Update Info


Recommended update for monitoring-plugins

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-05-21
This update for monitoring-plugins fixes the following issues:

- update AppArmor profiles for usrMerge (related to bsc#1132350)
  - grep in check_cups
  - ps in check_procs and check_procs.sle15

- update usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs to bash in /usr

- support IPv4 ping for dual stacked host again (bsc#1132903)

- update usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs again for sle15
  and above so that ptrace is allowed (bsc#1133107)

- add /etc/nrpe.d/*.cfg snipplets

- copy usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs as
  usr.lib.nagios.plugins.check_procs.sle15 and use that for sle15
  and above. "ptrace" to enable ptrace globally is needed here.



  • monitoring-plugins-2.2-3.3.1