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Change Logs

* Wed Feb 02 2022 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.6
  * Fix translations not showing in the GUI
  * Don't save some defaults to configuration files
  * Fix visibility of the associated-command configuration
  * Update syntax
  * Translation Updates
* Mon Oct 11 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.5
  * Avoid FreeBSD "string.h" include file issue
  * Fix compilation with libxfce4util earlier than 4.17.0
  * Update README
  * Code cleanup: Convert circular buffer mask from a field to a
    member function
  * Lower the number of false positives in sub-optimal
    SMT scheduling
  * Account for irregular core IDs in CPU topology
  * Increase type-safety of the return types of callback functions
  * Fix CPU topology initialization memory leak
  * Convert CpuGraph* to Ptr<CPUGraph>
  * Code cleanup: Add "using xfce4::Ptr" shortcuts
  * Add xfce4::RGBA
  * Code cleanup: Replace C pointers with xfce4::Ptr0 and
  * Code cleanup: Move set() function declarations inside struct
  * Replace author nicknames with real names
  * Update and sort the list of authors
  * Code cleanup: Remove typedef keyword from type declarations
  * Code cleanup: Add CPUGRAPH to header file if-defs
  * Code cleanup: Remove extern "C" from header files
  * Code cleanup: Remove #include libintl.h
  * Use C++ λ-functions for widget signal handlers
  * Code cleanup: Replace gboolean with bool where possible
  * Use xfce4::sprintf() instead of g_snprintf()
  * Add xfce4::sprintf()
  * Update extensions in translation files from .c to .cc
  * Rename properties.c to
  * Replace mode.c with
  * Return a std::string pointer from Rc:read_entry()
  * Rename main plugin implementation file from C to C++
  * Code cleanup: Move variable declarations and replace GList
    with std::vector
  * Rename OS-specific file from C to C++
  * Slightly improved CPU count detection in case some CPUs
    are offline
  * Convert settings read/write code from C to C++
  * Rename shadowed variable name to avoid a compiler warning
  * Suppress compiler warning
  * Bump requirements to version 4.14
  * Enable close button translations
  * Fix compiler warnings on FreeBSD and SUN
  * Bump properties dialog to Xfce 4.14 API
  * Export SVG icons to PNG
  * New icons
  * Lower peak memory consumption in case of a long CPU load
  * Fix OpenBSD codepath (gxo#panel-plugins/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin#28)
  * Initially hide run-in-terminal checkbox if the command is empty
  * Translation Updates
Version: 1.2.3-bp153.2.3.1
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.3
  * Add support for per-core history graphs
  * Enable user-defined spacing between per-core history graphs
  * Use an exponential function when painting the grid
    in non-linear mode
  * Improve performance of current CPU usage bars
  * Improve LED rendering performance
  * Improve grid rendering performance
  * Enumerate CPU cores from 0 (instead of 1) to match Linux
    command-line tools
  * Ensure that the bars and the history cannot be disabled at
    the same time
  * Slightly better handling of colors
  * Translation Updates
Version: 1.2.2-bp153.1.10
* Sun Feb 14 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.2
  * Record CPU load data even if the chart is currently disabled
  * Validate size against minimum and maximum allowed values
  * Change semantics of the non-linear time-scale mode
  * Fix corner cases when rendering the grid and LED modes
  * Show SMT stats tooltip only when needed
  * Translation Updates
* Sun Jan 31 2021 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.1
  * Repaint CPU load history after the user changes the update interval
  * Properly initialize current usage bars
  * Scale CPU load history chart according to the current update interval
  * Store history in a circular buffer
  * Add timestamps to CPU load history
  * Update copyright year
  * Update configuration files
  * Translation Updates
* Mon Dec 28 2020 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.2.0
  * Highlighting of suboptimal thread placement on SMT CPUs
  * Separate the associated command from the rest of config options
  * Better resilience to inconsistent OS CPU utilization data
  * Display 'Show bars' in the same tab as 'Bars color'
  * Clamp CPU usage values to zero if they are below a threshold
  * Cleanup NEWS file
  * Use larger unscaled icon in about dialog
  * Add small explanation about default commands
  * Dynamic default command lookup
  * Fix RGBA string memory leak
  * Fix an invalid memory reference
  * Link sensitivity of labels to sensitivity of color buttons
  * Allow setting colors with alpha
  * Revalidate the event box after showing widgets
  * Use floating-point instead of fixed-point CPU load values
  * Paint CPU usage if it is 1 pixel tall
  * Lower CPU usage when rendering bars
  * Update URLs
  * Improve performance of CPU data parsing
  * Read CPU data correctly if some CPUs are offline
  * Paint CPU bars in left-to-right order
  * Separate the bars from the history frame
  * Fix old-style function warnings
  * Fix clang and gcc warnings
  * Also offer a 3 second update interval
  * Update URLs from goodies.x.o to docs.x.o (bxo#16157)
  * Allow compilation with panel 4.15
  * Fix typo breaking build on NetBSD (bxo#15794)
  * Disable frame and make background transparent by default
  * Translation Updates
Version: 1.1.0-bp152.101.19
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
- Fixed sources in spec file
* Tue Jul 16 2019 Maurizio Galli <>
- Package renamed to follow upstream name xfce4-foo-plugin
- Use lang subpackage for manual edits instead of %lang_package macro
- Cleaned up spec file
* Wed Jul 03 2019 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- Update to version 1.1.0
  * Stable release of cpugraph-plugin, featuring only updated
    translations. For more details on the GTK 3 Port and other
    improvements, please refer to the release notes of 1.0.90
    and 1.0.91.
* Sun Jun 23 2019 Marcel Kuehlhorn <>
- update to version 1.0.91
  * Add option to disable the graph (bxo#15163)
  * Use css to change bar colors (bxo#15186)
  * Fix bars in horizontal mode
  * Updated translations
* Wed May 29 2019 Vinzenz Vietzke <>
- update to version 1.0.90
  - GTK 3 Port
  - Updated translations
- Cleaned spec file (URLs with https, Git bcond)
* Sun Mar 17 2013
- update to version 1.0.5
  - only set bar color if a color was actually specified
  - only set bar color if bars are enabled
- dropped obsolete
* Mon Jul 02 2012
- update to version 1.0.4
  - fix build failure with xfce4-panel 4.8
- added xfce4-panel-plugin-cpugrap-only-set-color-if-enabled.patch
  in order to only set bar color if bars are enabled (bxo#907,
  backported from upstream git)
* Sun Jul 01 2012
- update to version 1.0.3
  - better compliance with panel plugin HIG
  - add an option allowing to set the bar color
  - fix transparency issues
* Sun Apr 29 2012
- update to version 1.0.2
  - ported to libxfce4ui
  - fixed buffer overflow
  - fixes plugin losing associated command value
  - build the plugin as a module
  - adapt to panel 4.9 api
- removed obsolete
* Fri Apr 20 2012
- added documentation files
* Tue Apr 17 2012
- corrected source URL
* Tue Apr 03 2012
- specfile cleanup
- correct dependencies
- split off -lang subpackage
* Wed Mar 09 2011
- new package (split off from xfce4-panel-plugins)