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Change Logs

* Sat Mar 02 2019 Karl Cheng <>
- Fix missing python-xml runtime requirement.
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Karol Babioch <>
- Update to version 0.69:
  * Performance improvements for indexing large notebooks
  * Performance improvement for auto-completion of page names in dialogs
  * Updated translations from launchpad
* Fri Mar 23 2018
- Update to version 0.68:
  * Critical fixes:
    + For updating links on move page and rename page
    + For rename page and indexing on case-insensitive file systems
    (like windows)
  * Fix regressions:
    + In tasklist option to _not_ regard all checkboxes as tasks
    + In index navigation with previous page and next page
  * Other fixes:
    + Memory leak in spell checker plugin
    + Multi-line selections in linesorter plugin
    + Opening notebook list from tray icon
    + "-s" commandline argument for exporting
    + importing attachments in quicknote plugin commandline use
  * New features:
    + Pathbar now reveals more path elements in case of ambiguous
    + Add "font" property for use in "styles.conf"
    + Add "navigation.home" to template parser for export
    + Extend interface for "image generator" plugins
  * Miscellaneous changes:
    + Version control plugin updated to better handle git staging
    + Code cleaned up to be a bit PEP8 compliant and more future
    proof for python3 conversion
- Rename appdata XML to reflect changed component ID
  * Also relocate to /usr/share/mimeinfo instead of legacy
* Sat Sep 23 2017
- Update to version 0.67:
  + Critical fixes:
  - For missing page headers & remembering custom headers.
  - By removing dependency on threading for index and socket
    . Hidden option to also do autosave without thread to test
    further issues.
  - For handling unicode file names on windows.
  + More robustness:
  - For socket errors, fallback to --standalone automaticlly.
  - At startup when default notebook went missing, fallback
    to --list.
  - In preferences dialog when plugins give exceptions.
  - For invalid dates in tasklist parser.
  + Merge patch to add accelerators for bookmarks.
  + Fix regressions:
  - In close-page when autosave ongoing.
  - Drag-n-drop index pane.
  - For keybindings in index pane.
  - For attaching files.
  - For opening folders.
  - In opening inter-wiki links.
  - In custom tools.
  - In completion of page name in dialog entry.
  - In quicknote "--attachments" option.
  - For quicknote plugin due to process management.
  - In date format for recentchanges dialog.
  - In custom tool execution.
  + Fixes for unicode: In auto-linking and arithmetic plugin.
  + More fixes:
  - "insert image" also inserting a text link.
  - Search regex for chinese language to not match whitespace for
    start/end of word.
  - Table editor plugin when sorting rows.
  - Wrong usage of escapes in latex export for verbatim blocks.
  - The issue where config values go missing if not used.
  - Error for file shortcuts in various dialogs.
  - Indexing errors on move/rename page.
- Changes from version 0.66:
  + Multiple notebooks run as single process now to reduce
    multi-process complexity - more robust startup, reduce need for
  + SQLite indexer re-written to fix long standing bugs and design
    flaws with indexing.
  + Improved performance tag filtering in side pane.
  + Detect pages have changed on disk, even when page present in
  + Bug fix for drag-n-drop of text within the editor.
  + New checkbox type available for "moved task" for journal
  + Context menu defined for checkboxes.
  + Horizontal lines "<HR>" added to wiki syntax.
  + Pathbar buttons can now also be used to insert page links by
  + Added to context mennu for pages: "search in section" and
    "search backlinks".
  + Keyboard navigation of plugin tab in preferences dialog.
  + Allow "mailto:" links contain arguments like "?subject=".
  + Tasklist plugin:
  - Now also available embedded in side pane.
  - New:
    . Syntax for including due and start dates.
    . Formatting priority column including
    . "flat list" mode to only see lowest level tasks.
  - Removed support for "next" label.
  - Dialog now remembers sorting.
  + Versioncontrol plugin:
  - git: removed global "git add", instead
    stage individual files.
  - fossil: fix for fossil "addremove".
  + Attachment browser: bug fix for drag-n-drop.
  + Linesorter plugin: added keybindings to move / duplicate /
    delete lines.
  + Sourceview plugin:
  - Bug fixes:
    . To make export via commandline also use objects.
    . To follow editable state of parent window.
  + Bookmarks plugin updates.
  + Tableeditor plugin: bug fix for links.
  + Linkmap plugin: bug fix "unexpected char '-'".
  + Arithmic plugin: bug fix to allow negative numbers.
  + Dev:
  - Templates are now translatable, using "gettext()".
  - Index API completely changed, see tasklist for a plugin
  - New:
    . Module for file-system interaction, to be used in new
    . Parsing strategy based on tokenlist, used for tasklist
  - Defined notebook API for concurrent operations in gtk main
  - Simplified SignalEmitter code.
  + Packaging:
  - Removed support for maemo build - code went stale.
  - Make package build reproducible.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop /usr/bin/update-mime-database in %post/%postun: its use is
  obsolete and now is covered by file triggers.
- Add conditional %desktop_database_*, %icon_theme_cache_* and
  %mime_database_* post/postun macros for versions older than
  tumbleweed: tumbleweed and factory now use file triggers.
- Add conditional use to shared-mime-info BuildRequires: only old
  suse versions need it.
- Drop obsoleted conditionals for versions older than 11.2: not
* Wed Nov 11 2015
- Updated to version 0.65:
  + <Control> keybindings fail for older gtk versions, and in
    particular for the <Control><Space> keybinding.
  + The table editor tends to drop columns of content in the
    precences of empty cells.
  + Features from 0.64
  - Bookmark plugin.
  - Updated spell plugin to allow using gtkspellcheck as backend.
  - Updated attachmentbrowser plugin with new thumbnailing logic.
  - Speed up of sqlite indexing.
  - Updated support for OS X.
  - Bug fixes for the Fossil version control support.
  - Bug fixes for locale in strftime and strxfrm functions.
  - Bug fix to avoid overwriting the accelmap config file.
* Mon Jun 15 2015
- Update to version 0.63:
  + Table plugin.
  + Support for Fossil version control.
  + Many bug fixes.
* Wed Oct 01 2014
- Update to version 0.62 (boo#899449):
  + Fixed broken Source View plugin.
  + Fixed Tray Icon plugin for Ubuntu.
  + Fixed bug with Caps Lock on windows.
  + Fixed behavior of New Page dialog.
  + Fixed status parsing for Git backend.
  + Fixed bug with CamelCase parsing for Persian & Arabic script.
  + Fixed parsing of numbered list character to be robust for
    Chinese characters.
  + Fixed bug with www server dialog.
  + Fixed bug in Go Child Page action.
  + Fixed export using the S5 slideshow template - now splits by
  + Fixed bug in indexing for python 2.6.
  + Fixed bug in Open Notebook dialog when selecting current
  + Changed lookup path for 3rd party plugin modules - now uses XDG
  + Merged patch to support more screenshot tools in the Insert
    Screenshot plugin.
  + Updated Sort Lines plugin to use natural sorting for unicode.
  + Added control for handling of line breaks in HTML export.
  + Changed rendering of checkboxes in HTML export.
  + Merged patch to set image size for GNU R plugin.
  + Added control to toggle full page name in Tag index view.
  + Added handling of SIGTERM signal.
* Fri Aug 08 2014
- Update to version 0.61:
  + Full refactoring of code for parsing and processing wiki syntax
    making parser easier to extend and document interface more
  + Full refactoring of code for plugin framework making plugins
    more flexible by defining decorators for specific application
  + Full refactoring of code for exporting pages from zim
  - Now supports MHTML export format.
  - Supports exporting multiple pages to a single file.
  - Supports recursive export of a page and all it's sub-pages.
  - Templates now support many more instructions and expressions.
  + Full refactoring of the code for parsing commandline commands
    and initializing the application.
  + New config manager code to make parsing and handling of config
    files more robust.
  + Merged new plugin for editing sequence diagrams.
  + Improved the ToC plugin with floating widget.
  + Fixed unicode issue when calling external applications, and in
    particular for the hg and git commands.
  + Fixed support for unicode CamelCase word detection.
  + Fixed bug on windows with unicode user names in background
    process connection.
  + Changed "tags" plugin to show full page paths in the pre-tag
  + Added option for custom commands to replace the current
  + Added keybindings for XF86Back and XF86Forward.
  + Many small fixes & patches.
  + Updated translations.
- Add python-xml BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Fri May 03 2013
- Update to version 0.60:
  + In this release the required python version is changed from
    2.5 to 2.6.
  + Added a Recent Changes dialog and a Recent Changes pathbar
  + Added search entry to toolbar.
  + Added function to attachment browser plugin to zoom icon size.
  + Added new template.
  + Critical bug fix for using templates that have a resources
  + Fix for week number in Journal plugin page template (again).
  + Fix for focus switching with distraction free editing plugin.
  + Fix for handling BOM character at start of file.
  + Fixed quicknote dialog to ask for confirmation on discard.
  + Fix to allow calling executables that do not end in .exe on
  + Fix for various typos in the manual.
  + Removed custom zim.www.Server class in favor of standard
    library version.
* Thu Jan 24 2013
- Update to version 0.59:
  + Fixed a critical bug in the editor widget that can lead to
    loss of content for specific combinations of formatting.
  + Fixed week numbers in Journal pages.
  + Improved Tasklist tag inheritance.
* Sun Dec 16 2012
- Update to version 0.58:
  + New plugin for distraction free fullscreen mode.
  + Added options to limit tasklist plugin to certain namespaces.
  + Added option to tasklist plugin to flag non-actionable tasks by
    a special tag.
  + Added prompt for filename for Insert New File action.
  + Added template option to list attachments in export.
  + Added class attributes to links in HTML output.
  + Added two more commandline options to quicknote plugin.
  + Made sidepanes more compact by embedding close buttons in
  + Critical fix for restarting zim after a crash (cleaning up
  + Several bugs fixed.
  + Fix first day of week locale for calendar plugin.
  + Fix for handling "file:/" and "file://" URIs in links.
  + Fix for windows to not open consoles for each external
  + Fix for windows to put config files under %APPDATA%.
  + Fix to have "update heading" toggle in rename dialog more
  + Fix to make template errors report relevant error dialogs.
  + Fix for search and replace whitespace in pageview.
  + Various small fixes.
* Fri Oct 12 2012
- Update to version 0.57:
  + New features:
  - Option to export to ReST
  + New plugins:
  - Insert music scores using GNU Lilypond
  - Zeitgeist integration.
  + A rework of the side panes
  + Allowing plugins to be positioned on any side
  + Simpler configuration for external applications
  + A critical bug fix for the version control plugin
  + Improved the attachment browser, the calendar plugin and the
    tasklist plugin.
  + Updated translations.
* Thu Apr 26 2012
- Cleanup package originally created by Matthias Propst
  <> (using zim 0.55).
- Update to version 0.56:
  + Add support for version control with Mercurial and Git as
    backend in addition to the previous Bazaar support.
  + Add drag & drop support to attachment browser.
  + Notebooks now can have a notebook specific configuration
  + Add new plugin to handle "ditaa" diagrams.
  + Fix critical bug that prevented opening email addresses without
    a "mailto:" prefix.
  + Fix bug where context menu for page index applied to the
    current page.
  + Make sidepane and tagcloud remember state.
  + Updated translations.