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Change Logs

* Sat Jan 22 2022 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest realease 4.0.37
- patching CVE-2022-23134 ( bsc#1194681 )
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6809 Changed behavior of the vmware event log, the 'skip'
    option of the new item resets the VMware event cache
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-20382 	Updated jquery version
  + ZBX-20383 	Updated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars to the latest stable versions
  + ZBX-20384 	Fixed possibility to view setup pages by non-superadmin if config already file exists
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-19926 	Fixed Zabbix agent crashing when reading event log on Windows Server 2022
  + ZBX-20032 	Fixed server crash when restarting monitored vmware vc
  + ZBX-19872 	Removed redundant escaping in XML data of HTTP agent POST request
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-19428 	Fixed high CPU usage and preprocessing workers exiting with
    timeout when starting numerous poller, trapper and discoverer processes
  + ZBX-19510 	Fixed re-reading of old Windows events for various Windows event system synchronization problems
  + ZBX-19457 	Fixed failed query when updating application names longer than 255 characters
* Tue Jan 11 2022 Johannes Segitz <>
- Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
  * zabbix-java-gateway.service
* Tue Oct 05 2021 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.34
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6852 Updated localization for Zabbix Support URL
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-19814 Added ignoring final result in case if fping quits on a signal
  + ZBX-19931 Fixed crash on big-endian systems when processing history
  + ZBX-19580 Fixed date format mismatch in UI elements that are loaded via JavaScript
  + ZBX-19236 Fixed task manager constantly busy with close_problem task
    if trigger no longer exists but event still exist
  + ZBX-19857 Dropped support for the non-working option "with_gui_access"
    in the usergroup.get() method
* Fri Aug 13 2021 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.32
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6662 Increased field size to 2000 characters in web scenario variables
    and web scenario step variables and post fields
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-19558 Fixed creating of dependent item prototypes
  + ZBX-18695 Fixed file_put_contents() runtime error if web server has
    no write permissions for zabbix.conf.php
  + ZBX-19424 Fixed trigger handling failing if host name looks like a number
  + ZBX-19318 Added sorting by itemids for trends flush to avoid deadlock
  + ZBX-18879 Fixed update vmware info about vCenter fullname and version
  + ZBX-19447 Implemented item type validation by API
  + ZBX-19388 Fixed inherited graph and graph prototype update if user has
    no permissions to child host or template
  + ZBX-19358 Fixed memory leak in case of duplicate vmware hv uuid
  + ZBX-19248 Fixed retrieving of all data from separate database tables inside of
    API methods when empty value for filter is passed
  + ZBX-19300 Updated jquery version
  + ZBX-19139 Fixed memory errors in cmdline parsing on freebsd
  + ZBX-19359 Fixed error in logsource function due to empty source
  + ZBX-8999 Fixed exporting of images separately from other objects
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 4.0.31
  + ZBX-19334: removed redundant ListenIP parameter in server's
    configuration file
  + ZBX-19233: fixed potential loss of original error when reading
    vmware events
  + ZBX-18883: fixed logrt[] monitoring with copytruncate rotation
  + ZBX-19210: fixed css file versioning for custom themes
  + ZBX-18912: fixed escalation message is using template message
    instead of custom message in actions
  + ZBX-19195: fixed endless loop in graph widget processing if
    widget size is too small
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 4.0.30
- New features and improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6528,ZBXNEXT-6565 Improved performance of host.create and
    template.create methods; improved performance of templates linking
    process; optimized DB::insert() method to send bulk SQL inserts
  + ZBX-19150 Added csrf check
  + ZBX-12867 reworked problem event popup of problems widget to load data
    only on mouse hover and click
  + ZBX-18998 Rewrote API main object validation
  + ZBX-19111 Improved performance of checking circular and double
    linkages of templates
  + ZBX-10370 allowed Java Gateway to use ssl with remote registry
  + ZBX-19149 updated logback-core, logback-classic and slf4j-api jars
    to the latest stable versions: 1.2.3, 1.2.3 and 1.7.30
- Bug fixes:
  + ZBX-19117 Fixed host deletion, template deletion and maintenance
    update was not shown in audit log report when it was made via
    API request
  + ZBX-17000 Changed translation of 'last' for week of month in
  + ZBX-19023 Fixed inheritance of the permissions and tag filters
    for new host groups
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 4.0.29
- New features and improvements
  + ZBX-18886 Implemented proper resource cleanup when sender
    terminates by signal
  + ZBX-18449 Reworked trigger API validation
- Bugfixes
  + ZBX-18966 Fixed interface related errors when changing proxy
    type from passive to active
  + ZBX-18825 Fixed last year period calculation in service
    availability report daily mode
  + ZBX-18845 Fixed 'UserParameter' possible buffer overrun
  + ZBX-18887 Fixed user session expiration when notification checks
    are performed in background
  + ZBX-18309 Fixed reading log files with NULL character in log line
  + ZBX-18931 Fixed PHP runtime errors in CLineGraphDraw.php
  + ZBX-18872 Fixed system.sw.os[name] for cases without quotation
    mark in /etc/os-release
  + ZBX-18885 Fixed SNMP agent item not accepting values that are
    bigger than 2KB
  - Last update (4.0.28) also included a fix for CVE-2021-27927
* Thu Mar 04 2021 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.28
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6364 Removed long lists of cloned objects from host and template full clone forms
  + ZBXNEXT-6307 Added ability to read properties from a file
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-18966 Fixed interface related errors when changing proxy type from passive to active
  + ZBX-18886 Implemented proper resource cleanup when sender terminates by signal
  + ZBX-18825 Fixed last year period calculation in service availability report daily mode
  + ZBX-18845 Fixed 'UserParameter' possible buffer overrun
  + ZBX-18449 Reworked trigger API validation
  + ZBX-18887 Fixed user session expiration when notification checks are performed in background
  + ZBX-18309 Fixed reading log files with NULL character in log line
  + ZBX-18931 Fixed PHP runtime errors in CLineGraphDraw.php
  + ZBX-18872 Fixed system.sw.os[name] for cases without quotation mark in /etc/os-release
  + ZBX-18885 Fixed SNMP agent item not accepting values that are bigger than 2KB
  + ZBX-18942 Fixed missing SID valiadion in authentication update route
  + ZBX-18893 Changed frontend config file permissions to 0600
  + ZBX-18884 Fixed crash in web monitoring and* keys
    when encoding non ASCII characters in URL
  + ZBX-18865 Fixed dbConditionInt ( returning wrong result in rare cases
  + ZBX-16216 Fixed semaphore not being cleaned up when stopping Zabbix agent
  + ZBX-18556 Fixed gaps in time labels of classic graphs related to DST transitions
  + ZBX-18644 Replaced deprecated gethostbyname function with getaddrinfo
  + ZBX-18802 Fixed close problem task to be deleted when problem event is deleted
  + ZBX-17865 Fixed displaying of long problem names on problems and event pages
  + ZBX-18796 Improved update performance of the preprocessing
    rules in item.update() and itemprototype.update() methods
  + ZBX-18623 Fixed the global search showing number of objects that user has no permissions
  + ZBX-18784 Fixed memory leak when handling vmware events
  + ZBX-18761 Fixed possible heap overflow issues in IPC commonications
    when deserializing huge text values
  + ZBX-18755 Fixed possibility of out of memory error when replacing string in mail,
    calculated checks, actions and when linking template
  + ZBX-18486 Fixed screen inheritance from a linked template in the full clone case
  + ZBX-18660 Fixed SNMP index returning as a number instead of string if there is a backslash
  + ZBX-17703 Fixed problem negative duration for timed triggers in case of database disconnect
  + ZBX-18694 Fixed crash when PSK connection is configured but PSK or PSK identity is empty
  + ZBX-18662 Improved pollers, unreachable pollers, Java pollers and pingers to use less memory
  + ZBX-18423 Fixed inconsistent macro expansion with Oracle DB compared with other databases
  + ZBX-18219 Fixed custom multiplier preprocessing step validation to accept a string with macros
  + ZBX-18422 Fixed "server is not running" warning message width
  + ZBX-18688 Fixed schema name didnt show when available only postgresql
* Fri Jan 15 2021 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.27
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-2480 Removed autocomplete from fields having sensitive data
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-18155 Removed positional macros from item names on 'Web monitoring' page
  + ZBX-5842 Fixed ability to detect username existence from unsuccessful login message
  + ZBX-18564 Moved taskid calculation to transaction when creating remote command task
  + ZBX-18487 Increased trapper verbosity for DebugLevel=4 when rejecting sender data
  + ZBX-18185 Fixed compilation error on Solaris 10
  + ZBX-18317 Fixed fatal error when updating only discovered triggers and their properties
  + ZBX-18163 Fixed deletion of one last remaining main host interface to show error
    instead of silently deleting the interface
  + ZBX-18058 Updated the list of item keys and their descriptions
  + ZBX-18464 Fixed javascript Uncaught TypeError when clicking on disabled multiselect item
  + ZBX-18411 Set maxQueryMetrics default values for vcenter depending on its version
  + ZBX-18438 Fixed missing asterisk mark for "timeout" field in item, item prototype and LLD rule edit forms
  + ZBX-18327 Fixed undefined index when invalid URL is given
  + ZBX-17178 Fixed multi-line value truncation in snmp lld
  + ZBX-18462 Fixed inconsistent auto-registration behaviour for hosts without metadata
    on Oracle DB compared to other databases when using Zabbix proxy
  + ZBX-18364 Fixed inconsistency with autoregistration behaviour for hosts without metadata
    on Oracle compared to other databases
  + ZBX-18365 Added Fping 5.0 support to Zabbix
  + ZBX-17493 Added discarding of incoming values outside history/trends storage periods on server
  + ZBX-18343 Fixed in screen "host issue" problem stay even after problem resolved
  + ZBX-17842 Updated VMware template to follow guidelines
  + ZBX-17848 Fixed fping interval detection, added log prints of detected
    options in debug mode, re-detect options every hour
  + ZBX-18188 Increased age and duration related macro resolution to seconds
  + ZBX-15651 Fixed handling of overlapping IP addresses in network discovery received from single Zabbix proxy
  + ZBX-18326 Fixed unsupported code for internet explorer
  + ZBX-15904 Added check of required cache size for vmware event messages
  + ZBX-18121 Fixed SSH monitoring when compiled with libssh; thanks to MATSUDA Daiki for the patch
  + ZBX-14503 Updated JMX template to follow guidelines
  + ZBX-18189 Fixed crash when performing housekeeping with disabled value cache
  + ZBX-18181 Fixed undefined index when importing host with non-existing interface
  + ZBX-18050 Removed proxy name from host breadcrumbs
  + ZBX-18202 Added new default item keys for item type "Zabbix aggregate"
  + ZBX-18124 Fixed discovered host group prototype saving during import
  + ZBX-13789 Fixed SQL errors with Oracle backend due to incorrect use of the USING statement
  + ZBX-18046 Improved error message generation performance of user macro and item key parser
  + ZBX-18105 Fixed use on uninitialised variable
  + ZBX-18014 Added ODBC empty query check
  + ZBX-18160 Fixed fatal error in items.php and host_discovery.php
  + ZBX-13383 Improved performance of the trigger and trigger prototype inheritance
  + ZBX-17974 Implement timeouts for WMI queries
  + ZBX-13789 Improved performance of "Problems" widget with MySQL backend by removing DISTINCT
    modifier from SQL statements with tables joined by primary keys
  + ZBX-17468 Fixed excess audit log record being added on host status update
  + ZBX-18076 Fixed PHP notice and multiple undefined index errors in hostinterface API
  + ZBX-18000 Added red label for disabled media types in user profile
  + ZBX-18075 Fixed runtime error when creating a host via API
  + ZBX-15927 Removed problem calculation for dependent triggers when master trigger is in problem state
  + ZBX-18063 Fixed usage of unsupported parameter in API call
  + ZBX-18060 Fixed inaccessible user be displayed as accessible in slide show properties screen
  + ZBX-17252 Fixed building of Zabbix daemons with link time optimization
* Thu Jul 30 2020 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.23
- New Features and improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-6004 Added host info to vmware event message log
  + ZBXNEXT-5903 Added vmware datacenters discovery
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-8081 Fixed 'cmdline' parameter truncation on solaris 11.3 and later
  + ZBX-18014 Fixed memory leak when action message does not have to be sent
  + ZBX-15117 Fixed graph configuration with large amount of items
  + ZBX-18069 Fixed server exit when trying to execute ipmi script without ipmi pollers
  + ZBX-17960 Fixed undefined index in trends api
  + ZBX-17682 Fixed button disable state in template item list and discovery list
  + ZBX-17820 Fixed classic graph widget default header
  + ZBX-17924 Fixed php errors in "system information" window for mysql
  + ZBX-17917 Changed vm.memory.size keys on solaris to get memory usage statistics from kstat
  + ZBX-18029 Fixed cpu counter wraparound handling on solaris
  + ZBX-17624 Fixed misleading error message in case of not available datastorage
    for and vmware.hv.datastore.write metrics
  + ZBX-17860 Fixed host prototype import
  + ZBX-17922 Removed mtime check when matching files on disk with the cached list,
    this should reduce chances of log files being scanned again after system time changes
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.19
- replaced URL for source downloads to zabbix CDN network location
- New Features and improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-5649 Added name referencing support ('~' suffix) to jsonpath
  + ZBXNEXT-3604 Added support of user configurable ciphers for communication between zabbix components
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-17173 Improved windows agent build scripts
  + ZBX-17425 Fixed template.massupdate api macros update
  + ZBX-17344 Fixed php 7.4 errors in latest data->history page for text and
    log items having an empty filter
  + ZBX-17330 Fixed error reading vmware events with keys over 2^31
  + ZBX-17288 Fixed undefined indexes in administration->regular expressions->test tab
  + ZBX-17350 Fixed displaying of multiple value types in latest data->history page
  + ZBX-16802 Added mtime-reread/mtime-noreread options parameter to log* keys
  + ZBX-17390 Fixed validation of the maximum selected period
  + ZBX-17185 Fixed non-disappearing messages of failed login attempts
  + ZBX-17322 Fixed deadlock between server and frontend when updating multiple hosts
  + ZBX-9057 Fixed duplicate entries being written into in profiles table
  + ZBX-17159 Fixed overlay dialogue instantiation
  + ZBX-17108 Improved process utilization calculation
  + ZBX-17269 Fixed undefined indexes in history page
  + ZBX-17342 Dump memory statistics and items with most values when value cache is fully used
  + ZBX-16926 Fix int_max error when compiling on sunos/joyent/solaris
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.15
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-5493, ZBX-16540 Moved lld rules from parent templates to linked templates for module
    host-resources-mib snmpv2, module interfaces windows snmpv2, net arista snmpv2, os windows snmpv2
  + ZBX-16871 Fixed not setting the default values of multiselects on initial load
  + ZBX-16776 Reworked custom item select to multiselect
  + ZBXNEXT-5532 Disabled guest user by default
  + ZBXNEXT-4825 Implemented in monitoring -> problems the button "export to csv" to export all pages
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-16955 Fixed performance of history syncers and timer processes by not locking
    each other when suppressing events
  + ZBX-16842 Added range validation and optional conversion to is_double()
  + ZBX-16790 Fixed log rotation on windows
  + ZBX-16865 Fixed dynamic graphs not updating when changing host in combo box
  + ZBX-9146 Fixed json null value being treated as empty string for lld filters
  + ZBX-16828 Fixed array_db validation when validated value is not an array
  + ZBX-11659 Made user profile icon visible for guest user
  + ZBX-16849 Moved interface_type_priority definition to misc.c
  + ZBX-16844 Fixed the process of saving the scroll position on the latest data page in internet explorer
  + ZBX-16343 Fixed lld not to create items on wrong host if there are failed transactions
  + ZBX-16730 Fixed disappearance of successful modification message while saving the dashboards
  + ZBX-16679 Fixed username and password fields resetting and saving for
    item, item prototype and lld rule on type change
  + ZBX-16785 Improved performance of timer process when reading from "problem_tag" table
  + ZBX-16696 Fixed multiselect suggest box clipping when overflowing not allowed in parent containers
  + ZBX-16809 Fixed undefined offset error in action operation condition form
  + ZBX-16595 Optimized active logs checks monitoring when buffer flushing fails
  + ZBX-16682 Fixed wrong element label update in map constructor
  + ZBX-16815 Fixed widget form positioing when changing widget type from graph to any other type
  + ZBX-16706 Fixed unneeded padding for dashboard url widget
  + ZBX-16784 Fixed oracle performance by using "between" operator in sql queries
  + ZBX-16579 Fixed long text wrapping in the latest data history
  + ZBX-16767 Fixed possible null pointer arithmetic; thanks to mikhail grigorev for the patch
  + ZBX-16500 Fixed sla calculation when requested time window starts during
    the service time; fixed downtime time calculation
  + ZBX-16805 Fixed when the httptest api selects too many entries from the httpstep
    table when editing a specific web scenario
  + ZBX-10618 Fixed disappearing dependent trigger cells and rows in overview
  + ZBX-16596 Added handling of bom to detect encoding for vfs.file.contents, vfs.file.regex and vfs.file.regmatch
  + ZBX-16771 Fixed wrong tab number being remembered when several browser tabs are in use
  + ZBX-16548 Fixed sort order in plain text screen
* Wed Oct 30 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.14
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-5481 Added support of {} macro in trigger tags
  + ZBXNEXT-4746 Added "template server cisco ucs snmpv2" template
  + ZBXNEXT-5422 Quoted numbers are now accepted by jsonpath aggregate functions
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-16605 Fixed accessibility of localstorage identifier if cookies are
    made unaccessible for client side scripts
  + ZBX-16754 Fixed trigger not firing for first collected value if it's timestamp is in future
  + ZBX-15211 Added key 'tests' for when working with cmocka tests
  + ZBX-16542 Fixed incorrect displaying of unacknowledged and resolved
    recent problematic triggers in trigger overview and dashboard widget
  + ZBX-16749 Improved performance and memory consumption of script.getscriptsbyhosts() method
  + ZBX-16725 Fixed detection of fping minimal interval
  + ZBX-16562 Fixed configuration.export method in api improperly formatting
    "application" property within "httptests" when exporting in json format
  + ZBX-15222 Fixed housekeeper to cleanup history not only for current item
    type of information but also for other previously selected types
  + ZBX-16481 Fixed spelling issues in the code
  + ZBX-15675 Added support for more than 64 cpus in windows agent
  + ZBX-16770 Fixed value mapping in template net hp comware hh3c snmp
  + ZBX-16534 Fixed stdout and stderr redirection after external log rotation
  + ZBX-16368 Fixed fping double call
  + ZBX-16317 Fixed log.h is not self-sufficient
  + ZBX-16711 Ensuring errbuf is emptied before every curl_easy_perform request
  + ZBX-16664 Fixed ipmi poller skips processing if one of the elements is missing information
  + ZBX-16671 Fixed server crashing when linking web scenario template
  + ZBX-16750 Fixed broken validation of peer certificate issuer
    and subject strings in tls connect, fixed logging
  + ZBX-16002 Added new macro to display
    recovery event name in recovery alerts
  + ZBX-16512 Fixed false item insertion into the queue after maintenance
  + ZBX-15685 Fixed zabbix_sender failing to report the error due to closed connection
  + ZBX-16702 Fixed error in the elastic search clearing history
  + ZBX-10805 Fixed log items graphs drawing with numeric values like trapper items
  + ZBX-16604 Fixed occurrence of an undefined index in discovered graph configuration
  + ZBX-16611 Fixed memory and performance leaks in gtlc.js library
  + ZBX-15135 Fixed incorrect triggers being displayed in
    availability report when filtering by template
  + ZBX-16681 Fixed displaying of "acknowledge" menu option
    for "not classified" problems in the trigger overview page
  + ZBX-16428 Fixed sigbus crash when mmap memory is not accessible
  + ZBX-16680 Fixed freeing locked resources when zabbix agent
    cannot be started and has to exit with failure
  + ZBX-16666 Fixed trailing slash being set in cookie path
  + ZBX-16612 Fixed possibility of high cpu usage on windows
  + ZBX-16683 Fixed race condition between history syncer
    and escalator that caused recovery operations being delayed by step duration
  + ZBX-16383 Adjusted timer sleeping period to process maintenances each minute at 00 seconds
  + ZBX-16575 Getting disk controller type from linked controller label value
  + ZBX-16561 Fixed jsonpath parsing for comma characters inside quoted string
  + ZBX-16677 Fixed empty sql query dbexecute_overflowed_sql call during host availability update
  + ZBX-15897 Fixed overall health check in template hp ilo snmpv2
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.11
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBX-9522 Improved frontend messaging usage across multiple browser tabs
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-16501 Fixed log out form being resubmitted when user is already logged
    back in another tab
  + ZBX-16072 Added more strict validation of host, template and proxy names
    to prohibit leading and trailing spaces
  + ZBX-16128 Fixed incorrect action id in audit log
  + ZBX-16354 Fixed incorrect sorting by name with capital letters
  + ZBX-16346 Fixed compilation for oracle instant client v18.5 and higher
  + ZBX-16424 Fixed unable to create/update web scenario from internet explorer/edge
  + ZBX-16471 For consistency reason changed translation string 'resolved by user.'
    to 'resolved by inaccessible user.'
  + ZBX-16469 Fixed problem that caused impossibility to edit trigger
    description in problems screen
  + ZBX-16362 Fixed keyboard event handling in graph widget hintbox
  + ZBX-16474 Fixed 'request-uri too long' error in problems mass update page
  + ZBX-16184 Updated zabbix sender man page
  + ZBX-16462 Fixed syntax error in sql query used to calculate sla in monitoring->services
  + ZBX-16031 Reworked event update controller, making partly closed set of events closable
  + ZBX-16283 Fixed read-only shared dashboard without widgets missing placeholder label
  + ZBX-16316 Fixed dashboard widget and slideshow menu popup not
    updating current refresh rate and fixed a js error in slideshows
  + ZBX-16346 Fixed compilation for oracle instant client v18.5 and higher
  + ZBX-16424 Fixed unable to create/update web scenario from internet explorer/edge
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Marketa Calabkova <>
- restructured for easier maintenance because of bsc#1144018 and FATE#324346
  * many thanks to Boris Manojlovic, Kristyna Streitova, Matthias Gerstner
    and Tomas Chvatal for their help
  * skipped renaming of binaries
  * updated Apache config file
  * added logrotate to rotate logs
  * and other changes
- added README-SSL.SUSE to tell users how to configure SSL
* Wed Aug 14 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.11
- New Features and Improvements
  - ZBXNEXT-4502,ZBXNEXT-5176 	Added support of full jsonpath functionality
  - ZBXNEXT-5205 Blocked zero item history/trends
    period being overridden by global configuration
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-16376 Fixed preprocessing steps having incorrect order
    and duplicate step numbers
  + ZBX-16344 Fixed possibility to add graph widget overrides
  + ZBX-16388 Fixed lld to update preprocessing step number
    in case it is incorrectly generated
  + ZBX-16337 Fixed debug log message for suppressed escalations;
  thanks to kotaro miyashita for the patch
  + ZBX-16287 Fixed compiler warnings in host.c; thanks to
    glebs ivanovskis for the patch
  + ZBX-16103 Reduced pcre recursion limit
  + ZBX-16289 Fixed async dashboard widget update
  + ZBX-13266 Improved performance of the sql queries
    with lot of ids in the condition
  + ZBX-16277 Fixed compilation zabbix agent for windows with
  options available for windows vista and newer
  + ZBX-16239 Fixed compilation warining related to prototypes
    of module api functions
  + ZBX-16256 Eliminated possible infinite fetch loop with oracledb
  + ZBX-15343 Fixed js memory leak in hintboxes in graph widget
  + ZBX-16329 Fixed duplicate value checking in trigger action conditions
  + ZBX-15562 Reworked history.get api method; fixed output
    as well as other known issues in history api
  + ZBX-16135 Fixed error messages in xml export files
  + ZBX-16213 Fixed postgresql bad performance on history tables
  + ZBX-16176 Preserve trailing spaces in history values
  + ZBX-16169 Improved performance of map navigation tree widget
  + ZBX-16288 Fixed when unknown resource logged in
    audit log when working with dashboards
  + ZBX-16134 Fixed duplicate triggers can be created
  using api and xml import
  + ZBX-15969 Fixed displaying of very small values that
    are more than 2 decimal points in latest data
  + ZBX-16280 Fixed when plain text widgets do not display
    as html when option is selected
  + ZBX-16012 Fixed confusing error message "cannot read json." in http agent item
  + ZBX-16270 Fixed memory leak in ipc service when queueing multiple messages to client
  + ZBX-16204 Fixed undefined offset in ccontrollerwidgetproblemhostsview
  + ZBX-15962 Added mounted filesystems to vfs.fs.discovery of windows agent
  + ZBX-16315 Fixed zabbix server not to cause foreign key constraint failure
    on zabbix proxy when changing and sending configuration at the same time
  + ZBX-16153 Fixed 500 internal server error when trying to preview pie/exploded graph without items
  + ZBX-9867 Improved zabbix daemon termination by not using signal
    unsafe functions in signal handler; improved zabbix server and zabbix proxy
    process termination by stopping data collection and waiting for history syncers to finish
* Mon Jul 01 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.10
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-2880 Added access to vmware datastore at vmware vcenter level
  + ZBXNEXT-5163 Added display of maintenance information in configuration
    section for hosts in maitenance
  + ZBXNEXT-5036 Added preloader for popup menus
  + ZBXNEXT-287 Added ssl support for agent http checks
  + ZBXNEXT-5179 Added option to specify absolute path in loadmodule;
    thanks to glebs ivanovskis for the patch
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-16315 Fixed zabbix server not to cause foreign key constraint failure
    on zabbix proxy when changing and sending configuration at the same time
  + ZBX-9867 Improved zabbix daemon termination by not using signal unsafe
    functions in signal handler; improved zabbix server and zabbix proxy process
    termination by stopping data collection and waiting for history syncers to finish
  + ZBX-16152 Fixed not data loss on saving host prototypes by user with insufficient permissions
  + ZBX-15952 Fixed errors when trying to create a graph widget for key
    system.cpu.util[,iowait] with y axis placed on the left side of the graph
  + ZBX-15899 Added output sanitization to prevent invalid utf-8 sequences
    in regexp-based text replacement
  + ZBX-16073 Fixed horizontal scrolling in map
  + ZBX-15943 Fixed discovered hosts are not removed from table "dhosts" after
    removing and adding the corresponding discovery check
  + ZBX-15875 Fixed colors for the multiselect disabled elements
  + ZBX-10948 'it services --> service time --> note' infinite stretching
  + ZBX-16142 Fixed missing sys/ioctl.h from src/libs/zbxsysinfo/openbsd/net.c;
    thanks to andrea biscuola for the patch
  + ZBX-16166 Fixed zabbix fping feature detection does not work with fping builds since 10 feb 2017
  + ZBX-16178 Fixed distributive can contain untracked backup file include/
  + ZBX-16170 Fixed crash in global event correlation
  + ZBX-16096 Fixed "system.cpu.util" reporting incorrect cpu utilisation due to guest time
    sometimes not being fully included in user time by "/proc/stat"
  + ZBX-15882 Fixed widgets flickering on refresh
  + ZBX-15974 Improved trigger expression list in trigger modal form
  + ZBX-14441 Fixed windows agent "eventlog" key for reading big event log files of windows 2003
  + ZBX-16109 Fixed hidden error in graphs for php 7.3.5
  + ZBX-16093 Fixed regular expression file systems for discovery does not contain apfs
  + ZBX-16080 Fixed setup page to not to use bclib
  + ZBX-15797 Fixed dashboard map widget sub-map link behaviour
  + ZBX-15049 Fixed to host group limited global scripts to be usable in sub group
  + ZBX-16138 Fixed return value type and added preprocessing steps for items in remote
    internal checks tamplates; fixed unsigned write cache value for remote internal checks
  + ZBX-15963 Fixed http agent support of non-http scheme in url field
  + ZBX-16151 Fixed theoretical possibility of large numbers in json data being truncated,
    added boolean value support to json parser
  + ZBX-15778 Fixed wrong filtering by "age less than" and "show suppressed problems" in trigger overview
  + ZBX-15585 Fixed web scenarios pair manager issue when fields are duplicating on post type toggle
  + ZBX-16150 Fixed inactive, unmounted, unaccessible vmware datastore causes
    unknown column nan insertion in field list
  + ZBX-16122 Fixed api validation of trigger dependency
* Tue Jun 11 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.9
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-15905 Reverted changes that introduced error with
    write permissions in assets directory
Version: 3.0.27-bp151.1.1
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 3.0.27
- bugfix release;
  + ZBX-16019 Fixed host.conn, host.ip, ipaddress and host.dns macros
    expansion in global scripts
  + ZBX-15674 Fixed map status to be displayed ok if there
    are no problem in submaps
  + ZBX-2494 Fixed sorting of items, item prototypes, lld rules and
    screens to avoid deadlocks in database between server and frontend
  + ZBX-10404 Fixed password being passed in plain text
    in media type edit form
  + ZBX-15721 Fixed escaping of control characters in json encoder
  + ZBX-15937 Fixed agent startup problem in win 2008 r2 w/o sp1 by
    merging zbx-15728
  + ZBX-15588 Fixed function names that are written to the log
    file when using log_level_debug
  + ZBX-15870 Fixed redundant jsloader loading in login page
  + ZBX-15913 Fixed possible crash when sending custom alerts
  + ZBX-13347 Fixed possible crash in history syncer process
    when processing discovered item value
* Wed Mar 27 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 3.0.26
- bugfix release;
  + ZBX-15867 fixed invalid DNS being accepted when receiving discovery
    contents from Zabbix proxy
  + ZBX-15552 fixed compilation with LibreSSL as OpenSSL replacement
    and OpenSSL without PSK support
  + ZBX-15788 fixed crash when substituting LLD macros in calculated
    item formula expression
  + ZBX-15670 fixed inefficient vmware eventlog downloading
  + ZBX-14858 fixed processing of unlimited vmware maxQueryMetrics value
  + ZBX-10496 fixed links to installation instructions in README file
  + ZBX-15494 fixed handling numbers that written in scientific notation
  + ZBX-15316 fixed problem with socket inheritance preventing Windows
    agent from restarting under certain circumstances
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- added patch zabbix-3.0.25-new-m4-pgsql.patch to mitigate postgresql-devel separation into
  devel and server-devel packages in openSUSE:Factory
* Tue Jan 29 2019
- updated to latest release 3.0.25
- bugfix release - bugs fixed;
  + ZBX-15220 fixed displaying of last value for values received in the same second
  + ZBX-15460 reset agent availability when host status changes,
    e.g., when host gets disabled
  + ZBX-11761 added warnings in case of TLS identity mismatch
  + ZBX-15355 fixed undefined index in configuration.import API call
  + ZBX-15354 fixed undefined index in API calls without "auth" parameter
  + ZBX-14331 fixed error allowing users to change type of
    a host interface that already has items attached
  + ZBX-15313 fixed unit suffix support in calculated item expressions
  + ZBX-14592 fixed calculation of SLA and availability report
    when problem has negative duration
  + ZBX-15156 fixed undefined offset error in host screen with web item
  + ZBX-14624 fixed agent collector not releasing connection to missing/removed disk devices
  + ZBX-14604 fixed displaying of the graph name on screens
  + ZBX-15233 renamed fuzzytime() function description in dropdown list
  + ZBX-12801 excluded zabbix_sender.dll from MS Windows builds with TLS
  + ZBX-15260 improved misleading warning message when agent fails
    to find log file during processing logrt[] item
  + ZBX-15206 fixed deprecated net-snmp attribute
  + ZBX-15238 fixed updating nextcheck time in discovery rules to
    avoid overlaps between discovery executions
  + ZBX-8383 updated Tomcat template for compatibility with recent Tomcat versions,
  fixed constraint error when importing new data.tmpl
  + ZBX-14606 removed strict-transport-security header from frontend
  + ZBX-14977 fixed creation of unneeded database record if host prototype
    inventory mode is disabled; fixed validation for host and host prototype inventory mode
  + ZBX-15146 fixed SQL error occurred when too long IP address is attempted to be written in database
* Tue Dec 11 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- POSIX compliant scriptlets must use chown "A:B", not "A.B".
- Do not let fdupes run across common partitions/subvolumes.
* Fri Nov 30 2018
- fixed spec file to required correct php version
* Mon Nov 26 2018
- updated to latest release 3.0.24
- added feature:
  + ZBXNEXT-4841 removed hardcoded location for iconv.h;
    thanks to Helmut Grohne for the patch
  + ZBXNEXT-3047 fixed compilation errors on Windows platform
    with static OpenSSL libraries
  + ZBXNEXT-4836 added license information and OpenSSL linking exception to README
    file, show crypto library version when started with '-V' - Bug fixes:
- bugfixes:
  + ZBX-14635 fixed rare LLD failures when moving host between groups
  + ZBX-13719 fixed loss of calc_fnc index in graph edit form
  + ZBX-13009 fixed percentage calculation on availability reports list page
  + ZBX-15132 backported daylight saving related scheduled checks fix from
    ZBX-12965 BX-14899 fixed wrong net.tcp.listen values on obsolete Linux systems
  + ZBX-15142 fixed time format for vmware performance counters query
  + ZBX-14833 fixed selectHosts option in dservice.get API method to return
    the list of hosts by IP and proxy
  + ZBX-15062 fixed binary heap trying to reallocate slots on every insert
  + ZBX-14805 fixed unauthorized request error when resetting
    filter after enabling/disabling elements
  + ZBX-14758 fixed encoding for cookie names and values
  + ZBX-14691 fixed faulty behaviour of mandatory fields in Trigger expression form
  + ZBX-13505 fixed link coloring in map when related trigger is not monitored
  + ZBX-14953 fixed not closed connection with vmware at the end of update session via a call to Logout()
  + ZBX-14966 removed the notes about sqlite from zabbix_server.conf
  + ZBX-14422 fixed SQL queries being logged when accessing API,
    even if debug mode is disabled
  + ZBX-15027 fixed startup failures due to orphaned or zombie processes
    remaining when zabbix daemon is terminated during startup
* Tue Nov 06 2018
- updated to latest release 3.0.23
  + added feature:
  * ZBXNEXT-4782 improve out of memory error message by adding
    statistics and backtrace; improve something impossible has
    just happened error message by adding backtrace
- Bug Fixes:
  + ZBX-14779 extended support of system.stat[ent], system.stat[cpu,pc],
    system.stat[cpu,ec] on IBM AIX to LPAR type 'dedicated'
  + ZBX-14851 fixed the host visible name in the event details/messages
    from server when using long utf8 text
  + ZBX-14972 fixed the case where data from non-monitored VMware
    services are not removed from vmware cache
  + ZBX-14856	added support for OpenSSL 1.1.1
  + ZBX-14971	added note on runtime control with PID numbers larger
    than 65535 to server, proxy and agentd help messages and man pages
  + ZBX-14734	fixed the verification of the assignment of two web
    checks with the same name from different templates to one host
  + ZBX-14749	fixed cloning inherited host prototype on host
  + ZBX-14663	fixed calculation of Y zero position in graph
  + ZBX-14811	fixed color of the host name in the title of the Screens
  + ZBX-14776	fixed sorting when changing status of media type
  + ZBX-14757	fixed fields becoming writable upon form refresh
    in host prototype form
  + ZBX-14689	fixed updating of the Graph list of host when
    selecting a group of hosts
  + ZBX-14803	fixed incorrect profile update causing page
    filter to sometimes show duplicate values
  + ZBX-14727	fixed selection of data for trigger overview,
    data overview and graphs if first drop down entry is "none"
  + ZBX-14650	fixed item parameters description
  + ZBX-14882	fixed crash in vmware collector when receiving invalid xml
  + ZBX-14853	fixed error of vmware items caused
    by misconfigured vmware maxQueryMetrics parameter
  + ZBX-14845	fixed filter in triggers status page not
    being reset when navigating from dashboard and host inventory
* Tue Sep 25 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update descriptions and also trim marketing wording.
* Tue Sep 25 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Remove strange self-conflicts.
- Set bash-completion to noarch and suitable RPM group.
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Remove redundant %clean section.
- Replace %__-type macro indirections.
- Remove one idempotent %if..%endif guard.
- Do not ignore failures from user/group creation.
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Boris Manojlovic <>
- update to latest release 3.0.22
- bug fixes:
  * ZBX-14496 fixed unauthorized request error when sorting list after
    enabling/disabling elements
  * ZBX-14614 fixed server template linking with triggers having
    no dependencies
  * ZBX-6565,ZBX-13645,ZBX-14559 fixed agent on AIX 6.1 TL0, 7.1 TL0:
    system.stat[memory,avm], compilation, crash on net.dns[] items
  * ZBX-13015 fixed X axis labels with DST transition in
    the displayed period
  * ZBX-14778 fixed housekeeper attempting to remove history
    of discovery rules/prototypes
  * ZBX-14775 fixed configuration of the maximum available count
    of aggregated metrics in a single request to vmware vCenter
  * ZBX-14676 fixed displaying links containing UTF-8 characters
  * ZBX-14677 fixed vmware performance counter retrieval on
    installations with large number of datastores
  * ZBX-12293 renamed trigger functions by adding function name at the
    beginning and removing the operator and "N" and placing operator in a
    separate field allowing two new operators "<=" and ">=" for selection
  * ZBX-14593 fixed error message for invalid vmware endpoint
  * ZBX-14614 fixed trigger dependency link to the template instead of the
    host during the discovery action
  * ZBX-372 added "zone" parameter to proc.num[] item for Solaris
  * ZBX-14410 fixed output of information about the error for expressions
    with functions of triggers or calculated items
  * ZBX-14433 fixed several problems in displaying of X axis on the graphs
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Boris Manojlovic <>
- removal of iksemel/jabber support
* Sun Aug 19 2018
-Fix bnc#1105278
-Fixes the zabbix apache configuration file as both apache2.2 and
  apache2.4 configurations were used in same if statement
* Tue Aug 07 2018
- update to latest 3.0.20
- Bug fixes:
  * ZBX-14548 fixed the disk usage counters reading for ESX/ESXi hosts
  * ZBX-9236 fixed timeselector period used to select 'all' values of
    particular item
  * ZBX-13393 fixed agent compilation error on AlphaServer Tru64 5.1B
  * ZBX-14566 fixed possible data loss due to MariaDB server restart
  * ZBX-13010 fixed crash of poller processes in ODBC checks,
    simplified code
  * ZBX-14491 fixed link "show value mappings", which leads to no
    permission page
  * ZBX-12380 improved function parameter parsing for trigger functions
  * ZBX-14432 removed redundant code in event details screen
  * ZBX-14410 improved error message handling in zbx_function_find()
  * ZBX-12104 added limit ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD for {ITEM.VALUE} macro
    resolving in trigger name
  * ZBX-14402 fixed internal item parameter that does not match
* Tue Jun 05 2018
- update to latest release 3.0.18
- Bug Fixes:
  * ZBX-13549 fixed displaying of not monitored triggers in maps
  * ZBX-14333 fixed {ESC.HISTORY} and action log not to display colon
    without target host when executed on Zabbix server
  * ZBX-13043 removed error message for when user has defined
    media but all of them are disabled
  * ZBX-13774 fixed creating and updating items with multiple specific
    scheduling intervals
  * ZBX-12175 fixed subfilter entries with long names going off the screen
  * ZBX-12644 fixed filter being partially reset when using pagination
    in availability report page
  * ZBX-12882 fixed in popup window being allowed to select applications
    from different hosts when editing item mass update form
  * ZBX-13788 fixed host availability stuck in unknown state after proxy changes
  * ZBX-12372 fixed duplication of prefix "/" for second parameter
    "path" in items "*"
  * ZBX-13781 fixed possible crash in the function "" of Zabbix Agentd
  * ZBX-14336 fixed persistent xss vulnerability in services
  * ZBX-12425 fixed selection of web items in the "Plain text" screen element
  * ZBX-13781 fixed CRLF injection in Zabbix Agentd
  * ZBX-13766 fixed comparison of two large float numbers in expressions
  * ZBX-13481 fixed incorrect parsing of BITS data type in SNMP response
  * ZBX-13742 fixed parsing of the operator "not" in trigger expression
  * ZBX-13680 fixed action not being cloned due to existing operation
    id being submitted
  * ZBX-13660 fixed data types passed to is_ushort() for converting
    PID, port and process number
  * ZBX-12935,ZBX-13539 fixed displaying of floating point values
    under the "Latest data" page
  * ZBX-13500 fixed fractional values in triggers being misinterpreted
    without a leading 0
  * ZBX-13561 fixed incorrectly displayed pie graph when first item has no data
* Wed Apr 11 2018
- updated to latest release 3.0.16
- Bug Fixes:
  * ZBX-13542 fixed http steps on template not inheriting hosts
    application setting
  * ZBX-13339 improved deallocation of memory
  * ZBX-13412 fixed JS error and wrong form behaviour when changing
    item type, type of information, data type
  * ZBX-13257 fixed display of the latest item in Audit log
  * ZBX-13351 improved OpenSSL error messages
  * ZBX-13362 fixed potentially wrong rows deleting
    by housekeeper in PostgreSQL
  * ZBX-13472 fixed description of "Server" and "ServerActive"
    configuration options
  * ZBX-13455 added frontend error message when templates
    cannot be linked to LLD host
  * ZBX-13434 fixed incorrect trigger dependencies being set after copying
    triggers to multiple hosts; thanks to Kotaro Miyashita for the patch
  * ZBX-13342 fixed order by query in frontend Maintenance tab
  * ZBX-6167 fixed partial updating in maintenance.update
  * ZBX-13062 banned using of mutex in threads of metrics collection
  * ZBX-13236 fixed error message of function parameters parse
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- updated to latest release 3.0.15
- bug fixes
  * ZBX-13398 fixed configure script for Debian GNU/Linux "buster" and "sid"
    to work with PostgreSQL
  * ZBX-13441 fixed crashes in case of failures (e.g. timeouts) during VMware
    hypervisor discovery
  * ZBX-12643 improved error log message in case Zabbix server database
    cannot be used due to empty "users" table
  * ZBX-13325 fixed trend.get() method with Oracle backend
  * ZBX-13055 fixed problems with DNS resolver interface on NetBSD
  * ZBX-13345 removed SID from URL in screen edit mode
  * ZBX-13246 fixed processing of command line arguments which are longer
    than 2KB for proc.num and proc.mem items on AIX
  * ZBX-13254 fixed 'skip' parameter behaviour for log[], log.count[],
    logrt[], logrt.count[] items in case log files initially do not exist
  * ZBX-13253 fixed losing the 1st record by log[] and logrt[] items if
    'skip' parameter is used and log file initially is empty
  * ZBX-12991 removed default values for "active_since" and "active_till"
    fields in maintenance.create API method
  * ZBX-11305 fixed color and label for event status on event details page
  * ZBX-13085 fixed trigger mass update form redirect to trigger list on
    attempt to attach dependent trigger if there was errors in previous
    submit attempts
  * ZBX-13078 fixed javascript error in user group permission granting popup
* Fri Dec 29 2017
- updated to latest release 3.0.14
- New Features and Improvements
  * [ZBX-12825] implemented delayed URL validation;
    enabled user macros containing URLs as valid;
    made URL validation as optional; improved URL validation
- Bug Fixes
  * [ZBX-13181] fixed database configuration error reporting and
    message filtering when messages are received from clear_messages function
  * [ZBX-13024] fixed parsing "request" parameter for URLs without input parameters
  * [ZBX-12856] fixed empty host filter when adding dependent
    trigger in trigger edit form
  * [ZBX-13042] fixed unclickable template link on host items list page
  * [ZBX-12925] fixed logic of commit/rollback operations
  * [ZBX-13088] fixed incomplete data in notification reports
    for yearly report types
  * [ZBX-12884] fixed misleading permissions visualization in user form
    for host groups and hosts lists
  * [ZBX-12887] fixed alert error message visibility to unrelated users
  * [ZBX-12497] improved VMware event log data collection and processing
  * [ZBX-8054] relieved windows agent of dependency on MFC
  * [ZBX-13024] fixed missed url search part in request login parameter
  * [ZBX-13044] fixed undefined index when setting strict-transport-security
    http header
  * [ZBX-12897] fixed error causing empty list in popup window when opened
    from page having host group filter
  * [ZBX-12232] fixed mysql m4 configuration script for mariadb C connector
  * [ZBX-12247] fixed multiselect not showing results for read-only
    objects in screen configuration
  * [ZBX-13016] fixed warning message shown by deprecated PHP 7.2 function create_function()
  * [ZBX-12130] fixed max length validation in textarea fields
  * [ZBX-8049] fixed zabbix[java,,ping] to stay supported when java gateway is down
  * [ZBX-12971] fixed possibility of host availability being stuck
    in unknown state when monitoring though proxy
  * [ZBX-12655] added filter on event details page to show messages
    sent to users only from same groups
  * [ZBX-12856] fixed wrong default value for host filter when adding
    dependent trigger in trigger edit form
  * [ZBX-9567] added missing fields to webscenario data handling
  * [ZBX-11051] fixed displaying highest severity when dashboard
    filter options contain unacknowledged only
  * [ZBX-10710] fixed CPU guest time utilization accounting in Linux
* Fri Nov 10 2017
- updated to latest release 3.0.13
- New Features and Improvements
  + [ZBXNEXT-1421] added service sorting by name if multiple services has same 'sortorder' value
  + [ZBXNEXT-4081] improved error message for case when none of supported database modules exists
- Bug Fixes
  + [DEV-593] fixed multiple security issues
  + [ZBX-12854] fixed crash of VMware collector with DebugLevel=4
  + [ZBX-11902] fixed CPU count for LPAR partitions in IBM AIX
  + [ZBX-12260] fixed windows agent to support UTF-16LE, UCS-2, UCS-2LE encodings
  + [ZBX-12722] fixed scrollbar causing a JS error in "500 latest values" page due to unnecessarily initialization
  + [ZBX-12710] fixed OS type detection logic
  + [ZBX-12543] fixed problems with session management
  + [ZBX-12259] added an informative warning about lack of data for macros used in LLD rule filter
Version: 3.0.29-bp151.4.3.1
* Mon Dec 23 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.16
- New Features and Improvements
  + ZBXNEXT-5271 Implemented 'delete missing' option for imported template linkages
- Bug Fixes
  + ZBX-17101 Fixed url validation before output
  + ZBX-16929 Fixed detection of invalid sender data request
  + ZBX-16804 Added missing get parameters in availability report
  + ZBX-16286 Fixed graph widget dimensions errors on high dpi screens
  + ZBX-16848 Fixed fatal error occurring in user profile and user edit
    forms when php fileinfo extension does not exist
  + ZBX-16684 Fixed incorrect double quotes in history plain text view
  + ZBX-16903 Fixed validation of "interfaceid" field for http agent items with large ids
  + ZBX-16751 Fixed support for php 7.4
  + ZBX-16879 Changed condition description message for tag value in actions and event correlations
  + ZBX-9084 Fixed high memory usage during startup
  + ZBX-16932 Fixed build fail on netbsd
  + ZBX-16111 Removed templateid from screen api output
  + ZBX-16919 Fixed server check warning width in chrome
  + ZBX-16944 Fixed "type of information" field in item form being marked as required when it is read-only
  + ZBX-16912 Fixed image map elements having a hand cursor when there is no context menu available
  + ZBX-15041 Fixed request not being cancelled along with popup window in widgets
  + ZBX-1977 Fixed axis labels calculation
  + ZBX-17034 Updated zabbix website links
  + ZBX-16874 Fixed map-type widget clipping in internet explorer
  + ZBX-16915 Fixed memory leak
  + ZBX-17008 Improved zabbix server performance when using maintenance
  + ZBX-16779 Fixed infinite loop when writing export to file fails
  + ZBX-16540 Splitted host_resources templates into 3 subtemplates: for cpu, memory and storage
* Fri May 31 2019 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 3.0.28
  + ZBX-15915 Fixed linking error if round() is undefined
  + ZBX-16074 Added file revision number generation for compilation on ms windows
  + ZBX-11284 Removed sid url argument for form cancel buttons
  + ZBX-15416 Fixed locale validation in user create and update api methods
Version: 3.0.31-bp151.4.6.1
* Sat Jul 18 2020 Boris Manojlovic <>
- updated to latest release 4.0.22
- Fixes CVE-2020-15803
- New Features and Improvements:
  + ZBXNEXT-3588 Improved Zabbix server performance when evaluating
    trigger, discovery, autoregistration and internal actions
  + ZBXNEXT-5922 Increased max configuration cache size limit to 64GB
  + ZBXNEXT-4829 Changed web setup wizard to not create
    and drop tables for DB connectivity test purposes
- Bug Fixes:
  + ZBX-17720 Exclude disabled items from preprocessing configuration sync
  + ZBX-17851 Fixed possible deadlocks when deleting escalations
  + ZBX-17406 Fixed null value for a field of compositedata in jmx discovery
  + ZBX-17891 Changed log, log.count monitoring to ignore file modification time
  + ZBX-17697 Fixed strict dfsg compliance issue in using minified jquery sources
  + ZBX-16461 Fixed recovery expression for "link down" trigger and updated
    for following zabbix template guidelines
  + ZBX-17702 Fixed escalation cancellation message not being sent when action is disabled
  + ZBX-17480 Fixed context of {$temp_crit} macro in temperature trigger prototype
  + ZBX-17694 Fixed high memory consumption when using dependent items
  + ZBX-17780 Fixed memory leak
  + ZBX-17577 Fixed remove of selected items in multiselect
  + ZBX-17226 Fixed confusing error message being displayed if dbversion table cannot be found
  + ZBX-17801 Shadow global auto_increment mysql variables only for proxy
  + ZBX-17662 Fixed a failing query when updating existing host prototypes
  + ZBX-15484 Shadow global auto_increment variables for mysql
  + ZBX-17607 Fixed unreachable poller being too busy due
    to snmp checks being attempted twice at a time
  + ZBX-17629 Fixed markup in user media popup
  + ZBX-17109 Fixed agent request parameter type parsing
  + ZBX-17470 Fixed element of filters is not focused on several pages
  + ZBX-17691 Fixed server crashes on regexp preprocessing
  + ZBX-17445 Fixed misleading error shown when formula cannot be updated during lld
  + ZBX-17186 Fixed context-aware lld macro expansion in jsonpath preprocessing
  + ZBX-17524 Fixed time selector button state
  + ZBX-17496 Fixed usermacro api validation
  + ZBX-17532 Added css files and sprites versioning by query strings
  + ZBX-17501 Fixed overlapping multiselect suggest with browser autocomplete
  + ZBX-17402 Fixed search field accidentally transform value to lowercase
  + ZBX-17505 Fixed crash inside a fork when calling vfs.fs.inode
  + ZBX-16959 Fixed return code check of curl_easy_setopt
  + ZBX-17423 Fixed "reset" button in history page
  + ZBX-17395 Fixed deletion of templated applications that were
    linked to items when importing templates
  + ZBX-17359 Fixed "sortorder": "desc" option with multiple sortfields
  + ZBX-17336 Fixed wrong error message when fping fails
  + ZBX-17427 Fixed top busiest triggers filter
  + ZBX-17523 Fixed agent compilation on windows
  + ZBX-17508 Fixed error in oracle database encoding check
  + ZBX-17442 Fixed to time out when there is no response
  + ZBX-17429 Fixed trigger expression condition popup to display
    negative numbers upon opening existing expression
  + ZBX-17012 Fixed url validator to also accept relative urls
  + ZBX-17507 Fixed oracle query interpreted as a multistatement
  + ZBX-9387 Fixed incorrect maintenance calculations when dst changed to summer time
  + ZBX-17390 Fixed validation of the maximum selected period