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Change Logs

* Mon May 17 2021
- Update to version
  * Update fr.po
  * #1073 add vietnamese translation.
  * update Ubuntu pkgs section
  * update #1036 restrict to actual commentaries.
  * fix #1036 commentary by chapter default on.
  * Two new entries for locale in the IBT repository (#1031)
  * Fix #1025, #1026 - windows remove cpack stuff from build dir
  * update #1018 final for 4.2.1
  * Fix up release builds and process: (#1020)
  * Fix vendored path
  * Tell github-linguist to ignore Festival
  * fix #1019 bracket search results disposal w/flag to avoid
    unneeded verse formatting.
  * update #1018
  * fix #1018 release notes
  * Use pre-built MinGW Biblesync package (#1016)
  * More ci (#1015)
  * Fix #1013 zip help dependency issue
  * Update
  * Get rid of the additional install page about paths, moreover
    it is not translatable, and make adding a Desktop icon a silent
  * Small fix path to xiphos source
  * Cpack: xiphos.spec -> Fix download link
  * Win32 installer: Add exe path and desktop icon options
  * Win32 builds (#1012)
  * fix multi-arch build in, add toolbox info
  * Fix Windows build
  * fix #1011 2020 copyright update.
  * update #845. == REQUIRES SWORD @ SVN 3721+. == re-worked
    .introMaterial: sword no longer generates self-closing <div/>.
  * Generate version string at build time from git tags (#979)
  * fix #895 re-arrange code to obtain "controlling module" earlier,
    for v11n & display purposes, pushed into previous calling
    function in order to have use of getRenderHeader(). unreliable:
    1st parallel module wins. should be OSIS, which is typical, but
    not guaranteed.
  * fix #910 do not show previewer on state change of
    sidebar-or-not, if previewer is not to be shown at all.
  * fix #990 adjust row spacing in strongs/morph blocked layout.
    best i can manage. varies with font choice. it will be wrong
    again in a year or 2 when webkit goes through more updates.
  * update #845 an ultimately gratuitous change. had no beneficial
    effect toward getting widgets interpreted by webkit as xhtml.
    done anyway because it is the correct use even if i cannot make
    it fly properly.
  * fix #1006 NULL out parallel dialog widget pointer on close.
  * Fix build errors for minizip (#1004)
  * Use minizip to replace libgsf (#1003)
  * Locale my and bg updated (#1002)
  * fix #1000 trim parenthesized language descriptions
  * Fix Arch build (#997)
  * fix #996 add constant for hist.list element content length,
    distinct from length of hist.list
  * fix #919 - disabled status bar reappeared when launching
    program (#983)
  * Remove all #if 0...#endif and some other dead code (#913)
  * Remove specific handling of NASB lexica (#994)
  * Locale (#992)
  * Add Ubuntu and Debian deps
  * Add build badge from Travis
  * More CI cleanup
  * Don't double-install on Arch
  * Test on Ubuntu 19.10
  * Fix Arch Linux Docker setup
  * Remove gconf mentions from .travis.yml as well.
  * Try to update testing
  * Update .travis.yml to fix all builds
  * remove gconf-2.0 from xiphos (after CMake)
- Use version in format parent_tag.tag_offset, since this is the
  format that the upstream generated cmake/source_version.txt
- Removed xiphos-remove-gconf-2.0.patch that is integrated upstream
- Modified find_biblesync.patch to accept cmake 3.10
* Mon May 17 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
- Add xiphos-glib.patch to fix build in factory with newer glib
  * do not include glib headers in extern "C" block
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Matej Cepl <>
- Add find_biblesync.patch to make the package build on the
  Leap/SLE 15 with cmake 3.10.
* Sun Mar 15 2020
- Update to version 4.1.0+git.1580414635.9e573336:
  * ui/languages: Added Kikongo (kg), native to Angola, DR Congo, Congo
  * avoid deprecated g_type_class_add_private (#962)
  * fix #958 check for null result of render_this_text()
  * Fix #954 - Build error under Arch Linux
  * Month names: fix translation issue
  * clean old travis ci build scripts
  * fix travis ci build
  * Tiny edits
  * fix spec file
- Reassemble xiphos-remove-gconf-2.0.patch
  (gh#crosswire/xiphos#986) from Debian patches.
- Remove xiphos-build-without-scrollkeeper.patch which is now
  included upstream.
* Wed Sep 11 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
- Add conditional variant of suse_update_desktop_file for Factory
  and newer versions of openSUSE, fixes build in Factory.
- Add conditional xiphos-build-without-scrollkeeper.patch and
  xiphos-remove-gconf-2.0.patch, make scrollkeeper and
  pkgconfig(gconf-2.0) BuildRequires conditional. No longer depend
  on scrollkeeper and gconf in Factory and newer versions of
  openSUSE. Patches borrowed from debian.
* Sun Aug 12 2018
- Update to version 4.1.0:
  + #753 Unexpected Search Results
  + #783 Add support for ancillary configuration files to unlock modules from STEP Bible
  + #809 Using meson to build xiphos
  + #823 Flatpak available on Flathub
  + #828 #873 find dialog has an unknown button.
  + #830 Add header lines to export
  + #831 Module Manager problems in 4.0.7 (Ubuntu Linux)
  + #834 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 which is deprecated
  + #836 Replace lucene with soundex
  + #838 Modules - About - Copy
  + #843 Xiphos hates superscripts
  + #845 show pre-chapter/-book material with italics
  + #846 can't handle OT quote display variant
  + #847 Compilation failed on Ubuntu 16.04
  + #848 Xiphos doesn't use non-break space
  + #850 Lack of space in the "about" module window
  + #851 corrected use of verse number in chapter export
  + #853 unexpected file list at the previewer pane
  + #854 UI cut off on left side
  + #855 Xiphos crashes at first start (with workaround)
  + #857 Show the text of all the verses of a xref
  + #858 Detached sidebar empty
  + #861 Need help compiling 4.0.7
  + #862 Please update your translation tools
  + #864 Cannot compile through AUR
  + #869 Advanced search crashes if using custom list for second/third/etc. time
  + #870 Advanced search, exact phrase fails due to notes
  + #871 Update dependencies
  + #872 Bible showing weird characters
  + #874 use gtkbox to replace gtk{v,h}box for xi-splash.ui
  + #875 use gtkgrid to replace gtktable in edit_link_dialog.xml
  + #876 #860 fixed gtk_font_button_get(set)_font_name deprecated
  + #877 remove repeated arrow display
  + #878 Xiphos website needs updating
  + #881 #882 Wayland use under Gnome 3.26 or above leads to crash on Navbar click
  + #887 Add keyboard-only BibleSync navigation
  + #888 update biblesync glue for biblesync 1.2.0
  + biblesync: avoid versekey data corruption by using a copy -- orig. is destroyed.
  + biblesync: tell user exactly once that others are xmitting unknown bible modnames.
  + translation updates
  + compatibility update for sword 1.8
  + added gtk version checks and fixed numerous gtk deprecations.
Version: 4.0.7-bp150.1.3
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- Update to version 4.0.7:
  + changed module option Glosses to default on.
  + added config support, MinimumVersion: ignore modules newer than Sword itself.
  + updated French and traditional Chinese translations.
  + fixed dbus linkage failure due to insanity in latest release (rawhide).
  + #524 fix use of fonts whose names end in digits.
  + #725 add book/chapter journal template.
  + #739 click verse text before/after chapter to navigate across chapters.
  + #788 use saved status of detached sidebar.
  + #791 add maximized detached window of current bible on F11.
  + #821 update installation instructions (ubuntu).
  + #822 prefs option not to use alternating fg/bg in parallel displays.
* Sun Aug 20 2017
- Update to version 4.0.6:
  + Fixed longstanding display problem with webkit2 (now req'd for
  + Added alt-L toggle lemma.
  + Added View Xiphos Releases to Help menu.
  + Fixed biblesync passphrase preservation.
  + Internal:
  - Removed all ancient ImageMagick references.
  - Removed HAVE_GTK_xxx in favor of GTK_VERSION_CHECK.
  - Fixed wk2 search result.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop xiphos-fix-missing-return.patch and
  xiphos-man-page-xiphos-nav.patch: Fixed upstream.
* Sun Jun 04 2017
- Update to version 4.0.5:
  + ReadAloud: Speak verse# only if we are showing verse#s in text
    as well.
  + Fix crash caused by lack of collator during mod.mgr in first
- Run spec-cleaner.
- Drop conditionals for other distros and old unsupported
- Pkgconfigify BuildRequires, drop obsolete ones.
- Build for gtk3 only.
- Following the above, remove webkitgtk3-devel BuildRequires and
  add pkgconfig(webkit2gtk-4.0) and stop passing
  - -enable-webkit-editor and pass --enable-webkit2instead.
- Add docbook-utils-minimal BuildRequrires to build docbock2man
- Add xiphos-fix-missing-return.patch: Fix missing return in
  non-void function, patch from upstream git.
- Add xiphos-man-page-xiphos-nav.patch: Add missing man page, patch
  from upstream git.
- Apply fdupes macro, silence rpmlint about duplicate files.
- Add lang-package macro, split out lang-package.
* Wed Mar 15 2017
- added Xiphos.ogg (the pronunciation of the application name)
  explicitly to %doc to fix build failures
* Sat Sep 05 2015
- update to 4.0.4
  + Implemented dynamic allocation enhancement to replace survivability fix.
  + Updated language abbreviations to eliminate unknowns.
  + Fixed module installation messages so they are not lost.
  + Fixed abbrev support, to show abbrevs in all non-essential contexts.
  + Fixed maximization restoral (mostly gtk3; partial for gtk2).
- release notes for 4.0.3:
  + Fixed a small hard limit on the number of language groups that
    can be supported.
* Sat May 09 2015
- update to 4.0.2
  + Fixed memory management error in the editor
- release notes for 4.0.1:
  + Completed webkit editor, due to replace gtkhtml editor.
  + Added Abbreviation module configuration support.
  + Added Glosses (Ruby) and Morpheme Segmentation display support.
  + Added obsolete module audit, during install and on maintenance page.
  + Added more informative "About" for modules.
  + Added status bar en/disable.
  + Removed BibleSync from Xiphos' source tree. It must be referenced as a
    proper library.
  + Fixed studypad directory choice.
  + Fixed mis-handling of unreal "multiple verse" reference in URL handling.
  + Fixed editor's mis-handling of the link editor subdialog.
  + Huge GTK3 compatibility cleanliness hackery.
  + WebKit2 compatibility hackery.
  + Fix compiler flag choices.
  + Numerous code internals updates due to cppcheck(1) diagnostics.
* Sun Dec 28 2014
- update to 4.0.0:
  + Bug#508 + feat.req#133: Added alternate versification support (av11n):
    Xiphos understands book/chapter/verse (BCV) schemes other than KJV.
    See especially module KJVA's deuterocanon between Malachi and Matthew.
  - The navbar is blanked and the pane states "This module has no
    content at this point" if a tab is selected with no content at the
    current verse indication, e.g. when reading in one tab with an
    Apocrypha Bible and then selecting a different non-Apocrypha tab,
    particularly when using Linked Tabs (see View menu).
  + Added module-specific CSS support.  This uses configuration directive
    "PreferredCSSXHTML=style.css", naming a file in the DataPath
    directory.  If present, the file's content is included when rendering
    the pane.
  + Added default CSS support.  Use ~/.xiphos/default-style.css but be
    aware that this has effects on all displayed modules.
  + Added direct load of history from verse list contents (right-click),
    plus direct load of verse list from history contents (history menu).
  + Added Feature=NoParagraphs support, default for verse-per-line.
  + Added OSISXlit and OSISEnum global filter configuration support.
  + Added preservation of CipherKey value for re-use when updating a module.
  + Added xiphos.appdata.xml (/usr/share/appdata) for...well, advertising.
  + Added --chatty configure flag to distinguish tracing from debug build.
  + Changed options to default on for Hebrew vowel points, Hebrew
    cantillation, and Greek accents.
  + Updated navbar behavior: All books potentially available within the
    module's versification are included.  Formerly, books lacking content
    at 1:1 were excluded.
  + Updated manual text for a couple feature requests.
  + Fixed personal commentary dump, which stopped working in recent Sword.
  + Fixed 1st-time mod.mgr to include Crosswire repo name.
  + Fixed main window internal geometry save on quit.
  + Fixed mod.mgr "button bobble" preventing expand/collapse of mod.tree.
  + Fixed bug#513, stop crash on repeated tab deletion.
  + Fixed crash caused by having a (lexdict|genbook) without (dict|book) key.
  + Fixed incompatibility with GTK3.14's unstable interface, preventing
    Preferences window from opening.  Fixed many related incompatibilities.
  + Fixed several inconsistencies between main & parallel views.
  + Fixed inadvertent realignment-induced re-navigation.
  + Cleaned up internal settings structures.
  + Updated BibleSync interface in accordance with 1.1's updated params.
- added /usr/share/appdata/xiphos.appdata.xml
* Thu Sep 04 2014
- update to 3.2.2: this is a cosmetic/clean-up release. No new
  capability is present.
  + Building against GTK3 (i.e. waf configure --gtk=3) should once again
    be reasonable.  Generally, GTK3 will require --enable-webkit-editor,
    because the older editor seems not fully de-lintable for GTK3.
  + Internal use of generic warnings has been updated to re-introduce
    "modal" warnings, i.e. user acknowledgement before Xiphos proceeds.
    This is necessary for e.g. startup catastrophes, where the warning
    dialog must appear and remain for user ACK before the program exits.
  + Added statusbar acknowledgement of alt-[SRM] display modifiers, as well
    as BibleSync keyboard navigation.
  + The Preferences page for BibleSync has been de-cluttered somewhat.
  + A build complaint from very new compilers has been fixed.
- release notes for 3.2.1: this release has drastic forward movement
  in BibleSync plus a number of bug fixes
  + BibleSync is no longer integral to Xiphos alone; it has been separated
    into its own library, to make it available for other Bible programs.
    There is some activity toward integrating it into others already.
  + BibleSync has gained a number of features, both in the library itself
    and in how Xiphos uses it.  It now uses its own Preferences page, due to
    additional features and complexity.  Notably, BibleSync operates using
    speaker beacons, limiting the trouble that can be caused by either
    inadvertent or malicious navigation by others.
  + BibleSync in Xiphos 3.2.1 will not interoperate with 3.2.0.  The
    addition of speaker beacons means that 3.2.0 will not recognize or
    generate them, and 3.2.1 will not recognize a speaker without them.
    (As applied to BibleSync 1.0.0 -vs- 1.0.1 differences.)
  + Fixed a very old error regarding inconsistent internal use of the
    scripture cross-reference option.
  + Consequent to that xref bug fix, exported content correctly no longer
    contains either footnotes or xrefs.
  + Persistent difficulties with module archive have been resolved.
  + Generic warning dialogs, used all over the place, have been replaced
    with a non-modal method that is not troublesome in the face of timing
  + Added populating the verse list directly from a dialog (context menu).
- release notes for 3.2.0: this release is to accommodate one
  late-arriving Sword engine change and to support generalized companion
  modules.  It also provides the first implementation of BibleSync,
  a shared navigation protocol specification for Bible programs, details
  of which we are sharing with other programs' authors and hope to see
  being made available soon. Also, several urgent bugfixes have been made.
  + New BibleSync subsystem: Multicast group navigation with glue on
    navigation reception and transmission when navigating locally.
  + Preferences added to support BibleSync options: mode enable, navigation
    style choice, and activity tracing and privacy toggle options.
  + Updated companion modules (conf directive Companion=Abc,Def,Xyz) for
    Bibles and commentaries so as to allow arbitrary sets where the 1st
    opens in the main window and the rest open in detached windows.  This is
    important for organizations such as Wycliffe who produce grouped
    modules, useful in such a manner.
  + Added kbd toggles alt-S (Strong's), alt-M (morphology), alt-R (red words).
  + Heading generation changed in line with Sword 1.7.3's new internals.
  + Fixed crash on unparseable xref module content.
  + Fixed crash on copy/export.
  + Fixed crash on bogus middle-click on multi-ref bookmark.
  + Fixed module manager column width setting.
  + Fixed module manager archive function.
  + Fixed NASB-specific lexica references for forthcoming NASB release.
  + Removed gconf query.
* Sun Feb 02 2014
- Update to version 3.1.6:
  + The existence and placement of Preferences, Module Manager, and
    Advanced Search windows is saved.
  + Major compatibility changes for the underlying Sword interface,
    especially renderText() and its minions.
  + Live chat nick selection identifies user's platform and Xiphos
  + Manual updates to reflect recent additions (eg. Alt-A
  + Journals can be opened in regular display detached window (not
  + "Friendly" (abbreviation) month names for devotional use in the
    dictionary pane.
  + Export off-by-one error when crossing chapter boundary is fixed.
    Export also made somewhat more general and featureful.
    3.1.5's missing export submenu is back.
  + Addition of repository support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP.
  + Version differences in dbus IPC (xiphos-nav) have been
  + Build inconsistencies across Linux distributions are fixed.
  + Removed last vestiges of unneeded, defunct KJV pilcrow ()
  + A number of updates to native language support for module tree
  + Sword's OSISVariants now works (had never been added since
    Sword's OSIS support came into existence).
  + Xiphos internals have moved forward to Sword's XHTML interface,
    leaving behind the old HTMLHREF interface.  Many consequent
    internal changes.
  + Unicode punctuation is no longer mis-spoken in ReadAloud.
  + The last of the historic gtkhtml3 support has been removed,
    other than the editor component in GTK2: Xiphos depends
    exclusively on webkit. This is Xiphos' 5th display engine.
    We do not intend to change it ever again.
- Stop passing --backend=webkit to configure, no longer needed, nor
* Mon Dec 16 2013
- Own %{_datadir}/omf: scrollkeeper used to own this, but with the
  switch to rarian we have to care of it ourselves.
* Sun Sep 08 2013
- updated to 3.1.5:
  + The WebKit display driver.
  + GTK3 compatibility.
  + Module-internal footnote & xref numbering/lettering is respected.
  + Display of headings, footnotes, xrefs, and red words all default On.
  + Image content is resized in parallel windows and the previewer.
  + Module lists include modules' 1-line descriptions as well as short names.
  + Verse numbers will no longer be "widowed" (left alone at the end of a
    line) by being forced to combine against the first word of their verse.
  + Verse number display is configurable: bold, brackets, superscripts.
  + RtoL consistency improvements.
  + Studypad save respects its default directory specification.
  + Base font is respected in all parallel views.
  + Font selection order has been fixed: Any user specification (per module
    or per language) supercedes module configuration file specification.
  + In export, avoid more than one dialog, ever, about checking a module's
    license, and change copy/export defaults to plaintext and 1 verse.
  + Ctrl-0 (zero) forces base font size to 0.
  + Ctrl-[1-9] selects the Nth tab.
  + Countless internal module, cache, font, and display fixes.
- added dependency on sword package (it contains sword global configurations)
* Tue Oct 11 2011
- updated to 20111010svn4310 to fix crash under oS 12.1 Beta 1
* Mon Sep 19 2011
- updated license to GPLv2 (fixed bnc#718902)
* Sun Sep 18 2011
- updated to 20110627svn4220 to have webkit backend and gtk3
- added xiphos-3.1.4-add-gconf-2.0-pkgconfig.patch (thanks to
  Nelson Marques)
* Sat Jun 18 2011
- use gtkhtml instead of gtkmozembed to fix crash just after start
* Sat Dec 18 2010
- update to 3.1.4:
  + Many smaller issues that have been waiting for a long time have been
    implemented. Again, classified as new, enhancements, and fixes.
    Please have a look at /usr/share/doc/packages/xiphos/ChangeLog
    for details
- package xiphos manpage
* Sun Mar 28 2010
- update to 3.1.3:
  + Bug reports addressed since 3.1.2:
  .  2915026  Right to Left Languages - Display
  .  2915912  RToL toolbar number order
  .  2918463  crash detected in Fedora 12 xiphos-3.1.1
  .  2924074  verse selection causes scroll-to-top
  .  2928849  Parallel views (reset) problem
  .  2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
  .  2941678  Book name up arrow
  .  2941684  Small caps in "LORD"
  .  2943173  freeaddrinfo (win2k compatibility - dropped)
  .  2951941  Turkish Ubuntu blocks display of Old Testament books
  .  2956797  Xiphos crashes when trying to edit
  .  2958644  Nautilus?  -  Xiphos doesn't show bible text
  .  2936311  Add Link action not able to use bible:// for verse links
  .  2961704  crash detected in xiphos-3.1.2 module manager
  .  2972686  Arabic is not right-aligned
  + Feature requests closed:
  2781509  Export->Copy HTML doesn't work properly
  2791414  Parallel View tab should behave like a real tab
  2791621  Biblical resource in seperate window: synchronize from/with?
  2795762  Reference bar: Choosing a book name
  2799867  Increase reducing of window sizes
  2893826  Versification in the Psalms
  2902403  How to install for other than listed OS
  2907492  Interlinear commentary
  2925935  One Year Daily reading Schedule
  2928388  personal note deletion
  2932551  Shortcut Keys
- removed outdated --enable-gtkhtml
- enabled with-gecko (and build against gecko-sdk)
- removed outdated openSUSE versions
* Wed Aug 12 2009
- update to 3.1.1
  + The Help->Chat interface had to change
  + Per-verse user annotations ("inline marking")
  + There is a new geography interface through
  + Module manager now can do automatic repository discovery
  + The verse navbar now has normal relief on book/chapter/verse.
  + A failure to redisplay properly after loading a tab set is fixed.
  + Freakish European keyboard Ctrl +/- should now work.
  + Some fixes were applied to journal/prayerlist editing.
  + If the sidebar is detached, it now gets a title bar name.
  + Bugfixes to the logic which preserves tab names as they are added
    or deleted.
  + New Slovak translation.
  + Strong's markup is now handled in pre-verse headers.
  + Ctrl-F4 will delete a tab.
  + Many other fixes and improvements
- changes for 3.1.0
  + The module manager is no longer modal
  + New interface translations: Norwegian and Welsh
  + Improved bookmark support
  + 'j' and 'k' have been added for keyboard-driven verse selection.
  + Many other fixes and improvements
* Wed Jul 22 2009
- added virtual provides: sword-frontend
* Thu Mar 19 2009
- update to 3.0.1
  + Added transliteration support from non-Latin character sets.
  + Fixed a crash-inducing bug in detached ("free-floating") Bible
    and commentary windows, from context menu synchronization. This
    was redundant with the sync button in upper left, so the menu
    item was removed, and a glitch in the sync button's use was fixed.
  + Sidebar module list entries can be expanded by clicking anywhere
    on the row.
  + Only when not using tabbed browsing, a crash on history usage was
    stopped, though a full fix for tab-less history access is pending.
  + A PDF version of the manual is included.
  + Fixed a disappearing-button problem in the module manager, as well
    as several instances of faulty mutex usage.
- changes for 3.0.0 (Xiphos begins life, as the former GnomeSword)
  + Invocation of the editor (personal commentary, prayer list/journal)
    will induce several harmless warning messages to occur.
  + A fabulous new look, with the support of professional graphics
    designers having done a facelift of our graphics
  + Standard module repository setup for first-time users
  + Image resize enabled by default
  + Commentary-by-chapter display, as a commentary module option,
    rather than just per-verse commentary.
  + Consistent dialog usages: Y/N questions and file browsers.
  + Module manager: Remembers previous settings. New remote source is
    set as current. Tooltips over icons in module manager lists.
    Visual improvements by showing repository in use and separating
    full module lists from limited update/uninstalled lists. Now
    functions correctly with both shared and personal storage areas.
  + Compatibility with forthcoming Sword engine updates for dynamic
    versification ("dv11n"). Future modules will support e.g.
    deuterocanonical books in Catholic Bibles.
  + More uniform module option support in parallel window.
  + Dictionary links auto-display in the previewer, after the
    fashion of Strong's and morphology references.
  + Better Help menu selections: Online chat support, bug reporting,
    mailing list pointers.
  + Better search term highlighting in both sidebar and dialog search.
  + Double-click navigation of search results entries.
  + Improved/fixed search abort.  Assume "AND" semantic for sidebar
    multiple word search.
  + Countless internal cleanups, efficiency improvements, and
    bugfixes, the need for many of which was exposed by the Windows
    port effort.
  + Additions to the manual, especially for instruction on original
    language research and how to get help
  + Better integration of image support with ImageMagick libraries.
  + Respect for configuration-specified font choices (Font= and
    Fontsize= in module configuration files).
  + Improvements to build-time configuration support.
  + Fixed fast search ("lucene") index creation.