Update Info


Recommended update for zypper and libsolv

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-11-19
This update for zypper and libsolv fixes the following issues:

Package: zypper

- Improved the documentation of $releasever and --releasever usescases (bsc#1149511)
- zypper will now ask only once when multiple packages share the same license text (bsc#1145554)
- Added a new 'solver.focus' option for /etc/zypp/zypp.conf to define systemwide focus
  mode when resolving jobs (bsc#1146415)
- Fixes an issue where 'zypper lu' didn't list all available package updates (bsc#1153351)
- Added a new --repo option to the 'download' command to allow to specify a repository (jsc#SLE-9171)

Package: libsolv

- Fixes issues when updating too many packages in focusbest mode
- Fixes the handling of disabled and installed packages in distupgrade



  • libsolv-0.7.7-3.10.1