Update Info


Recommended update for samba

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2018-11-12
This update provides version 4.7.10 of samba and brings the following fixes and improvements:

- Support the new v4 Performance Co-Pilot API. (bsc#1111374)
- Deadlock with ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper (bsc#1102230)
- Quotas don't work with SMB2.
- Build failure when quota support not detected.
- vfs_fruit can leave lock records when testing for netatalk share mode locks - causing panic.
- vfs_time_audit is failing FSCTL_SRV_REQUEST_RESUME_KEY requests.
- g_lock conflict detection broken when processing stale entries.
- NTLM authentications using default domain/workgroup stopped working.
- vfs_ceph lies about flock support.
- Using sendfile = yes with SMB2 can cause CPU spin.
- Durable Handle reconnect fails in smbd_smb2_create_durable_lease_check().
- cli_splice() fallback code reads wrong amount on termination case.
- LDB 1.4.0 breaks Samba < 4.9.
- samba-tool trust: support discovery via netr_GetDcName.
- samba-tool domain trust: Fix trust compatibility to Windows Server 1709 and FreeIPA.
- conn->vuid is invalid after a SMB session reauth.
- Durable Handles reconnect fails in a cluster when the cluster fs uses different device ids.
- cli_splice() doesn't correctly return written bytes as it's uninitialized in libsmbclient code.
- Threading support in talloc_tos() crashes when enabled.
- Incorrect talloc_stackframe handling in python ACL test code (make_simple_acl).
- Fail renaming file if that file has open streams.
- vfs_fruit: Delete 0 byte size streams if AAPL is enabled.
- Creating missing remote databases during recovery can fail.
- CTDB_BROADCAST_VNNMAP should not be used.
- Fix building Samba with gcc 8.1.
- Uncaught exception at ldb_modules/password_hash.c:2241 during new domain provision.
- "net ads keytab add nfs" writes only one enctype with older kerberos libraries.
- VFS modules that implement pread/pwrite must also implement pread_send/pwrite_send.
- vfs_ceph is missing async fsync implementations.
- net ads keytab list fails with (smb_krb5_kt_open failed (Key table name malformed).
- s390 and s390 needs to run with 'use mmap = no' by default.



  • samba-4.7.10+git.124.8d97fe90926-4.18.3