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Change Logs

Version: 4.2.6-bp150.2.3
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- Added zhu3d-4.2.6-qt5.patch and enabled Qt5 build where possible
- Spec cleanup
* Sat Apr 20 2013
- Update to version 4.2.6
  * Removed loading of real ancient Zhu3D-files
  * Improved Makefile for compilations for newer Intel ICC
  * Improved Czech translation.
  * Cosmetic improvements/updates or typo-fixes elsewhere
  * Removed obsolete zhu2d-4.2.4-glu-link.patch (upstream)
* Sat Dec 29 2012
- use label number not a name for ppc asm call.
  fixes symbol `loop' is already defined (zhu3d-ppc.patch)
* Thu Dec 27 2012
- license update: GPL-3.0
  license.gpl and the vast majority of source code files in the package
  indicate that this package is GPL-3.0, not GPL-2.0
* Mon Dec 10 2012
- Delete KDE3 dependence
* Wed Sep 12 2012
- Fix RPMLINT warning "file-contains-current-date"
  * zhu3d-no-compilation-date.patch
* Wed Aug 29 2012
- version 4.2.4
  - Fixed a very unlikely but possible memory-bug in the XML-file
  - Fixed a very unlikely but possible memory-leak in speedit.cpp
  - Fixes for the timestamp-counter on newer platforms
  - Slightly optimized some default window positions after the
    start ever
  - Made settings-stuff more elegant throughout the code what
    shrinks the executable size too
  - Switched icons to more modern KDE4-style where this seems
    optically feasible and consistent
  - Cosmetic improvements/updates or typo-fixes elsewhere
- fix build on recent product with patch1
- spec file reformating
* Thu Apr 30 2009
- update to 4.2
  - brushed code
  - enabled more aggressive compiler-optimisations as default
  - fixed some typos and bugs
- remove zhu3d-4.1.2_LC_NUMERIC.patch
* Wed Nov 19 2008
- updated to 4.1.4
* Tue Jul 29 2008
- updated to 4.1.0
* Tue Mar 11 2008
- updated to 4.0.0
- The legends-editor is fully featured now. You can add up to nine labels. Each of them can be positioned, coloured, enabled or resized individually
- Raised the maximum number of user-defined functions to 64
- Switched zhu-file format to XML. The new format is not backward compatible, but you still can read old formats down to version 2.8.0 from November 2006
- Added more specific error messages for file loading
- Moved debugging switch to and excluded error class from compilation when turned off. This results in faster compile time and a smaller executable
- Changed all examples to the new 4.0.0 format
- Added legend examples
- Slight code optimisations in regards to zhu-conventions
- Note that all labels are scaleable nearly as precise as a PDF whether it is done in pure OpenGL with a bit Qt4. No complicated subclassing, no funky texture tricks, no extra libs. Developers may take a look at the source and wonder how easy it can be
- Fixed a major bug which was introduced in 3.4.8, where you could not reload files after saving
- Versions >=3.4.6 lost the ability to render textures into pictures and to printer. Fixed
- Updated English and German help-files
* Fri Mar 07 2008
- updated to 3.4.4
* Fri Dec 14 2007
- update to 3.3.4
* Wed Feb 21 2007
[#] spec file for package zhu3d (Version 2.9.6)