bash script in zypper-log (fixes#304, fixes#306, bsc#1156158).
- Do not sort out requested locales which are not available (bsc#1155678).
- Prevent listing duplicate matches in tables. XML result is provided within the new list-patches-byissue element (bsc#1154805).                                                              
- XML add patch issue-date and issue-list (bsc#1154805).
- Fix zypper lp --cve/bugzilla/issue options (bsc#1155298).
- Always execute commit when adding/removing locales (fixes bsc#1155205).
- Fix description of --table-style,-s in man page (bsc#1154804).



  • libsolv-0.7.10-3.13.4