Update Info


Security update for tiff

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2018-11-27
This update for tiff fixes the following issues:

Security issues fixed:

- CVE-2018-12900: Fixed heap-based buffer overflow in the cpSeparateBufToContigBuf (bsc#1099257).
- CVE-2018-18661: Fixed NULL pointer dereference in the function LZWDecode in the file tif_lzw.c (bsc#1113672).
- CVE-2018-18557: Fixed JBIG decode can lead to out-of-bounds write (bsc#1113094).

Non-security issues fixed:

- asan_build: build ASAN included
- debug_build: build more suitable for debugging



  • tiff-4.0.9-5.17.1