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Change Logs

* Fri May 07 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- fix build on architectures without pandoc
* Fri Apr 23 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Fix build with ffmpeg 4.4 on Leap
* Wed Apr 21 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.1.3
  * fix window geometry constraints being applied wrong
  * fix xpra start failures when the display is already running
    (with use-display=auto)
  * fix vp9 libvpx encoder failures with older library versions
  * fix 'xpra top' errors when the version string is missing
  * fix server errors when non interactive clients are connected
    (ie: 'xpra top')
  * fix http server error on incomplete installations
  * fix http server builtin script handler
  * fix icon loading errors causing empty start menus
  * fix compilation against ffmpeg 4.4 and later on some
  * exit more quickly with a failure if the VFB failed to start
  * correctly replace existing notifications with the gtk
    notifier backend
  * silence some rare errors and stacktraces
  * support CUDA 11.3
- Update uglify-js to 3.13.4
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.1.2
  * fix unnecessary screen update delays
  * fix screen refresh rate detection
  * increase the default screen update refresh rate
  * fix missing encodings with 'upgrade' and 'upgrade-desktop'
  * fix client failures due to missing socket directories
  * more correct API usage of 'notify2' backend
  * fix `run_scaled` script handling of multiple arguments
  * fix ioctl error with nested SSH connections
  * fix video region detection error
  * fix sessions GUI not updating on process exit
  * fix compatibility with newer versions of python-zeroconf
  * fix directory listing with the builtin http server (still
    disabled by default)
  * fix the server's GetAll dbus property handler
  * fix display-name validation check
  * the 'exec-wrapper' option no longer needs to use an absolute
  * ignore bell audio devices
  * show the correct list of pressed keys, unkown modifiers
  * prevent the splash screen process from consuming too much CPU
  * better service configuration file location detection
  * packaging script fixes, library and documentation updates
- Update xpra-html5 to 4.1.2 and uglify-js to 3.13.3
- Refresh xpra-paths.patch
* Wed Mar 17 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.1.1 (fixes boo#1182526)
  * ensure splash screen failures are not fatal, fix threading
  * avoid vaapi crashing in ffmpeg encoder
  * `xpra top` fixes:
    + correctly show the version number
    + laggy input handling and screen updates
    + long subcommand timeout
  * fix connection errors with trailing slash in display name
  * workaround API breakage in newer versions of python-zeroconf
  * warn just once if expected GStreamer element properties are
  * map more applications to text mode ('code', 'jetbrains')
  version 4.1:
  * Overhauled container based build system
  * Splash screen
  * `run_scaled` utility script
  * header bar option for window control menu
  * generate a qrcode to connect
  * show all keyboard shortcuts
  * progress bar for file transfers
  * GTK cairo backend support for more native bit depths
  * disable xpra's keyboard shortcuts from the system tray menu
  * automatically include the server log in bug reports
  OpenGL client backend:
  * render at fixed bit depths with the `pixel-depth` option
  * support more bit depths
  * MacOS support for images, more text formats, etc
  * MS Windows support for images
  * wayland clients
  * faster server startup
  * `xpra list-windows` subcommand
  * new window control commands: move - resize
  * remote logging: from server to client
  * support window re-stacking
  `xpra top`:
  * show pids, shortcuts
  * more details in the list view
  * show speed and quality
  * bumped maximum resolution beyond 8K
  * set the initial resolution more easily using the
    'resize-display' option
  * server side picture downscaling
  * libva hardware accelerated encoding
  * NVENC 30-bit accelerated encoding
  * vpx 30-bit
  * x264 30-bit
  * faster 30-bit RGB subsampling
  * scroll encoding now handled more generically
  * black and white mode
  * IGD / UPNP
  * SO_KEEPALIVE option
  * clients can be queried using local sockets
  * specify connection attributes using the connection string
  * nested SSH tunnels
  * websocket header modules
  * specify the socket type with socket activation
  * expose the packet flush flag
  * `xpra shell` subcommand for interacting with processes in
    real time
  * custom group sockets directory permissions and name
  * better test coverage
  * cleanup output
- Refresh xpra-paths.patch
- Add xpra-html5 (now distributed separately) and uglify-js
  (required by the former) tarballs
- Spec cleanup
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Require the pulseaudio-daemon capability instead of the
  pulseaudio package, so alternative implementations can be used
* Wed Feb 10 2021
- Fix regex for /bin/bash
* Fri Feb 05 2021
- Fix requires for /bin/bash
* Thu Dec 31 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.0.6
  * fix screen refresh performance issues, especially on jittery
  * fix proxy instance control socket errors and process leak
  * fix slow subcommands due to unnecessary calls to ldconfig
  * fix server asynchronous packets getting delayed
  * fix 'xpra _proxy' zombies getting left behind (ssh mode)
  * fix failures to enable packet compression
  * fix connection errors when a non interactive client is
    already connected
  * fix ssh connection errors with proxycommand or proxyhost
    port numbers
  * fix timeouts with paramiko ssh client
  * fix ssh string escaping with MS Windows clients
  * fix client rejecting printing requests
  * fix duplicate / untimely audio-stop control packets with
    HTML5 client
  * fix console errors with Internet Explorer
  * fix capslock regression on MacOS and MSWindows shadow servers
  * fix errors accessing window handles on MS Windows (size
    hints, opengl, etc)
  * fix spurious refresh packets with mmap
  * fix mmap not used with some non-video areas
  * fix keyboard sub-layout detection with MS Windows clients
  * fix clipboard cleanup errors on MS Windows
  * fix clipboard with Wayland clients
  * fix window repaint with Wayland clients
  * fix printing diagnostic script
  * fix Python 3.9 compatibility
  * fix sysconfig path in systemd service file
  * fix xdg-open override script error handling
  * fix file-transfer failures with small files
  * fix file-transfers with non-ascii filenames
  * fix FIPS compatibility (no md5)
  * better file transfer message format
  * honour XPRA_XDG_EXPORT_ICONS=0 env var in all cases
  * hide passwords from authentication debug logging
  * make it possible to specify the socket type with systemd
    socket activation
  * re-add "~/.xpra" as socket-dir
  * typo in man page
- Refresh xpra-paths.patch
* Wed Nov 18 2020
- Update to verison 4.0.5
  * fix caps lock wrongly applied to numeric keys
  * fix HTML5 client keyboard layout detection with Internet
  * fix HTML5 audio forwarding with some versions of Safari
  * fix HTML5 (un)fullscreen
  * fix ssl server hostname verification errors
  * fix syntax errors when using connections using nested ssh
  * fix socket_util import errors with some subcommands
  * fix http / websocket and ssl socket upgrade failures
  * fix server errors when ws sockets cannot be upgrade to wss
  * fix ssh command option not being honourd with the client
  * fix proxy control socket becoming unresponsive after errors
  * fix proxy shutdown
  * fix proxy instance zombies on server start failures
  * fix sqlite authentication module not handling configuration
  * fix stdout errors causing server startup or shutdown problems
  * fix Wayland detection and workarounds
  * fix clipboard errors under Wayland
  * fix client signal listener not forwarding signal messages
  * fix client failing to connect due to keymap changes (ie:
  * fix client not showing authentication prompt only once per
  * fix opengl debug option for saving buffers as jpeg
  * fix spurious "missing resolution" errors (often with HTML5
    client resizing)
  * fix duplicated data in bug reports
  * fix download checksum verification (was not verified with
    python3 builds)
  * fix spurious file transfer errors with python3 builds
  * fix NVENC session leak due to flushing errors, support
    building with SDK10
  * remove "numpy" dependency for builds without NVENC / NVFBC
  * add new NVENC presets from SDK v10, workaround deprecation
  * HTML5 connect page can now specify the display to connect to
  * avoid starting new threads for file transfers that don't
    need one
  * raise default maximum packet size to prevent connection
    errors with large xdg menu data
  * don't let bad http requests mess up the server log
  * prevent peek data or exception message from corrupting the
    log / stdout
  * remove dependency on "requests" package introduced in 4.0.4
  * make it possible to override the Xorg binary path detection
* Sun Sep 27 2020
- Update to version 4.0.4
  * fix memory leak with 'scroll' encoding
  * fix NVENC encoder (profile errors)
  * fix unmanaged X11 message call which could cause GTK to
    crash when it fails
  * fix missing auto-refresh leaving a blurry image
  * fix incomplete repaints when window contents have padding
  * fix missing pixels on the edge of video areas in 'auto'
    encoding mode
  * fix connection errors with notifications disabled on the
  * fix 'sync-xvfb' option: setup error, non-standard bit depth
  * fix shadow server dbus SetRefreshDelay causing all further
    "xpra info" requests to fail
  * fix incomplete data in initial packets from shadow servers
  * fix error in dbus debug logging
  * fix client invalid list of encodings
  * fix workspace spurious warnings on 64-bit X11 systems
  * fix named-pipe server clash
  * fix syntax error in HTML5 client maximize toggle
  * fix keysym mapping with Xkb and some specific configurations
  * fix right click on systray using the gtk StatusIcon
  * fix small file transfers not showing as completed
  * fix file-transfer UI for download vs download-and-open not
    being honoured
  * fix file-transfer identifiers getting lost
  * fix websocket compatibility with some client / middleware
  * fix missing windows due to an error in the named window icon
  * fix hard to trigger mmap memory leak
  * add support for sm86 architecture with CUDA 11.1
  * allow 'pager' source indication value to activate window
  * workaround corruption on some windows when maximized
  * workaround more pyxdg bugs
  * make OpenGL probe timeout configurable
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Callum Farmer <>
- Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec (bsc#1174075)
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Use proper location of bash in script shebang
- Add runtime requirement
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- Use %{_udevrulesdir} consistently throughout the .spec.
* Sat Aug 08 2020
- Update to version 4.0.3
  * fix server crash caused by use after free in scrolling code
  * fix encryption option overzealously enforced on all socket
  * fix network layer compression errors that can cause
    connections to drop
  * fix printing errors with some shell character encodings
  * fix NVENC h264 stream compatibility with HTML5 client
  * fix windows not getting focused when clicking on title bar
  * fix suspend / resume errors with tray windows
  * fix garbled terminal when ssh messages and 'top' client
  * fix OpenGL force-enable option not honoured
  * fix tray geometry errors
  * fix socket setup error handler
  * fix minimum video scaling not being honoured via heuristics
  * fix error in main thread verifier (fortunately, never fired)
  * fix archlinux build root stripping
  * fix detection of named-pipe creation errors
  * fix clipboard data sometimes going missing when ownership
  * fix memory contents of the swscale pixel format object
  * fix csc_swscale converter getting recycled every time
  * fix division by zero errors during window cleanup
  * fix rfb connections missing all screen updates
  * fix toolbox examples when running under wayland
  * fix notification widget wrongly stealing input focus
  * fix support for building with CUDA 11.0
  * fix unshrinkable session-info window
  * fix window resizing errors when non-GUI clients are also
  * avoid ever using b-frames for text content
  * avoid opengl warning with wayland
  * add extra environment variables to try to disable any server
    side scaling
  * also update mdns records when the session name changes
  * workaround for older versions of python-cryptography
  * use 'text' mode for 'geany' (fixes lossy screen updates)
  * ensure all toolbox windows set a correct and readable window
  * make it possible to specify the path used for saving video
    streams / frames
* Fri Jul 17 2020 Markus Ebner <>
- add python3-opengl, and python3-opengl-accelerate as recommended
  dependencies, to support OpenGL in the client
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.0.2
  * fix encryption not honoured with TCP sockets upgraded to
  * fix xpra top client refresh rate via timer
  * fix opengl client info format shown in 'xpra top'
  * fix format of attributes given to glXChooseVisual
  * fix crashes in OpenGL context setup on X11
  * fix race condition in window statistics
  * fix server errors when non-interactive clients are connected
  * fix tray toolbox app
  * fix X11 server key symbol lookup via Xkb
  * html5 fixes:
    + fix missing desktop background
    + client errors painting rgb32 data with a padded rowstride
    + clipboard wrongly clearing data on failures
    + compatibility issues with Internet Explorer
    + missing transparency for windows in focus
    + no windows focused after close
    + connection errors caused by spurious packets
    + error in invalid packet handler
    + AES encrypted connections
    + connection errors with AES and lz4 (disable lz4 for now)
    + packet error with very small paint packets
    + 'insecure passwords' option shown in the wrong cases
    + handle window iconification messages
    + update version in about page
  * fix connection errors with 'None' values in bencoder (ie:
  * fix connection errors with websocket connections and AES
  * fix duplicate clipboard token sent with MS Windows servers
  * fix window initialization errors causing server startup
  * remove invalid extra strings from mdns service name
  * workaround bugs in pyxdg / menu configuration
  * add 'terminator' to the 'text' application hint
  * more explicit error message when trying to use python2
Version: 4.0.1-bp152.1.2
* Sun May 17 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.0.1
  * fix missing content-type for some windows
  * fix GTK server crash on exit
  * fix compatibility with newer versions of uglifyjs
  * fix ssh session start and attach on Posix systems
  * fix 'xpra send-file' to use absolute file paths
  * fix MacOS shadow servers failing to accept connections
* Sun May 10 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 4.0
  * Drop support for:
    + Python 2, GTK2
    + legacy versions (pre 1.0)
    + weak authentication
  * Network, per socket options:
    + authentication and encryption
    + ssl
    + ssh
    + bind options for client
  * make it easier to send files from the server
  * xpra toolbox subcommand
  * xpra help subcommand
  * xpra top new features
  * faster startup
  * signal handling fixes
  * smoother window resizing
  * refactoring and testing
    + unit tests coverage and fixes
    + completely skip loading unused features at runtime
    + get rid of capabilities data after parsing it
    + better module dependency separation
    + don't convert to a string before we need it
  * more useful window and tray title
  * make it easier to source environment
  * disable desktop animations in desktop mode
  * automatic start-or-upgrade, automatic X11 display rescue
  * support MS Windows OpenSSH server to start shadow
  * more selective use of OpenGL acceleration in client
  * expose server OpenGL capabilities
  * cleaner HTML5 syntax
- Refresh xpra-paths.patch
* Tue Apr 14 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.9
  * fix HTML5 client XSS
  * fix focus issues
  * fix server hangs and unpainted windows due to invalid
  * fix window icons and cursors visual corruption or crashes
  * fix unbearably slow screen updates when vrefresh value is
  * fix client OpenGL crashes with remote starts (run probe
  * fix keypad regression (AltGr changes, again)
  * fix MS Windows shadow servers
  * fix race condition collecting latency data for session info
  * fix missing pycuda dependency for nvenc on MS Windows
  * fix missing signatures on MS Windows EXE and MSI builds
  * fix scoring of NVENC codec (should be used ahead of sofware
  * fix start menu updates getting lost
  * fix OpenGL diagnostic messages getting cut off
  * fix change of encoding from the system tray
  * fix quality and speed changes from the system tray
  * fix clipboard and popup menu problems with Eclipse
  * fix name of shadow server process on MS Windows, used in log
    file names
  * fix audio query subprocess with MS shadow servers
  * fix unlikely race condition in speaker forwarding shutdown
  * fix desktop-fullscreen=yes automatic scaling
  * fix missing bug report data due to uninitialized X11 bindings
  * fix bug report error if we cannot grab a screenshot (ie:
  * fix error saving binary data with python3 builds of the bug
    report tool
  * fix errors querying the display under Wayland
  * hide scary stacktraces when shutting down ssh proxy commands
  * if we have an ssh password we can use, try that first
  * blacklist VirtualBox's SVGA3D OpenGL driver (fixes black
  * don't use webp with image dimensions beyond its limits
  * use regular X11 system tray with i3
  * hide confusing named-pipe prefix in empty output on MS
  * HTML5 fixes: invalid IMG tag, reserved keyword, language
    detection, draw debugging, etc
  * don't try to read /proc if not on Posix
  * use a more specific python3 interpreter version
  * update application content-type mappings
  * remove out of date information from man page
* Tue Mar 31 2020
- Update to version 3.0.8
  * fix handling of dpi command line switch (correctly this
  * fix bug report window not getting focus on MacOS
  * fix spurious ssh key warnings with newer versions of paramiko
  * fix AltGr mode with non-X11 clients, layout-group changes
  * fix rare unexpected client exit on MS Windows
  * fix MS Windows clipboard:
    + update failures
    + convert CRLF line endings
  * Clipboard:
    + fix selection not shown as active in menus (MS Windows and
    + fix spurious warnings when sharing a session
    + fix clipboard reset with python2 builds
    + selection translation for outbound data
    + support client applications that don't use TARGETS (ie:
    + reject invalid targets
  * fix 'xpra upgrade' wrongly updating non-xpra displays
  * fix logging error in client geometry debugging output
  * fix spurious de-iconifications
  * fix handling of server control commands with python3 clients
  * fix UDP backport bug sending control packets
  * fix vfb getting killed on upgrade failure
  * fix proxy server cleanup: force forwarders to terminate
  * fix session info errors during client exit
  * fix printer cleanup errors with invalid UTF8 printer names
  * fix transient-for popup window workaround
  * fix unicode errors saving xpra runner shell script with
  * better detection of Wayland environments
  * use python3 (if installed) by default on Ubuntu Xenial
  * don't use Xdummy on arm, too slow
  * don't show 'Download' button that we can't honour
  * show all pressed keys according to X11 server in 'xpra info'
  * try harder not to use video for tiny areas
* Sat Mar 14 2020
- Update to version 3.0.7
  * fix avcodec2 race condition crash
  * fix errors when re-initializing windows (ie: toggling OpenGL
    on or off)
  * fix deiconification error when there are system trays
  * fix missing alpha channel when some windows are first shown
  * fix systemd-run errors: verify it does work before trying to
    use it
  * fix server crashes on SIGINT: shutdown cleanly
  * fix proxy server client connection setup error hanlder
  * fix file authentication handler using a default password
  * fix directshow errors on local mingw installations
  * fix opengl properties missing from server hello packet
  * fix HTML5 sound-control errors when speaker forwarding is
  * fix HTML5 "Terminate" options wrongly enabled in "Connect"
  * fix clipboard sharing with the MacOS shadow server
  * fix MS Windows clipboard access denied errors
  * fix X11 clipboard error handling: continue processing
  * fix unit tests failures (clipboard, etc)
  * fix bug report clipboard copy and screnshots
  * fix clipboard timeouts when a client disconnects
  * fix mdns cleanup done twice on server exit, causing errors
  * fix malformed XSettings due to invalid color data format
  * fix HMAC hashes exposed, keep only valid options
  * fix 'showconfig' output for boolean values set to 'auto'
  * fix parsing of client display information in legacy format
  * fix validation of size-hints
  * fix cursor saving debug code with GTK3
  * fix keyboard layout group not getting reset on client exit
  * fix some empty keyboard layout group strings parsed as
  * fix keyboard-sync mode not being honoured by servers
  * fix keyboard raw mode
  * fix missing 'perispomeni' key mapping with Python 2 servers
  * add missing debug logging to keyboard mapping
  * more reliable lookup of keycodes when translating (non-X11
  * skip bundling some external test modules with binary
  * avoid spurious background worker warnings on exit
  * make unavoidable comtypes error less scary
  * add 'libreoffice' to the text mode whitelist
  * packaging workarounds for setuptools breakage
* Mon Feb 10 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.6
  * fix UDP with Python3
  * fix key mapping issues with non-X11 clients and non-US
  * fix notification logging errors during shutdown
  * fix window stacking order with html5 client and override
    redirect windows
  * fix png/P and png/L decoding
  * fix very slow startup on Debian due to missing
  * fix display scaling notification warning
  * fix errors generating the tray title string
  * fix missing webp modules in 'clean' build target
  * fix some special characters with HTML5 client
  * fix initiate-moveresize with multiple clients
  * fix control commands argument error handling
  * fix unit tests
  * fix window repaint issues: system tray, Python 2 non-opengl
    window spinners
  * fix server errors during client connection cleanup
  * fix spacebar and other characters with tablet input devices
    (ie: mobile browsers)
  * fix unhelpful backtraces when client application windows are
  * fix for crashes on X11 displays lacking RandR support
  * fix handling of non 24/32-bit png window icons
  * man page connection string fixes
  * disable cpuinfo module - known to cause problems on various
  * ignore error and continue when loading version information
    from invalid builds
  * remove executable file permissions on files uploaded to the
  * blacklist 'Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620'
  * use correct location for appdata.xml
  * use Debian location for systemd service config file
  * ensure emacs, gvim and xxdiff always use 'text' mode
  * re-enable pulseaudio memfd (was wrongly disabled in v3.0.0)
  * remove remnants of GTK2 dependencies from non-GTK2 components
  * add missing entry to path information tool
- Refreshed xpra-paths.patch
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.5
  * fix fake Xinerama errors with unicode monitor names
  * fix av-sync backport for python2 servers
  * fix errors when the dbus submodule is not installed
  * fix RFB server key handling
  * fix exit code for unsupported sockets
  * fix tray title with openssh and plink SSH backends
  * fix 'xpra upgrade'
  * fix focus problems with OR windows
  * fix wrong client info shown in 'xpra top'
  * fix 'xpra top' error that scrambled the output, flickering
  * fix X11 keyboard query against secondary screens
  * skip trying to load X11 components on non-X11 platforms
  * allow F11 through to the browser to make it easier to go
  * prevent sshfp dns errors from causing ssh connection failures
  * obscure passwords from log files
  * remove duplicated attribute from xpra info
  * remove unused loggers
  * expose av-sync and webcam client capabilities
  * better wayland mode detection
  * add more missing files to MANIFEST
  * add v4l2 codec files to clean target
  * add logging to gtk display cleanup
- Refreshed xpra-paths.patch to update systemctl location
* Mon Dec 23 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.4
  * fix av-sync
  * fix X11 property synchronization error due to race condition
  * fix XI2 bindings not loading
  * fix ssh upgrades wrongly claimed as supported when paramiko
    is not installed
  * fix 'wireless' network device detection on Linux
  * fix 'Sound Buffer' graph
  * fix errors caused by window title error handler
  * fix missing 'Packet Encoders' and 'Packet Compressors' with
    python3 clients
  * distinguish certificate verification errors from other ssl
- Enable ffmpeg encoder for Leap
* Wed Dec 11 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.3
  * fix clipboard synchronization with HTML5 client
  * fix window repaints with GTK3
  * fix GDK scaling causing window painting issues (force off)
  * fix slow repaint with OpenGL and combined updates (ie:
  * fix missing video screen updates with 32-bit browsers:
    disable video
  * fix for X11 applications requesting invalid clipboard targets
  * fix "xpra top" errors when the terminal window is too small
  * fix blank xpra dialog windows when closed then shown again
    (ie: server commands)
  * fix compilation on non-i386 32-bit platforms
  * fix platform query errors causing command failures
  * fix Python2 builds: ignore GTK2 deprecation warnings
  * fix X11 property synchronization with Python2 builds
  * fix XSetClassHint call with Python 3
  * fix window move + resize shortcut
  * fix ssh proxy options not preserved when loading session
  * fix error and missing refresh after changing quality or
    speed settings
  * fix NVENC error when pynvml is not installed
  * fix NVENC temporary failure retry code path
  * fix DPI value from the command line with desktop-scaling
  * fix typo in man page
  * fix errors with some odd Python3 builds
  * fix cursor packets missing encoding attribute
  * fix notification error handling the speaker forwarding error
  * fix incorrect and unhelpful message on connection error
  * make it possible to disable colourspace synchronization
  * show mdns status in xpra info
  * support CUDA 10.2
* Wed Nov 20 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.2
  * fix clipboard synchronization issue with MS Windows clients
  * fix Pillow 6.x compatibility with MS Windows packaging
  * fix null bytes in X11 error text properly
  * fix Python 3 servers wrongly re-sending the 'screen'
  * fix remote logging failures with some message formats
  * fix lost screen updates
  * fix GTK scaling causing window geometry issues
  * fix HTML5 clipboard data sent from polling events
  * fix CUDA device logging with multiple devices
  * fix 32-bit build errors on xxhash
  * fix RPM jpeg and libyuv dependencies
  * fix OpenGL window not refreshing with Python 3
  * fix OpenGL context held for too long
  * fix SSH connection errors when 'port' is specified in the
    ssh config
  * fix faac and faad2 security issues in MS Windows and MacOS
  * fix window size hints misapplied with GTK3 on MS Windows and
  * disable OpenGL acceleration on old Intel chipsets
  * disable OpenGL acceleration with GTK3 builds on MS Windows
    (for now, pending bug)
  * show python interpreter version on about dialog
  * re-instante ancient popup window workaround (was disabled by
  * don't use av-synchronization for text and picture content
  * workaround Fedora packaging causing gratuitious conflicts
* Sun Nov 03 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0.1
  * fix clipboard synchronization failures with MS Windows
  * fix window cleanup errors preventing a clean exit
  * fix launcher error if sharing flag is unset
  * fix window states wrongly getting reset
  * fix SSH password dialog lockups on MS Windows
  * fix authentication module errors (multifile, python3)
  * fix radio buttons on start server dialog (python3)
  * fix error in encoding selection fallback (python3)
  * fix logging error in cups printing backend (python3)
  * fix null bytes in X11 error text (notifications errors)
  * fix keyboard debug logging error
  * fix error querying X11 properties under pure wayland client
  * fix unresponsive appindicator system tray
  * fix GDK window scaling setting wrongly propagated to the
  * fix compilation on Ubuntu Eoan Ermine
  * fix file download failures on MS Windows due to invalid
  * fix handling of file download errors
  * fix Debian bin path warnings
  * fix error handling in 'xpra top'
  * fix pyobjc API compatibility in OpenGL transparency shim
  * fix out of date PKG OS version requirements
  * fix PKG compatibility with MacOS 10.15 Catalina
  * fix window border color parsing failures causing errors
  * fix OpenGL window paint errors with some drivers
  * make it easier to launch test tools
  * update Python to 3.7.5 on MacOS
  * bump revision to override broken Fedora packaging
  * show Python version in MacOS packages
  * re-enable tooltips on MS Windows
  * update to xxhash 0.7.2
  * consistent use of quotes in endpoint logging
- Spec cleanup
* Wed Oct 02 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 3.0
  * Python 3 port complete, now the default: #1571, #2195
  * much nicer HTML5 client user interface: #2269
  * Window handling:
    + smoother window resizing: #478 (OpenGL)
    + honouring gravity: #2217
    + lock them in readonly mode: #2137
  * xpra top subcommand: #2348
  * faster startup:
    + #2347 faster client startup
    + #2341 faster server startup
  * OpenGL:
    + more reliable driver probing: #2204
    + cursor paint support: #1497
    + transparency on MacOS: #1794
  * Encoding:
    + lossless window scrolling: #1320
    + scrolling acceleration for non-OpenGL backends: #2295
    + harden image parsing: #2279
    + workaround slow video encoder initialization (ie: NVENC)
    using replacement frames: #2048
    + avoid loading codecs we don't need: #2344
    + skip some CUDA devices, speedup enumeration: #2415
  * Clipboard:
    + new native clipboard implementations for all platforms:
    + HTML5 asynchronous clipboard: #1844
    + HTML5 support for copying images: #2312 (with watermarking)
    + brotli compression for text data: #2289
  * Authentication:
    + modular client authentication handlers: #1796
    + mysql authentication module: #2287
    + generic SQL authentication module: #2288
  * Network:
    + client listen mode: #1022
    + retry to connect until it succeeds or times out: #2346
    + mdns TXT attributes updated at runtime: #2187
    + zeroconf fixes: #2317
    + drop pybonjour: #2297
    + paramiko honours IdentityFile: #2282, handles SIGINT
    better: #2378
    + proxy server fixes for ssl and ssh sockets: #2399, remove
    spurious options: #2193
    + proxy ping and timeouts: #2408
    + proxy dynamic authentication: #2261
  * Automated Testing:
    + test HTML5 client: #2231
    + many new mixin tests: #1773 (and bugs found)
  * start-new-commands is now enabled by default: #2278, and the
    UI allows free text: #2221
  * basic support for native GTK wayland client: #2243
  * forward custom X11 properties: #2311
  * xpra launcher visual feedback during connection: #1421,
    sharing option: #2115
  * "Window" menu on MacOS: #1808
- Refreshed xpra-paths.patch
- Switched build to python 3
* Sat Jul 27 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.5.3
  * fix HTML5 MSIE 11 detection
  * fix HTML5 path of audio script for IE
  * fix HTML5 CapsLock and NumLock state detection
  * fix HTML5 desktop server screen size not resizing to match
  * fix shadow servers display resizing not being propagated
  * fix scroll encoding with multi monitor shadow servers
  * fix handling of uncompressed window icon pixel data
  * fix handling of unicode values for desktop names
  * fix remote ssh failures with python3-only installations
  * fix '_monitor' subcommand with python3 clients
  * fix client ping latency calculations
  * fix non-strict ssl host key not honoured with wss connections
  * fix handling of websocket and ssl traffic with unix-domain
  * fix ssl and websocket connection upgrades with python3
  * fix handling of websocket ping packets
  * fix unnecessary delay in initial connection handling
  * fix incorrect disconnections with non-UI clients
  * fix spurious socket warnings
  * fix distro information shown for proxied connections
  * fix invalid mdns records for rfb connections (desktop and
    shadow servers)
  * fix GTK3 signal handling before the main loop is running
  * fix file descriptor leak when running child commands
  * fix clipboard-direction setting not propagated to the client
  * fix clipboard datatype shortcut not taken due to a typo
  * fix clipboard bugs with python3 builds, invalid atoms
  * fix overzealous cleanup code in X11 root property handler
  * fix Xresources debug logging and error handler
  * fix errors during cleanup: close display later
  * fix uinput device mode with python3 servers
  * fix errors if md5 is not available: use sha1
  * fix default build options for RedHat
  * fix typos in man page and docstrings
  * silence annoying atk warnings
  * avoid running invalid lpinfo commands
  * improve compatibility with 'xpra top'
  * make it possible to skip opengl probing during server startup
  * add missing modal-window entry in man page
  * reduce weak RPM dependencies on gnome components
* Fri Jun 14 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.5.2
  * fix mmap leak which can cause the client to stop painting
  * fix OpenGL crashes: don't try to use it when probing process
    has crashed
  * fix errors in avahi error handler
  * fix connection errors when loading ssh public keys
  * fix tests being run with the wrong python interpreter version
  * fix systemd-run using the wrong python interpreter version
  * fix start menu with python3 clients
  * fix x264 encoder failing to create a compatible stream for
    the html5 client
  * fix unnecessary xdg menu data in some subcommands
  * fix large xdg menu data causing initial packet size errors
  * fix packet size warning message format
  * fix start menu with python3 clients
  * fix html5 client connection error when xdg-menu data is
  * fix html5 client compatibility with buggy x264 encoders (as
  * fix html5 client clipboard packet format
  * fix session info graphs start values
  * fix colour channels swapped with some window icons and
    desktop servers
  * fix slower compression code path wrongly used when av-sync
    is disabled
  * fix icon type attribute (remove dot)
  * fix signal forwarding with python3 servers
  * fix system tray forwarding with python3 servers
  * fix socket attributes name lookup for xpra info
  * fix handling proxy server info requests
  * fix proxy server info errors trying to enumerate sessions
  * fix automatic MTU adjustements with UDP transport
  * fix NVENC compatiblity with library soname found in newer
  * fix invalid python2 DEB dependency in main meta package
  * fix default config value for opengl attribute
  * fix HTML5 client authentication issue when going through a
    proxy server
  * fix socket errors on startup with bind-ssl
  * fix server dbus service attribute accessor methods
  * fix network jitter injector
  * fix avahi mdns publisher test tool
  * fix zeroconf error when service info is not available
  * fix remote ssh failures with python3-only installations
  * fix automatic interpreter version switching when re-executing
  * fix start-via-proxy exit code handler
  * fix socket-permissions option not being honoured
  * fix error in the codec loader if the first codec attempted
  * fix error in the codec instantiation leak detection code
  * fix exit hooks not being called with 'exit-with-client'
  * fix RandR build errors with older versions of Cython (ie:
  * fix GTK3 build of the keyboard test tool on MS Windows
  * fix errors parsing xresources
  * fix handling of xsettings with python3 servers
  * fix font hinting detection with python3
  * fix errors during cleanup if server initialization or
    startup had failed
  * fix pure python3 builds cairo headers used
  * updated package dependencies: recommend python-dns for sshfp
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.5.1
  * fix sending of icons as premultipled ARGB
  * fix compatibility with old versions of python-pillow
  * fix scroll encoding code flow (should be impossible to hit)
  * fix handling of info requests with Python3 servers
  * fix missing option for lock argument in man page
  * fix ssh errors handling authentication failures
  * fix ssh server connections and support 'none' authentication
  * fix start new command menu
  * fix appindicator failures when we fail to locate the default
  * fix command line tools usage under cygwin and terminal
  * fix pointer position on multi-monitor shadow servers
  * fix system tray forwarding with python3 servers
  * fix window icons forwarding (MS Windows and MacOS mostly)
  * fix detection of splash window types
  * fix server startup errors when X11 root properties are
  * fix shadow server startup failures on MacOS
  * fix system tray errors during shadow server startup on MacOS
  * fix printing errors with python3 builds and rencode packet
  * fix parsing of printer options
  * fix dispatching of printer jobs to clients with python3
  * fix parsing of key symbol definitions with python3 servers
  * fix compatibility with older versions of GTK3
  * fix proxy video encoders initialization
  * fix 'missing encodings' server error with python3
  * fix spurious clipboard warning when clipboard is disabled
  * disable modal windows by default (was enabled by default
    since v2.3)
  * workaround buggy system trays
  * try harder to prevent hash collisions in scroll encoding
  * skip risky opengl probing when the initial check failed
  * prevent file conflicts with older packages
  * don't use appindicator with Fedora Gnome
  * minor packaging fixes (dates)
  * remove spurious ssh dnssec check logging
  * bump version in cups backend
* Tue Mar 26 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.5
  * Python 3 port mostly complete
  * pixel compression and bandwidth management:
    + better recovery from network congestion
    + distinguish refresh from normal updates
    + better tuning for mmap connections
    + heuristics improvements
    + use video encoders more aggressively
    + prevent too many delayed frames with x264
    + better video region detection with opengl content
  * better automatic tuning for client applications
    + based on application categories
    + application supplied hints
    + application window encoding hints
    + using environment variables and disabling video
  * HTML5 client improvements
  * Client improvements:
    + make it easier to start new commands, provide start menu
    + probe OpenGL in a subprocess to detect and workaround
    driver crashes
    + use appindicator if available
  * Server improvements:
    + start command on last client exit
    + honour minimum window size
    + Python 3
    + upgrade-desktop subcommand
  * Network layer:
    + less copying
    + use our own websocket layer
    + make mmap group configurable
    + TCP CORK support on Linux
  * SSH transport:
    + support .ssh/config with paramiko backend
    + connecting via ssh proxy hosts
  * SSHFP with paramiko:
    + clipboard: restrict clipboard data transfers size
  * code cleanups, etc
- Removed python2-opengl requirement (package not available
  and unnecessary since this release)
- Refreshed xpra-paths.patch
* Fri Mar 01 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Enabled OpenGL (fixes boo#1127415)
- Added brotli as build requirement
- Refreshed xpra-paths.patch
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.4.3
  * fix minor glib timer handle leak and unnecessary timer
  * fix keyboard backwards compatibility with older 1.0 servers
  * fix error in keyboard debug logging
  * fix h264 decoding in HTML5 client
  * fix session info and bug report windows not getting
    dismissed in HTML5 client
  * fix precise wheel motion events with HTML5 client
  * fix clipboard with MacOS GTK2 clients
  * fix swap-keys menu entry wrongly disabled
  * fix potential memory leaks and errors in codecs due to cast
  * fix crashy codecs on MS Windows: disable x264, 32-bit vpx
    with large sizes
  * fix validation errors with some quality and speed control
  * fix buggy parsing of clipboard-contents packets
  * fix jpeg encoder and decoder library version requirements
    (ie: for CentOS 7.x)
  * fix starting sessions via ssh on Ubuntu (workaround buggy
  * fix MS Windows clients handling system tray icons without an
    alpha channel
  * fix error in video exception message formating
  * fix errors handling pointer events with extra relative
    pointer data
  * fix potential string substitution errors with python2
  * fix connection to hosts that resolve to ipv6 only addresses
  * fix dbus mixin attributes initialized twice (wrong values)
  * fix race condition error with network congestion events
  * fix compatibility with newer ArchLinux Xorg path
  * fix exec-auth module timeout not being honoured
  * fix exec-auth wrongly returning success on MacOS
  * workaround SSH errors with Windows Services for Linux
  * reduce impact of fullscreen and maxmimized attributes on
    window refresh rate
  * never lock the batch delay when mmap is enabled
* Wed Dec 05 2018
- Update to version 2.4.2
  * fix server crash with application setting invalid X11 atoms
  * fix missing windows with some mono applications (ignore
    invalid X11 atoms)
  * fix small X11 memory leak
  * fix encoding of empty areas (hard to trigger)
  * fix client hangs due to signal-watcher (now disabled with
  * fix virtual printer cleanup errors
  * fix leaking xvfb processes when displayfd times out
  * fix window size hints not being sanitized correctly
  * fix cpu waste and automatic quality calculations
  * fix statistics used by shadow servers
  * fix error capturing screenshots on MS Windows
  * fix logging error in modifier state change failure code path
  * fix nvenc errors with odd image heights
  * fix over aggressive screen update rectangle merging
  * fix race condition causing the connection cleanup code to
    run twice
  * fix ssh dialog button actions
  * ensure Qt applications use the X11 backend so we can
    intercept them
  * skip unnecessary video tests when mmap is enabled
  * handle property change handlers errors more gracefully
  * avoid recycling video contexts unnecessarily
  * don't flush video encoders when doing a regular content