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Change Logs

* Tue Feb 06 2018
- Move /etc/xinet.d directory from filesystem package to this one,
  as this is no standard package anymore.
* Thu Nov 23 2017
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
  %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Version update to
  * .2 skipped due to typo in
  * Various manpage fixes
  * Fix for multiple log targets crashing xinetd bsc#1054532
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Expose XINETD_BIND_DELAY as sysconfig variable (bnc#972691)
- Add patch xinetd-service-sysconfig.patch
* Fri May 12 2017
- Use # rename for the URL to keep sane name
* Thu May 11 2017
- Update to tagged release
  * Contains changes from bellow, just uses the tagged archive
* Thu May 04 2017
- Update to version
  * Warn when not using tirpc and fix some quoting in
  * Fixup poll.h related warnings
  * Fix compat with ipv6 to ipv4 fallback wrt bsc#1037552
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- Update to version
  * Call us as per COPYING
  * Fix typo in dirname for xinetd config files in etc
  * Remove unused libwrap define and remove pedantic from cflags
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- Update to version 2.3.15+git20170421.8a895f9:
  * Drop the include of misc.h that was removed
  * Never enable howl it is completely deprecated/dead
  * Kill mdns/howl combo as the protocol is deprecated; not present even on debian stable
  * Update CHANGELOG a bit
  * Do not include malloc.h but rather stdlib.h
  * Make osx failures fatal and run make distcheck only on linux.
  * Both are just int, no need for unsigned
  * timep is used only when not using POLL
  * Fix copy&pasto in POLL code
  * Howl was removed
- Drop patches now merged in git:
  * xinetd-2.3.14-strict-aliasing-fix.diff
  * xinetd-2.3.14-nodeadlock-revisited.patch
  * xinetd-CVE-2013-4342.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-server_args-fix.diff
  * xinetd-2.3.14-man.dif
  * xinetd-2.3.14-ident-bind.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-nodeadlock.diff
  * xinetd-2.3.14-ipv6-ipv4-fallback.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-file-limit.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-honour_disable.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-pie.patch
  * xinetd-config.patch
  * xinetd-deactivating-error.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-retry-binds.patch
  * xinetd-2.3.14-restore-nofile-limits.patch
* Wed Jun 15 2016
- Add patch to fix bnc#972691 random bind fail:
  * xinetd-2.3.14-retry-binds.patch
* Mon Aug 31 2015
- Update README.SUSE to put emphasis on systemd socket activation
- Remove description of ipv6 support that is in xinetd since 2004+-
- Clean-up the specfile a bit and update urls to something working
- Change tarball to github one as the upstream site seems dead
* Fri Aug 29 2014
- Update license tag to use SPDX 1.2.
* Sat Jun 14 2014
- Drop xinetd.conf not used in spec and we use upstream one anyway.
* Fri Jun 13 2014
- Revert the syslog target as it is obsolete.
* Fri Jun 13 2014
- Fix error in logs when disabling service and reloading; bnc#870904
  * xinetd-deactivating-error.patch
* Wed Jun 11 2014
- Wait for the syslog target too.
* Mon Mar 31 2014
- Add support for setting maximum number of open files (bnc#855685)
  * added xinetd-2.3.14-file-limit.patch
  * added xinetd-2.3.14-restore-nofile-limits.patch
- fixes for security vulnerabilities
  * CVE-2013-4342 (bnc#844230)
  - xinetd ignores user and group directives for tcpmux services
  - added xinetd-CVE-2013-4342.patch
* Mon Mar 17 2014
- Also removed obsolete from start order (bnc#866433)
* Mon Mar 17 2014
- Make sure that xinetd service becomes real after network is up (bnc#866433)
* Fri Apr 19 2013
- update to 2.3.15
  * If the address we're binding to is a multicast address, do the multicast join.
  * Merge the Fedora patch to turn off libwrap processing on tcp rpc services.
  Patch xinetd-2.3.12-tcp_rpc.patch.
  * Merge the Fedora patch to add labeled networking.
  Patch xinetd-2.3.14-label.patch r1.4.
  * Merge the Fedora patch to fix getpeercon() for labeled networking in MLS environments.
  Patch xinetd-2.3.14-contextconf.patch r1.1
  * Merge the Fedora patch for int->ssize_t. Patch xinetd-2.3.14-ssize_t.patch r1.1
  * Change compiler flags, -Wconversion generates excessive and unnecessary
  warnings with gcc, particularly all cases of ntohs(uint16_t). Additionally add -Wno-unused
  to prevent unnecessary warnings regarding unused function parameters when the
  function is a callback conforming to a standard interface.
  * Merge patch from Thomas Swan regarding CVE-2012-0862
- merged the SUSE xinetd.conf with the upstream one
  this changes default target for logging - now the syslog is used
  instead of /var/log/xinetd.log
  * xinetd-config.patch
- logrotate dependency has been dropped and config file is installed
  in /usr/share/doc/packages/xinetd
- drop rc.xinetd and add xinetd.service instead
- add an entry to README.SUSE explaining the systemd socket activation