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Update Info: openSUSE-2023-175
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Change Logs

* Mon May 29 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
- Update to version 4.18.3
  * shutdown: Do not set an error when returning TRUE
  * logout-dialog: Fix use-after-free
  * Use glib wrappers for memory allocation
  * build: Fix build when there is no suspend/hibernate support
  * build: Add suspend support for Solaris
  * startxfce4: Fix xinit arguments order
  * manager: Always use xfsm_manager_save_yourself_dbus() (Fixes #106)
  * settings: Remove useless tooltip
  * xflock4: Update fallback list
  * logout-dialog: Lower warning level
  * shutdown: Keep error NULL when unused
  * cleanup: Remove dead polkit code
  * Revert "Fallback to old method for shutdown (bug #8630)."
  * Use g_critical() instead of g_error()
  * Use GLib logging functions or g_printerr() instead of g_print()
  * Use GLib logging functions instead of g_printerr()
  * build: Fix untranslated policykit file
  * Escape/unescape string list delimiter when saving/restoring session
  * Replace XfceRc with GKeyFile for session file parsing
  * Translation Updates
Version: 4.18.2-bp155.1.5
* Tue Mar 28 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
- Update to version 4.18.2
  * manager: Fix GQueue memory management
  * Fix Xfconf memory management
  * Update bug report address
  * Fix suspend/hibernation bug on ConsoleKit2 (Fixes #164)
* Fri Feb 10 2023 Manfred Hollstein <>
- Update to version 4.18.1
  * Update copyright year
  * Fix bus name acquisition/ownership (#54, !34)
  * Use XfceScreensaver from Libxfce4ui (!35)
  * build: Fix previous commit
  * build: Fix autotools warnings
  * Avoid duplicating directories in the tail of $XDG_* envs (#111, !21)
  * settings: Fix memory leak
  * libxfsm: Fix wrong return value
  * Fix memory leaks when opening xfce4-session-settings
  * Fix blurry session snapshots (!33)
  * Fix blurry icons in autostart tab when UI scale > 1 (!33)
  * build: Fix GTK deprecation warnings (!32)
  * build: Fix some other GDK deprecation warnings (!32)
  * build: Fix gdk_error_trap_push/pop() deprecation warnings (!32)
  * build: Let xdt-depends.m4 macros set GLib macros (!32)
  * Make use of translations for run hooks (Fixes #156)
  * Translation Updates
- Regenerate xfce4-session-adapt-session-scripts-git.patch and
- Remove two stray comments about add-light-locker-support patches
* Thu Dec 22 2022 Manfred Hollstein <>
- Update to version 4.18.0
  * Bump requirements for Xfce 4.18
  * Translation Updates
- Remove add-light-locker-support-git.patch and add-light-locker-support.patch
- Update to version 4.17.2
  * logout-dialog: New Xfconf property "ShowSave" (!29)
  * bump copyright year to 2022
- Update to version 4.17.1
  * Translation Updates
- Update to version 4.17.0
  * settings: Revert type hint change
  * Check getgrgid(3) return value to avoid crash
  * build: Fix intltool lock file problem during make distcheck
  * Remove pre-defined lockers
  * Refresh list of screensavers (#17)
  * Do not mind output of screensaver, if successful
  * Run custom command in a separate shell
  * Avoid extra pause by redirecting stdin
  * Update COPYING
  * Increase switch user timeout (!25)
  * xflock4: Apply initial delay before running a screensaver/locker (#29)
  * xflock4: Update copyrights
  * xflock4: make the script executable
  * Add labels to inline toolbar buttons
  * Use correct icon for Close button
  * Translation Updates
Version: 4.16.0-bp153.1.16
* Wed Dec 23 2020 Maurizio Galli <>
- Update to version 4.16.0
  - settings: Accept all types of GIcon
  - settings: Adjust inline toolbar
  - Fix compilation with -Wmissing-prototypes
  - Don't warn when there are no saved sessions
  - bump glib (and gio, gthread, etc) minimum to 2.50.0
  - Remove GSourceFunc casts
  - Update .gitignore
  - Add to EXTRA_DIST
  - Translation Updates
* Sat Nov 07 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 4.15.1
  * Fix potential crash in suspend and shutdown
  * Avoid potential format-string vulns
  * settings: Tweak 'Current Session' tab
  * settings: Make 'App Autostart' columns sortable
  * settings: Fix 'Current session' column width
  * Add lock icon, 24px and 32px icons
  * Add more guards around GErrors
  * Update copyright year
  * Fix ifdef
  * Translation Updates
* Fri Aug 28 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 4.15.0
  * Use new icon in settings dialog (bxo#16885)
  * Add new application icon and rDNS icon name
  * logout-dialog: Add new icons
  * logout-dialog: Bump icon size to 48px
  * Switch to symbolic window-close icons
  * Drop GDM compatibility code to avoid invalid session locale
  * Segfault when suspending without pm-suspend installed (bxo#16632)
  * Expand field codes
  * Add a GnuPG 2.1+ mode
  * Fix session crash at logout (bxo#16105)
  * Free the intermediate "cmd" variable in xfsm_startup_init()
  * Re-add xfsm_startup_shutdown() call to xfce4-session main()
  * Remove sys/sysctl.h on linux platform
  * Move from exo-csource to xdt-csource (bxo#16717)
  * Try xfce screensaver before cinnamon (bxo#16223)
  * Add support for xfce4-screensaver (bxo#16522)
  * Silence runtime warning (bxo#15731)
  * settings: Don't warn when there are no saved sessions
  * settings: Add sort-on-click to columns in "Current Session" tab (!3)
  * settings: Add keywords for discoverability (bxo#10694)
  * settings: Add tooltips to image-buttons
  * settings: Better app icon lookup
  * settings: Be more precise in infobar wording
  * settings: Drop inline-toolbar button labels
  * settings: Move autostart info to docs.xfce
  * settings: Don't make 'saved sessions' tab reorderable
  * settings: Sort saved sessions by most recently used (bxo#15338)
  * Only clean generated sources when in maintainer mode
  * Do not show translation info on --help output
  * Translation Updates
* Sun Oct 19 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in startxfce4 script (bxo#10828)
- add patches:
  * xfce4-session-4.10.1-fix-bashisms.patch (backported from
    upstream git)
Version: 4.14.2-bp152.1.4
* Sun Mar 29 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 4.14.2
  * Add support for xfce4-screensaver (bxo#16522)
  * Try xfce screensaver before cinnamon (bxo#16223)
  * Translation Updates
* Sun Jan 12 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 4.14.1
  * Fix session crash at logout (bxo#16105)
  * settings: Don't make 'saved sessions' tab reorderable
  * Translation Updates
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
- Fixed sources in spec file
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
- Update to version 4.14.0
  * settings: Fix icon name
  * settings: Replace GtkStock buttons
  * Set XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME in systemd user session (bxo#15440)
  * Translation Updates
- Changes from version 4.13.4
  * Process Gtk events prior to starting D-Bus (bxo#15712)
  * Splash engines are not present anymore in xfce4-session
    (obsoletes the lib and -devel Subpackages)
  * Translation updates
- Changes from version 4.13.3
  * Reset font-size of logout dialog to default (bxo#15505)
  * Report optional dependency on polkit (bxo#12761)
  * Read data from correct group when editing autostart entry
  * Improve layout of autostart add/edit dialogs
  * Improve column layout of autostart tab (bxo#15448)
  * settings: Fix crash when terminating programs (bxo#15489)
  * Translation updates
  - Update to version 4.13.2
  - Drop splash screens
  - Introduce priority-group startup for FailSafe Session
  - Optionally run commands on logout, suspend etc. (bxo#10172)
  - xflock4:
  - Do not override PATH with hardcoded value.
  - Add support for xfce4-screensaver to xflock4
  - chooser:
  - Improve look and feel of the session chooser
  - Improve UI and add delete button (bxo#12799)
  - Add fallback theming to chooser dialogs
  - Enable keypress response to session creation
  - Update session name in xfconf after chooser
  - Fix case in session chooser buttons
  - settings:
  - Show saved sessions in settings dialog
  - Move "lock screen before sleep" option to general tab
  - Fix alignment of session lock property
  - Fix PID showing in "Current Session" tab
  - Improve icon matching in "Current Session" tab
  - Add a label for the currently active session
  - Add a "delete session" button to the session list
  - Make the Autostart buttons an inline toolbar
  - Initialize the session list treeview if necessary
  - More settings dialog UI improvements
  - Add column headers to autostart list
  - In autostart some apps (e.g. xfce-polkit) have bigger icons
  - Make entries expand in add/edit app startup dialog (bxo#15321)
  - logout-dialog:
  - Fix sensitivity of switch user button
  - Remove blue border from logout dialog (bxo#15284)
  - Improve default style of the logout dialog
  - Add styleclass to make logout dialog themeable
  - Set logout dialog icons from icon_name
  - Support scaling in logout dialog (bxo#14951)
  - Use a different icon for hybrid sleep when possible
  - Fix mnemonic conflict on logout dialog
  - Use systemd-logind methods instead of polkit permissions (bxo#14707)
  - scripts/ use "command" shell builtin instead of
  - Use sysconf(_SC_NGROUPS_MAX) instead of #defining an arbitrary
    MAX_USER_GROUPS (bxo#14722)
  - Don't auto start consolekit daemon if it is not running
  - Added better shutdown fallback support for the BSDs (bxo#14722)
  - Don't install generic icon names (bxo#11912)
  - Use exec to launch xfce4-session from xinitrc
  - xinitrc: Remove fallback path when xfce4-session is not installed
  - Remove old unused autostart_migrate function
  - Fix GVariant format string in dbus server
  - Extend debug messages
  - Silence compiler warnings
  - Remove unused checks on configure step
  - Drop unused function
  - Remove useless ioprio.h check
  - rollback fix of a warning (fix requires glib 2.58)
  - Fixed warning "cast between incompatible function types" introduced
    in GCC 8
  - replaced GList of windows with single window (not required any more)
  - merged identic cases
  - removed duplicated loop counter
  - replaced deprecated "gtk_display_get_screen"  - For each display
    there is only one screen (See gtk3 doc of gdk_display_get_screen).
  - bump gtk version to 3.22 and gmodule/gio to 2.42
  - Remove now useless XFCE_GLADE_*_PATH variables (bxo#13945)
  - Tell intltool how to extract .ui files (bxo#14582)
  - fix build failure when dbus is not in the system include path
  - Translation updates
- Changes from 4.13.1
  * Add/Edit Application Autostart Entries (bxo#13271)
  * Remove non-existent grid properties (bxo#13271)
  * fix coverity 178990 Resource leak
  * fix coverity cid 178989 Dereference after null check
  * 178988 'Constant' variable guards dead code
  * fix coverity cid 178987 Logically dead code
  * fix coverity cid 87608 Dereference after null check
  * 178988 'Constant' variable guards dead code
  * fix coverity cid 178987 Logically dead code
  * fix coverity cid 87608 Dereference after null check
  * fix coverity cid 87607 Unchecked return value from library
  * Hybrid Sleep support - "hibernate" and suspend the system
  * xfce4-session-logout: deconflict -h option (bxo#12806)
  * Export the SSH_AUTH_SOCK when spawning client bxo#13486
  * fix: Compilation error with --disable-polkit bxo#12760
  * Require libxfce4ui-2 instead of libxfce4ui-1 in file
  * xfsm-manager: pass manager variable to g_timeout_add bxo#13802
  * Bump GTK version to 3.20
  * Check accessibility depending on xfsm configuration
  * Fix keyboard grab for logout window
  * Fix fadeout window using Xlib API
  * Fix gdk max version to 3.20
  * Translation updates
- Changes from 4.13.0
  * xfsm has been ported to Gtk3.
  * xfsm now does session management for clients using the Gtk application
    dbus interface.
  * xfsm has been ported to GDBus.
  * Add a switch user button to the logout dialog (bxo#10345)
  * UPower dependency has been removed as the suspend/hibernate dbus calls
    were dropped from it.
  * Handle screensaver with it's own object (bxo#12603)
  * Fix a crash when warning about the screenlocker (bxo#12603)
  * When locking fallback to xflock4 first (bxo#12603)
  * Add switch-user to the xfsm-logout program
- Added %bcond to improve portability of spec file between git master
  and released sources
- Drop obsolete patch xfce4-session-simple-splash-remove-shadows.patch
- Drop obsolete patch xfce4-session-Make-verbose-logging-conditional.patch
- Dropped additional-lockers-support.patch
- Added add-light-locker-support.patch
- Added xfce4-session-adapt-session-scripts-git.patch for git master builds
- Added add-light-locker-support-git.patch for git master builds
- Dropped obsolete xfce4-session-systemd-user-addons.patch (fixed upstream)
- Fixed up spec file
- Don't install xscreensaver.desktop. We use xfce4-screensaver instead
* Wed Jun 05 2019
- Removed add-light-locker-support.patch. Replaced by
  additional-lockers-support.patch which supports both
  xfce4-screensaver and lightlocker
Version: 4.12.1-bp151.5.2
* Sat Mar 30 2019
- Remove a hunk from xinitrd. Upstream already sets
  XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP with commit 4daf68eb
- Use autosetup for simpler quilt setup
  refresh add-light-locker-support.patch
* Wed Oct 24 2018
- add add-light-locker-support.patch to add support to light-locker
Version: 4.12.1-bp150.1.3
* Sat Dec 30 2017
- add xfce4-session-systemd-user-addons.patch to fix systemd-user
  services by exporting XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME
* Mon Dec 18 2017
- Remove build require on xorg-x11 metapackage
- Add explicit build requires on x11 and atk.
* Mon Jul 03 2017
- Do not mark %{_datadir}/xsessions/default.desktop as %ghost,
  it needs to be installed as normal file.
* Wed May 17 2017
- Use update-alternatives to create default.desktop xsession (boo#1030873)
* Mon Sep 19 2016
- xfce4-session-Make-verbose-logging-conditional.patch:
  Make verbose logging conditional (boo#999676).
* Mon Mar 16 2015
- update to version 4.12.1
  - bump libxfce4ui min to 4.12.1
  - drop check for sessions file before it's written (bxo#11632)
  - translation updates
* Sat Feb 28 2015
- update to version 4.12.0
  - Remove AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL, it was only
    added in autoconf 2.69 and we dont use
    stdbool.h anyway
  - Add symlinks to the old icons (bxo#11513)
  - Rename action icon names (bxo#11513)
  - Gracefully handle the sessions dir being
    readonly (bxo#11307)
  - Add ConsoleKit2 support
  - Create scripts/xinitrc from scripts/ created by
  - Translation updates
* Mon Dec 01 2014
- update to version 4.11.1
  - Add DesktopNames to .desktop file
  - Export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP (Bug #11239)
  - Expand usage of xfsm_verbose for debugging
  - Don't log errors when trying to close non-existent FDs
  - Add error checking for fcntl
  - Properly print the dbus error message
  - Check the return value of select
  - atoi (argv[2]) is unsafe
  - Check the return value of gtk_tree_selection_get_selected
  - gtk_cell_renderer_text_new is never used
  - Minor Autotools Updates
  - Add fallback DragonflyBSD support for suspend/hibernate
  - Use pkexec for xfsm-shutdown (Bug 9952)
  - Handle gpg and ssh agents separately
    Patch by Mikhail Efremov
  - Non-POSIX compliant test used in startxfce4 (Bug 10828)
    Patch by seejay
  - Update copyright year (Bug 10768)
  - polkit_unix_process_new is deprecated (Bug 10793)
    Patch by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov
  - Add logind runtime detection to support suspend/hibernate
    (Bug 9952) Patch by Guido Berhoerster
  - Translation Updates
- drop obsolete
* Mon Oct 20 2014
- fix typo in xfce4-session-set-desktop-name.patch.changes,
  DesktopNames instead of DesktopName
* Sun Oct 19 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in startxfce4 script (bxo#10828)
- add patches:
  * xfce4-session-4.10.1-fix-bashisms.patch (backported from
    upstream git)
* Sun Oct 19 2014
- add xfce4-session-set-desktop-name.patch.changes in order to set
  the DesktopName property in the xsession file (bxo#11239)
* Sun Oct 19 2014
- modify xfce4-session-adapt-session-scripts.patch to set
* Thu May 01 2014
- update to version 4.11.0
  - remove gnome-keyring remains
  - remove xfce environment functions and use glib
  - add shutdown/reboot functionality for systemd (bxo#8729)
  - fix duplicated accelerators
  - use the async spawn function of glib
  - store the watch function id to avoid possible double free
  - translation updates
* Thu Oct 10 2013
- Add requires iceauth package. xfce4-session uses iceauth for
  authorization (bnc#845264).
* Tue Aug 06 2013
- add xfce4-session-systemd-suspend-hibernate-support.patch in
  order to add systemd suspend/hibernate support (bnc#9952)
* Fri Jun 07 2013
- drop obsolete configure switches
* Sun May 05 2013
- update to version 4.10.1
  - remove xfce environment functions and use glib
  - add shutdown/reboot functionality for systemd
  - fix logic of the --fast action
  - bump copyright year
  - store the child watch id to avoid possible double free
  - use the async spawn function of glib
  - autotools updates
  - remove gnome-keyring remains
  - handle multiple interactive session save
  - translation updates
- remove obsolete xfce4-session-avoid-possible-double-free.patch,
* Mon Apr 29 2013
- add xfce4-session-avoid-possible-double-free.patch in order to
  avoid a possible double free crash (bxo#9709, backported from
  upstream git)
* Tue Feb 26 2013
- removed systemd workaround in
  xfce4-session-adapt-session-scripts.patch now that
  xfce4-power-manager is patched
* Tue Dec 18 2012
- changed xfce4-session-adapt-session-scripts.patch so that it the
  session is wrapped with systemd-inhibit in order to work around
  systemd's broken defaults of handling suspend/hibernate-keys and
  the lidswitch which interferes with xfce4-power-manager
  (bnc#789057), this unconditionally disables systemd's handling of
  these keys regardless of its settings or whether
  xfce4-power-manager actually runs in the session or not