Update Info


Recommended update for open-vm-tools

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-03-22
This update fixes the following issues:

- Link VGAuthService to libxmlsec1 rather than libxml-security-c in SLE products where available. (bsc#1122435)
- Improve handling of certain quiesced snapshot failures. (bsc#1124397)
- Update vmtoolsd.service to support cloud-init customization by default
by adding "DefaultDependencies=no" and "Before=cloud-init-local.service"
to the [Unit] section of vmtoolsd.service. (bsc#1121964)
- open-vm-tools has logged warnings, when taking a snapshot of a Linux guest on a vSphere host.
- open-vm-tools service crashed on Linux systems which are not running on a VMware platform.



  • xmlsec1-1.2.26-3.5.1