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Change Logs

* Wed May 23 2018
- n_xorg-server-1.20.patch
  * fix build against xorg-server 1.20
Version: 0.6.0-bp150.2.4
* Wed Mar 08 2017
- updated to release 0.6.0
  * First official support for CX700, VX700, and VX800 chipsets
    integrated TMDS transmitter (i.e., DVI support)
  * Initial support for Silicon Image SiI 164 TMDS transmitter
  * Improved FP reinitialization when resuming from standby
    (HP 2133 Mini-Note, FIC CE260 / CE261 based netbooks like
    Everex CloudBook and Sylvania g netbook)
  * Improved automatic detection of display resources
  * Improved X Server stability in dual monitor mode
  * Automatic active steering of the display controller channel to the
    correct display output device
  * Fix for the disruption of the VT (Virtual Terminal) screen bug
    introduced in Version 0.5
  * Fix for HP 2133 Mini-Note's PCIe WLAN getting turned off
    inadvertently bug introduced in Version 0.5
* Wed Dec 14 2016
- updated to release 0.5.0
  * Support for multiple display outputs (i.e., RandR)
  * Support for VIA Technologies VT1632A TMDS transmitter for DVI
  * Changing the screen resolution during runtime will no longer crash
    the X.Org Server
  * CLE266 chipset will not function correctly if "CRT + TV" option was
    chosen in BIOS setup (observed in VIA Embedded EPIA-M mainboard)
  * xf86InitFBManager implicit compilation warning
  * VX800 chipset now resumes from ACPI S3 State correctly if only VGA
    is used (Xubuntu 14.04 has a bug when resuming with VX800 chipset.
    The fix is working at least for Lubuntu 10.04 and 12.04.)
  * Some improvement in ACPI S3 State resume behavior for
    P4M900 / VN896 / CN896 chipsets when LVDS FP (Flat Panel) is being used
    (This fix is not perfect and the solution to fully solve this bug is
    still being investigated.)
* Wed Apr 27 2016
- updated to release 0.4.0
- obsoletes patches
  * U_Add-pciid-for-ECS-VX900-I-motherboard.patch
  * u_xf86.h-cannot-be-included-without-first-including-xo.patch
  * xf86-video-openchrome-abuild.patch
* Sun Jun 07 2015
- U_Add-pciid-for-ECS-VX900-I-motherboard.patch
  * Add pciid for ECS VX900-I motherboard (bnc#911300)
* Tue Dec 16 2014
- fixed summary and description
* Wed Nov 05 2014
- u_xf86.h-cannot-be-included-without-first-including-xo.patch
  * fixes build with latest glibc
* Mon Oct 27 2014
- fixed buildrequires (added pkgconfig(gl))
* Wed May 29 2013
- Set ExclusiveArch to x86. The pacakge is x86 specific
* Sat Mar 30 2013
- Initial package, version 0.3.2.
- Add xf86-video-openchrome-abuild.patch: fix brp check by using
  strcmp as appropriate.