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Change Logs

* Mon Jun 07 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Drop --with-pic (no effect with --disable-static)
* Thu May 06 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
- Update to version 5.31.0
  * Fixed yaz-marcdump: json input and leader at end undefined behavior.
  * Enable xi:include processing for yaz_xml_include_glob and
* Wed Aug 26 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 5.30.3:
  * Require getaddrinfo which has been available since 2003.
  * Provide server host for SSL by using gnutls_server_name_set(3).
  * Obey [host]:port notation for IPV6
* Wed May 06 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 5.30.2:
  * Extend the record conversion routines to handle OPAC encoding
    with outputcharset and leaderspec.
  * Fix #54 in cql_strerror: incorrect call to yaz_diag_to_str YAZ-928.
  * Partly revert UTF-8 records returned by yaz-ztest (introduced in 5.30.0)
  * Fixes pazpar2 tests that relies on specific records being returned.
  * Increase a few buffers due to compiler warning
  * Buffers are involving %d-conversions.
* Sat Mar 14 2020
- Update to 5.29.0:
  + Several fixes for danmarc(2) charset encoding and decoding.
    YAZ-923 YAZ-924
  + Fix yaz-marcdump silently creates MARC-records with an
    invalid director YAZ-926
  + Add pkg-config templates for YAZ ICU and YAZ server YAZ-925
  5.28.0 2019/11/28
  + Element-set is case sensitive for yaz_retrieval. The element-set
  name should be case insensitive, and thus, the name property
  is matched in a case-insensive mannner. YAZ-922
  5.27.2 2019/10/07
  + Fix hitting directory for docpath results in malloc failure YAZ-921
  + Fix attempt to write HTTP to a non-listening socket loops YAZ-919
  + Fix yaz-ztest SSL does not work when forking YAZ-918
  5.27.1 2018/12/03
  + Use pkg-config to detect ICU . Closes #41
  + Describe ZOOM option timeout
  + Fix typos in yaz-client man page and other typos
  5.27.0 2018/10/08
  + GFS: Allow External type TaskPackage response YAZ-915
  + zoomsh: fset command YAZ-916
  + Improve logging of extended service task type YAZ-914
  + yaz-client: document the third arg to the show command #37
  5.26.1 2018/07/11
  + Fix segv with element-set=null and split YAZ-913
  5.26.0 2018/07/09
  + Allow suffix split for retrieval element-set names YAZ-912
  + cql2ccl: case sensitive comparisons for ops etc YAZ-911
  5.25.0 2018/05/04
  + ZOOM C: return extended services diagnostics separately YAZ-908
  The diagnostic code and additional info is saved in options
  esError and esAddinfo respectively - as part of the ZOOM package.
  5.24.0 2018/04/25
  + New option for ZOOM C' record update: recordIdString (the string
  variant of recordId). Until now only recordIdNumber and recordIdOpaque
  was possible. YAZ-907
  + Update for Visual Studio 2017. Bundle runtime from that compiler. YAZ-905
  + yaz FTCBFS: uses the build architecture pkg-config YAZ-897
  5.23.1 2017/09/04
  + Fix Omitted Content-Length not handled anymore YAZ-894
  This issue was introduced by work in YAZ-878 YAZ Version 5.20.0.
  5.23.0 2017/08/04
  + Allow for more Solr URL schemas YAZ-893
  If the Solr URL contains ? it will be treated as a URL that
  includes request handler rather than hard-coded /select. For example
  /solr/search? . You can also pass own arguments. For example
  /solr/search?foo=bar .
- removed upstreamed patches:
  + yaz-5.22.0-codecleanup.patch (yaz-5.1.2-codecleanup.diff)
  + yaz-5.22.0-client.patch
* Mon Jul 03 2017
- Update to 5.22.0
  + rdf-lookup: Add timeout configuration option YAZ-891
    Add yaz_url_set_timeout
  + rdf-lookup: report error if X-Path cannot be compiled YAZ-890
  + rdf-lookup: avoid double dash in generated XML comments
  + rdf-lookup: fix misleading log on rdf-failures YAZ-884
  + Add documentation for <param> tag in xslt retrieval facility doc
  + comstack: Fix compilation error if getaddrinfo does not exist
  + yaz-url: ignore content-length for HTTP method HEAD YAZ-878
  + retrieval: fix incorrect backend schema YAZ-877
  + record_conv: allow HTTP method to be set for authority lookup
  + record_conv: change error for unsupported backend element
  + New type, rdf-lookup, for record conversion system (retrieval)
  + Fix yaz_url_exec sending same uri for 2nd call
  + cql2pqf: relation modifiers with name and value are converted
    to proximity with unit=element. Left operand is the the primary
    index and term. Right operand is attribute index-name mapping of name
    and value being the relation modifier value. For example,
    dc.title =/dc.language=dk kirke
    could be mapped to
    @prox 0 0 0 0 k 8 @attr 1=4 "kirke" @attr 1=54 dk
  + Add ProximityUnit map to/from string utility
  + New functions z_ProxUnit_to_str and z_str_to_ProxUnit.
  + Allow multi-byte indicators for MARC subsystem
  + JSON: to the spec check of number
  + JSON: strict \uxxxx sequence
  + JSON: fail for nesting more than 1000 levels
  + JSON: distinguish between EOF and error
  + CCL: fix r=o, r=r WRT inherited attributes YAZ-864
  + ZOOM C: tweak when connection failed is returned
  + ZOOM C: deal with excess bytes HTTPS case YAZ-833
  + Fix ZOOM: crash extended services diagnostics YAZ-846
  + Make yaz_log_reopen async-signal YAZ-845
  + Add lock/unlock for YAZ log writes YAZ-843
  + Fix yaz-client command args parsing broken YAZ-855
  + yaz-client: deal with excess bytes HTTPS case YAZ-833
  + Allow Content-Type application/sru+xml YAZ-840
  + New yaz_xml_get_prop utility YAZ-839
  + Extend get_org_info (snippets) to return original string YAZ-836
  + Deal with excess bytes in HTTP response for keepalive YAZ-830
  + Refactor ssl_put and tcpip_put to one function YAZ-832
  + Refactor ssl_get and tcpip_get to one function YAZ-831
  + Fix SEGV yaz-client for HTTP decoding error YAZ-829
  + Fix buffer overflow in cmd_elements in yaz-client YAZ-828
  + Use CONNECT for SSL backends and for Z39.50 thru HTTP proxy YAZ-825
  + Fix http proxy fails with yaz-client YAZ-824
  + Fix 0 ptr reference for OPAC records from XML YAZ-822
  + Extend yaz daemon facility to assist int log rotation YAZ-818 YAZ-819
  + Moved YAZ and many other software components to GitHub
- yaz-record-conv now installed and packaged
- Adjust and rename code cleanup patches (yaz-4.1.7-codecleanup.diff
  and yaz-4.1.7-client.diff)
- removed yaz-4.2.47-implicit_definitions.patch: somehow fixed
  upstream (no compiler warnings any more)