The software delivered by the SUSE Package Hub comes without guarantees of functionality and without commercial support services from SUSE. That means that while we hope the software is useful for our customers, we are not offering support in the context of "how to use" the software, or resolving any defects. On the other hand we want SUSE Package Hub to be useful and based on user feedback will do our best to keep it that way.


The following is the official support statement by SUSE Linux for the SUSE Package Hub.

Packages from the Package Hub are delivered without L3 support from SUSE. General updates and fixes to the packages in SUSE Package Hub are provided by the openSUSE community based on their discretion though SUSE will monitor and ensure that any known critical security issues will be addressed. Packages in the Package Hub are approved by SUSE for use with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and to not interfere with the supportability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server it's modules and extensions.

Scope of Package Hub Support

While SUSE provides no guarantees of commitments on the functionality of the software provided, the Package Hub is comprised of more than just the software it delivers. The following components of the SUSE Package Hub are considered supported and customers are encouraged to open support requests if encountering issues.

RPM Packaging

The software provided by SUSE Package Hub is "packaged" in RPM format files that can be installed using the standard software management tools provided by SUSE like YaST2, zypper or even plain old rpm. Issues related to incompatibilities with packages and the SUSE software management tools will be addressed.


The RPM packages provided by SUSE Package Hub are delivered via software repositories. The repositories consist of files containing meta data and are hosted over the internet via a content delivery network. SUSE is responsible to ensure these repositories are consistent and functioning

Access Entitlements

Customers with valid subscriptions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and other entitled subscriptions shall have access to the SUSE Package Hub as a cost free extension to the SUSE product subscriptions. Any issues with subscription entitlements shall be handled by SUSE customer care.