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Version: 4.12.4-bp150.2.4
* Wed Apr 19 2017
- update to version 4.12.4
  - moveresize: Cancel move/resize if client is gone (bxo#13344)
  - netwm: Make docks and spash screens appear focused
  - placement: Relocate dialogs only (bxo#12587)
  - Force application win_gravity to NorthWestGravity (bxo#12617)
  - keyboard: Re-apply modifiers masks
  - keyboard: Ignore unsupported modifiers (bxo#10760)
  - don't block display events when time is set backwards (bxo#10184)
  - Fix rendering with 30-bit colormap (bxo#12344)
  - Only check for known buttons in _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE
* Sat May 16 2015
- update to version 4.12.3
  - configure: check for exo-csource (bxo#11870)
  - focus: Ignore zero timestamp from s/n (bxo#11822)
  - events: do not monitor SubstructureNotifyMask (bxo#11893)
  - Fix compiler warnings
* Sun Mar 15 2015
- update to version 4.12.2
  - quick release to fix a mishmash between width and height
    introduced in 4.12.1 (bxo#11700)
* Sun Mar 15 2015
- update to version 4.12.1
  - Fix issue with XRandR (bxo#11059, bxo#11683, bxo#11695)
  - Rework struts support to be more error proof
  - Fix smart placement and windows overlapping (bxo#11671)
  - Fix window positioning and gravity (bxo#11670, bxo#11693)
  - Fix issue with _NET_REQUEST_FRAME_EXTENTS being ignored
    (blocking for GLFW apps) (bxo#11664)
  - Check class hint name for same applications (bxo#11685)
  - Make horizontal scrolling/window opacity optional (bxo#10372)
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to version 4.12.0
  - add support for gtk window menu
  - avoid window decorations in preview
  - clean-up compositor state in case of error
  - compute struts based on reported screen size
  - do not tile windows if they don't fit in
  - enable compositing by default
  - enable window preview in cycling by default
  - fix build with compositor disabled
  - fix window menu positioning with CSD
  - fix window preview disappearing on themes reload
  - reuse client macros in compositor
  - revert "Optionally remove frame on tiling as well"
  - set maximum valid struts values
  - use larger window preview by default
  - use opaque background color for preview
  - use smallest screen area
  - translation updates
* Sat Feb 14 2015
- update to version 4.11.3
  - add a zoom_desktop xfconf setting
  - add corner tiling
  - add support for extended XSync counter
  - add support for GTK frame extents
  - add support for GTK hide titlebar on maximize
  - add support for NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED
  - add titleless maximization feature
  - allow color substitution in themerc
  - allow cycling during drag'n drop
  - allow shadow under dock ARGB windows
  - allow tiling and workspace wrap on move
  - changed wireframe to cairo drawing when using the compositor
  - fix cycle vs. focus follow mouse
  - fix fullscreen mode not working correctly for QT apps)
  - fix gravity on configure request
  - fix keyboard shortcuts after keyboard layout changes
  - fix maximizing when window is tiled vertically or horizontally
  - fix maximum host name length.
  - fix opacity being reset on theme change
  - fix reparenting with compositor
  - fix selection with mouse in multi-monitor alt-tab dialog
  - fix size increment
  - limit parallel pointer moves before wrapping
  - new default window decoration themes (including HDPI and xHDPI)
  - on canceled move, restore all maximizations states
  - optionally remove frame on tiling as well
  - optionnally use window preview in tabwin
  - prevent CSD windows from being moved too far up
  - remove horizontal tyling on move
  - remove maximize button from non-resizable windows
  - remove restore-on-move option
  - send debug messages to a log file
  - update desktop geometry on xrandr events
  - use cairo wireframe for move/resize
  - use correct type on platforms where time_t is 64bits like OpenBSD
  - use source indication in activate window
  - use the correct drm/dri device on OpenBSD
  - workaround for NET_WORKAREA with multimonitor
  - lot of translations updates
* Thu Oct 02 2014
- Do not buildRequire metapackage xorg-x11-devel only
  exactly the libraries that are required.
* Sat Jul 26 2014
- update to version 4.11.2
  - improve auto-maximize fn to maximize windows which size is
    equal to the available size
  - restore original window size after untiling (Bug 8765)
  - add improved tab-win dialog
  - translation updates
* Thu May 01 2014
- remove xfwm4-fix-bug-in-workspace-deletion.patch file
* Thu May 01 2014
- update to version 4.11.1
  - remove unnecessary clipping of the rootPicture
  - if making a solid fill, use XRenderCreateSolidFill
  - repaint the screen when background changes
  - ignore when root atoms are unset
  - implement zooming
  - add tweak setting to toggle roll up feature (bxo#10563)
  - disable roll up feature by default (bxo#10563)
  - fix duplicated accelerators (bxo#5256)
  - do not write empty session files
  - optimize smart placement (bxo#5785)
  - improvements in accelerator handling
  - remove unmaintained translations
  - make the xfwm4-settings dialog use less height
  - fixup padding in keyboard shortcuts tab
  - autotools updates
  - add Vsync support for the compositor (bxo#8898)
  - translation updates
* Sun May 05 2013
- update to version 4.10.1
  - autotools updates
  - small optimization in shadow loop
  - some small optimizations in placement code
  - do not write empty session files
  - fix wrong debug message
  - fix crash in settings dialog with wrong title alignment value
  - implement NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL message
  - translation updates
- removed obsolete
* Sat Aug 18 2012
- add xfwm4-implement-net_wm_moveresize_cancel-message.patch in
  order to implement NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL message as gtk+-3.4
  now uses it (bxo#8949)
- add xfwm4-fix-crash-in-settings-dialog.patch in order to fix a
  crash in settings dialog with wrong title alignment value
- add xfwm4-fix-bug-in-workspace-deletion.patch which reverts part
  of git commit 8637c3a as this breaks deletetion of current
  workspace (bxo#8827)
* Sun Apr 29 2012
- update to version 4.10.0
  - translation updates
* Thu Apr 19 2012
- obsolete xfwm4-doc properly
* Sat Apr 14 2012
- recommend %{name}-lang
* Sat Apr 14 2012
- update to version 4.9.1
  - improve tiling
  - reduce tiling distance
  - keep pointer position relative to the window being moved
  - set spacing to avoid overlap with some themes
  - add workspace settings in a notebook
  - improve workspace dialog subtitle/comment
  - generate default icon during make dist
  - update FSF address in settings dialogs
  - add missing license
  - restore button press/release mask as removing it breaks switching
    workspaces with scroll wheel
  - add UI option to WM tweaks for tiling
  - resize fullscreen windows on screen size changes
  - don't use deprecated g_str(n)casecmp
  - translation updates
* Sun Apr 08 2012
- update to version 4.9.0
  - add tiling feature
  - navigate with arrows in task switcher
  - show dialogs in settings category
  - do not cancel pending focus transition and use actual
    meaningful timestamp to avoid setting focus on wrong window in
    focus follow mouse
  - remove docbook documentation
  - remove older themes from main package (moved to xfwm4-themes
  - add patch for themeable tab-window
  - use themeable icons for the settings manager and the menu,
    rework the default icons for the settings manager and the
    window menu and add SVG version
  - reintroduce the double-click timeout
  - drop AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in favor of LT_PREREQ and LT_INIT
  - simply double click detection logic
  - add special icons for the button layout in settings
  - remove some XFlush() calls
  - upon restart, restore the previous selected workspace
  - improve horizontal/vertical maximization toggle so that
    de-maximizing in either direction while fully maximized gives
    the expected maximization result
  - change the default theme to differentiate from 4.8
  - update mouse cursor theme and size dynamically
  - optimize transients for group evaluation while withdrawing#
  - increase timeout for other WM to exit with "--replace",
  - rework focus and fullscreen windows to make xfwm4 simpler and
    more predictable
  - get rid or of old GNOME 1.x protocol
  - get rif of legacy fullscreen emulation
  - translation updates
* Thu Mar 29 2012
- split-off -lang subpackage
- correct dependencies
- do not regenerate documentation
- specfile cleanup
* Mon Feb 20 2012
- add missing dependency on xorg-x11-devel
* Mon Dec 19 2011
- update to version 4.8.3
  - do not exit the move/resize loop when just any key is pressed
    unless the operation is triggered via the keyboard
  - reverting from desktop view may not focus the top most window
  - recompute window's position/maximization state even if the
    overall size of the screen hasn't changed as the actual layout
    of the monitors may have changed nevertheless
  - check for both forward and backward cycling modifier to be
    released before exiting the cycle loop
  - fix a couple of memory leaks
  - fix some events being lost causing the tabwin window to remain
    sometimes after the key has been released
  - fix crash when workspace count is set to negative values
  - fix crash in signal handler
  - fix a bug with transients for group (including utility windows)
    being withdrawn as many times as parent windows where in the
    group, causing utility windows to disapear when switching
  - do not allow applications to change the win layer on dialogs to
    prevent dialogs to be unreachable in some Java based
  - do not enforce the size increment only if the size request
    comes from the application itself
- dropped obsolete xfwm4-4.8.2-careful-layer-manipulation.patch,
  xfwm4-4.8.2-fix-disappearing-transient-windows.patch, and