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Version: 4.12.4-bp150.2.4
* Wed Jul 19 2017
- update to version 4.12.4
  - Work around a regression in Gtk2 allowing directories to be
    selected in the settings dialog bxo#12832
  - Don't try to divide by 0 bxo#12115
  - Add DBUS_CFLAGS and DBUS_LIBS so that it compiles with newer
- packaging: package NEWS instead of ChangeLog file, significantly
  reducing package size
* Thu Nov 24 2016
- update to version 4.12.3
  - rotate wallpaper images if they contain rotation information
  - Settings: Fix loading of wallpaper previews
  - fix setting of wallpaper if monitor name contains whitespace
  - translation updates
* Sun May 17 2015
- update to version 4.12.2
  - optimized sorting wallpapers (bxo#11817)
  - don't sort the image list when randomly cycling (bxo#11817)
  - don't load an image list unless we're cycling (bxo#11817)
  - allow dragging desktop launchers to the panel (bxo#2794)
  - load emblem-unreadable if necessary
  - bail out when a negative value was calculated for row/col.
  - hide empty comment line in icon tooltip
  - fix build error (bxo#11778)
  - ignore shadow blur radius when calculating icon text box
  - prefer "_NETSCAPE_URL" over "text/uri-list" (bxo#9632)
  - drop explicit LibSM check (bxo#11744)
  - preserve order when moving multiple icons (bxo#11195)
  - drop warning when D-Bus timeout error occurs (bxo#11283)
  - add default wallpaper folder to file chooser (bxo#11715)
* Sun Mar 22 2015
- update to version 4.12.1
  - remove unused variable 'tmp_text'
  - monitor the wallpaper file for changes (bxo#11620)
  - reinitialize background when reloading desktop (bxo#11620)
  - update rc file after completing delete process (bxo#11692)
  - add a xfconf settings to center the text on xfdesktop icons;
    this fixes some issues with RTL languages.
  - do not overwrite rc file while restoring icons (bxo#11266)
  - fix crash when moving 2+ icons to the bottom right corner
  - fix icon placement when using "Arrange Desktop Icons"
  - center icons vertically in the grid (bxo#11086)
  - set initial value of font size spin button
  - show sub directories in template menu again
  - prevent accidental double clicks in single click mode
  - disable rename menu entry for special icons
  - add icon emblems in clockwise order
  - handle icons with preset emblems (bxo#7417)
  - enable drag&drop popup menu for local actions
  - use mini icon and allow dimming of non-scaled icons
  - translation updates
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to version 4.12.0
  - new background for 4.12!
  - add a space between icons to fill the entire screen
  - add optional blurring on shadow on text of icons
  - editing menu items with right click optional
  - clarify right click apps menu presence (bxo#10301)
  - default application not respected with glib >= 2.41
  - include dir needed for building "out of tree"
  - fix crash in xfdesktop's metadata monitor
  - add 1px to widen the text shadow and improve contrast
  - fix calculation of shadows that are offset in RTL
    text (bxo#5239)
  - adapt thunar's context menu structure (bxo#11542)
  - additional context menu changes
  - consider shadow offsets and blur extents when
    calculating the text box
  - sort pending icons on resize (bxo#11266)
  - allow thunarx menu entries for multiple file selection
  - show 'No templates installed' when no templates
    are found
  - hide file action menu entries when volume + other
    icons are selected
  - don't use cairo_surface_create_similar_image
  - consider shadow extents/offsets when updating icon
  - translation updates
- remove obsolete xfdesktop-fix-default-application-lookup.patch
- rebased xfdesktop-default-background-image.patch
* Mon Nov 17 2014
- add xfdesktop-fix-default-application-lookup.patch in order to
  fix the default application lookup with gio >= 2.41 (bxo#11306)
* Mon Sep 15 2014
- update to version 4.11.8
  - fix xfdesktop --reload in spanning mode
  - settings: Fix background color loading
  - add an --enable-debug option added to xfdesktop-settings
  - fix icon loading for .desktop files
  - don't show infobar when there's only 1 workspace
  - remove the drag highlight code
  - translation updates
* Mon Aug 11 2014
- update to version 4.11.7
  - add an option to show hidden files
  - add a --next option to force wallpaper changes
  - add runtime debug support
  - add a move to trash menu option
  - change behaviour to behavior
  - Matias De lellis: Fix display desktop file that include
  extension in icon name
  - Matias De lellis: Fix missing thumbnail on xfdesktop when
  thumbler fails to create it
  - Mauro Giubileo: Fix icon position saving on resolution change
  - translation updates
* Thu May 01 2014
- update to version 4.11.6
  - miscellaneous bug fixes:
  - g_file_trash_async is too new (bxo#10786)
  - don't chain up style_set (bxo#10788)
  - fix for moving icons into folders on the desktop (bxo#10785)
  - fix issues with file move events (bxo#10796)
  - use GTK_STOCK_EXECUTE for Execute menu entry (bxo#10800)
  - change default image style to zoomed
  - fix for monitors not getting updated
  - hook up the signal handlers in xfdesktop-settings
  - miscellaneous bug fixes:
  - disconnect the directory signal handler when changing folders
  - correct an additional default icon size setting
  - fix for images not appearing in settings app (bxo#10685)
  - reset the icon_view style on style change (bxo#10605)
  - filter out changed events for special icons (bxo#10755)
  - use GIO directly for delete/trash operations (bxo#10778)
  - G_CONST_RETURN has been deprecated
  - versioned help:
  - point to the page for xfdesktop 4.11
  - build errors with some compiler flags:
  - dbus-glib is now required. Since xfconf requires it and
    xfconf is already required for xfdesktop, this shouldn't
    change dependancies much for xfdesktop. This bug was reported
    and fixed by Samuli Suominen (bxo#10745)
  - another build failure when disabling the menu and requiring
    exo was also resolved
  - icon changes in the settings app:
  - symbolic icons have issues with some gtk2 themes where they
    don't get colored properly. Additionally some themes don't
    have network-fs or gnome-dev-network so it has been changed
  - right click edits launchers:
  - when performing a right click, or shift + left click, on an
    item in the applications sub-menu of the desktop menu it will
    now pop up the dialog to edit the launcher. Same as
  - better migration from previous versions:
  - Xfdesktop now does a better job of migrating any user
    settings from 4.10 and before to the new xfconf properties
  - fix an settings issue when plug names aren't available
  - clean up some user strings:
  - some tooltips end with a period, some do not. This has been
  - "You are using more than one display, move this dialog to the
    display you want to edit the settings for." This takes a lot
    of space and brings along a bit of redundancy. Changed to
    "Move this dialog to the display you want to edit the
    settings for."
  - "Other items" on the third tab, below removable devices:
    "devices" replaces "items"
  - remember the window size of the settings dialog
  - fix segfault on session start
  - miscellaneous bug fixes:
  - iconview theme/gtkrc color/style issues resolved
  - issues with folder cover art not loading have been fixed
  - make xfdesktop-settings pluggable again (bxo#10714)
  - update the wallpapers after user sets folder in the settings
  - minimize grid resizes, it now won't recalculate icon
    positions if the grid size didn't actually change
  - memory leaks fixed
  - warnings that happened during runtime have been fixed
  - fix a crash when removing displays
  - show add/remove workspace option is on by default
  - multi-monitor fixes:
  - release pixmap on screen changes
  - always redraw backdrop on display change
    both patches were added so that transitions from one monitor
    to another cause the backdrop to properly display
  - update default icon size, spacing, and text proportion
  - scale up small image previews in xfdesktop-settings (bxo#10690)
  - fix strict aliasing issue
  - check for thumbnails in the new location
  - fix issues with icon resizing
  - refresh desktop on style changes
  - fix potential bugs found with static code analysis tools
  - fix keyboard cursor movement in the icon view
  - fix some runtime warnings
  - ensure a quit signal causes xfdesktop to shutdown
  - fix icon labels in RTL languages (bxo#10604)
  - use get_folder_actions for clicks on the desktop itself
  - only use thunarx_menu_provider_get_file_actions (bxo#10492)
  - xfdesktop-settings:
  - add xfconf property to toggle the display of the add/remove
    workspace menu items in the middle click menu (bxo#4278,
  - add an info bar to xfdesktop-settings so it is clearer on how
    to customize additional workspaces and monitors (bxo#10460)
  - keyboard navigation has been improved in xfdesktop-settings
  - port Xfdesktop to the GApplication API:
  - Xfdesktop now uses the GApplication API to handle process
    uniqueness, message passing, and life cycle management
  - improve how Xfdesktop transitions from the login manager to
    the initial wallpaper display; all bugs were reported and
    resolved by Alistair Buxton:
  - don't set the root pixmap until it's been drawn
  - don't show the window until the background is ready
  - don't set ESETROOT
  - scale down over-sized icons in menus so they have a uniform
    appearance (bxo#10545, bxo#10461)
  - move max-template-files xfconf property
  - remove old GLIB/GTK macro checks
  - update man page
  - wait for the window manager to prevent issues where the
    wallpaper and icons won't show up on additional screens
    during startup (bxo#7769)
  - fix icon renames causing duplicate icons
  - fix icons for .desktop files with absolute paths
  - don't show hidden or backup files on the desktop (bxo#9001)
  - fix a couple warning messages that happen when xfdesktop is
    shutdown while it's still starting up
  - improve how backdrops are chosen
  - wrong g_return_if_fail macro used
  - fix icon moves and deletions
  - don't cache the pixbufs in single workspace mode
  - clear all pixels from drag highlight box (bxo#10450)
  - speed up template sub-menu loading code (bxo#7834)
  - always move files from the trash (bxo#3983)
  - fix template sub-menu loading code (bxo#10138)
  - fix menu popups via the command line
  - use the Path key of desktop files if a path is not set
  - correctly display settings defaults
  - fix some memory leaks
  - include the chronological option in the combobox
  - allow the font size to go to 0
  - tooltip options in xfdesktop-settings
  - add a chronological backdrop cycle option
  - additonal backdrop cycle options
  - more removable device icon types (bxo#4056)
  - add icons in an idle callback
  - right click issues persist (bxo#9323)
  - migrate backdrop settings from previous versions (bxo#10380)
  - set warnings as fatal
  - update manpage (bxo#7576)
  - allow renaming of multiple icons
  - no need to remove the thumbnail if we're removing the icon
  - fix for renames removing icons
  - use GdkPixbufLoader for backdrops
  - change how icon positions are saved (bxo#9192)
  - avoid calling g_object_ref on NULL
  - fix for trash always showing empty on system startup (bxo#9006)
  - fix warnings and obsolete macros
  - fix a critical error message on exit
  - fix compiling with --disable-desktop-icons
  - custom folder icons (bxo#8326)
  - hold the cursor grab when presenting the menu (bxo#9323)
  - use async functions when working with the dbus filemanager
  - lower update delay of icon size spinbutton (bxo#9882)
  - unselect the desktop icon after activating it. (bxo#8640)
  - icon stays in place when renamed (bxo#1678)
  - better icon pixbuf caching
  - make inactive workspace headers insensitive in color
  - clean up middle-click menu appearance
  - fill in the icon area better
  - use GIcons and add support for emblems on icons
  - align icon labels and allow them to be multi-line (bxo#8646)
  - fix a crash when changing icon types
  - fix for CTRL + drag selections (bxo#10275)
  - more consistent icon placement (bxo#8814)
  - remove old migration code
  - fix HTTP URL performance issue / wrong action proposed
  - decide on move/copy action before items have been dropped
  - clip overlapping backdrops (bxo#9052)
  - fix memory leaks
  - apply wallpaper to all workspaces option
  - port fix for bxo#9892 from the xfce-4.10 branch
  - thumbnail service support to xfdesktop-settings (bxo#6536)
  - improve the eject/unmount notifications (bxo#9845)
  - Xfdesktop supports per-workspace wallpapers (bxo#369)
  - add a tabs width of padding for tooltip text (bxo#9162)
  - add a signal handler for removable devices to update the icon
    When the theme is changed (bxo#8977)
  - add an unmount option and notifications when a device is
    removed (bxo#7610)
  - made changes so that DISABLE_DEPRECATED and GSEAL flags can be
  - autotools updates
  - translation updates
- drop obsolete xfdesktop-automake-1.13.patch
* Wed Mar 13 2013
- builds with automake 1.13
  * automake-1.13.patch
* Sun Mar 10 2013
- update to 4.10.2
  - fix hang when no backdrop image is selected
  - fix tiling for some images.
* Thu Mar 07 2013
- update to version 4.10.1
  - add a tabs width of padding for tooltip text
  - fix theming of removable devices' icons
  - SVG images are no longer pixilated when scaled up
  - improve menu icon loading
  - fix background cycling
  - fix a crash when minimized window icons are resized
  - fix use-after-free in xfdesktop_regular_file_icon_peek_tooltip
  - translation updates
- dropped obsolete xfdesktop-fix-backdrop-timer.patch and
* Tue Jan 29 2013
- fix the default path for background images in the settings dialog
* Thu Dec 20 2012
- added xfdesktop-fix-backdrop-timer.patch in order to fix the
  backdrop timer not being rescheduled (bnc#793723, bxo#8962)
* Wed Jun 27 2012
- fix use-after-free in desktop icon tooltip code (bnc#768985)
* Wed May 09 2012
- add versioned dependencies
* Tue May 01 2012
- rename %{_datadir}/wallpapers/xfce/default.jpg to
  %{_datadir}/wallpapers/xfce/default.wallpaper, the default
  wallpaper formats may differ and xfdesktop doesn't care about
  the filetype extension
* Sun Apr 29 2012
- update to version 4.10.0
  - use the correct default value for the 'show thumbnails'
  - remove deprecated glib/gio functions
  - translation updates
- added dependency on exo-tools since it uses exo-desktop-item-edit
* Fri Apr 27 2012
- add dependency on libgarcon-data which provides menu data
* Sat Apr 14 2012
- update to version 4.9.3
  - fix dependency versions
  - hide unneeded message on startup
  - apply single click option on startup
  - disable the resize grip from the root window
  - add new background and remove old ones
  - make string translatable
  - fix a mnemonic conflict
  - simplify the menu reloading
  - translation updates
- added xfdesktop-default-backdrop-image.patch which sets the
  default backdrop image to a symlink that is delivered by branding
- added xfdesktop-backgrounds-path.patch in order to deliver
  background images under DATADIR/wallpapers which is already used
  by openSUSE
Version: 4.12.4-bp150.3.3.1
* Fri May 17 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
- Added xfdesktop-wallpaper-scaling.patch. Fixes boo#1134125
- Use %autosetup macro for simpler maintanance