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Change Logs

* Fri Dec 11 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
- Add BuildRequires: libboost_atomic-devel to fix building the
  package in Leap 15.3
* Wed Sep 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 4.4.0:
  * Wt 4.4.0 adds a couple of new features, like multiple X axes, and
  * WColorPicker, among other fixes and tweaks
  * security related: Wt now rejects GET requests for Ajax-enabled sessions
  that are not for resources, as an extra means to prevent session
  hijacking attempts
  * Wt 4.3.0 mainly adds the ability to redirect logging to a custom logging
  function, and login and transport encryption to the mail client, among some
  other fixes and tweaks
* Mon Mar 16 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to new upstream release 4.2.2:
  * ensure that tooltips are always on top, even inside of a dialog
  * fixed text format being reset when the text of a WAnchor is cleared
  * fixed panning not working properly for a WCartesianChart with plain tooltips
  * fixed JavaScript memory leak related to deferred or HTML tooltips
  * and lots of other fixes (
* Sun Dec 08 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 4.2.0
  * WSuggestionPopup: wordSeparators no longer requires (extra) escaping
  * The WLogEntry copy constructor was removed and replaced by a move constructor
  * Removed WDatePicker::setGlobalPopup
  * the default visibility of symbols is now set to hidden
  * It's now possible to get client certificate information in wthttp when behind a reverse proxy
  * WLogEntry can now use argument dependent lookup
  * Limited prevention of default action of the dragstart event to only draggable widgets.
  * Fixed removal of all widgets in a layout causing a JavaScript error
  and many more. Check the Changelog file for details.
- Run spec-cleaner
* Mon Mar 25 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Remove the Qt4 dependency. Qt4 will be removed from factory soon.
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Adam Majer <>
- Update to 4.0.5
  + ItemDataRole: updated the following methods, so version bump,
  + Dbo: reentrant statement use
  + Flex layout fixes
- Changes in 4.0.4:
  + WCartesianChart improvements
  - Multiple Y axis support
  - On-demand loading
  + Added support for transparency in PDFs
  + Disabled TLS v. 1.0 and 1.1 support
- Changes in 4.0.3:
  + WFileUpload: added display widget
  + WFileDropWidget: added drop indication and global drop
  + WTableView: exposed touch events
  For detailed list of changes, please see ReleaseNotes.html
- Removed upstreamed patches
  + Asio-Fixed-for-older-versions-of-Boost.patch
  + Several-changes.patch
  + Adding-missing-libraries-issue-6198.patch
- install license correctly
Version: 4.0.2-bp152.4.1
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Max Lin <>
- Fix build with Pango 1.44
  * add wt-Issue-7193-Pango-1.44-fix-add-harfbuzz-include-dir.patch
Version: 4.0.2-bp150.1.3
* Mon Jan 08 2018
- Updated to 4.0.2
  * Release 4.0.2 (November 24, 2017)
    This is a patch release that fixes a few problems with the build of
  * Wt 4.0.1, and fixes a bug in Wt::Auth.
    Release 4.0.1 (November 21, 2017)
    This is a smaller release with mostly bugfixes, and some new features:
  * Added WContainerWidget::addNew() and similar methods
    Because writing code like this:
    auto text = root()->addWidget(std::make_unique<Wt::WText>("Hello!"));
    is a bit verbose, a shorthand was added that creates the widget and adds
    to the container in one go:
    auto text = root()->addNew<Wt::WText>("Hello!");
    addNew forwards its arguments to the constructor, just like
    std::make_unique. Along those lines, we added
    and WTemplate::bindNew().
    Added the <max-formdata-size> configuration option
    Previously, the maximum size of form data sent by Wt in a single POST
    request was capped to 5 MiB. In applications with a large amount of forms
    with a lot of data, that may not be enough, so <max-formdata-size> can be
    used to adjust this independently. Note that the maximum request size (and
    by consequence, the form data size) is still capped by <max-request-size>.
  * Release 4.0.0 (September 19, 2017)
    This release has all of the added features of Wt 3.3.8, but comes with
    many notable changes. In general, Wt 4 employs the more modern C++ style
    of C++11 and beyond. Support for compilers without sufficient C++11
    support is dropped competely. Wt 4 aligns more with the C++ Core
    Guidelines in a pragmatic way, while keeping the API familiar.
    Changes in Wt's memory model
    Header files now end in .h
    Replacements for Boost
    Removal of deprecated functionality
  * Release 3.3.8 (August 16, 2017)
    OpenID Connect support
    Wt::Dbo: added sql_value_traits for Wt::Json::Object and Wt::Json::Array.
    Added <allowed-hosts> configuration option for CORS
    Other small improvements:
  * Release 3.3.7 (March 31, 2017)
    This release fixes many bugs, but also introduces some new features:
  - WFileDropWidget
  - Scroll visibility
  - Touch events
  - Combined session tracking mode
  - Wraparound for WSpinBox and WTimeEdit
  - Some minor extra features
  * Release 3.3.6 (July 13, 2016)
    This release has a focus on bug fixes and some new features:
  - Support for WebSocket compression in wthttp
  - Time entry improvements
  - Skia version updated
  - Wt::Dbo
  For a full list of changes please refer to:
- boost_1_63_fix.patch: removed (obsoleted by update)
- Several-changes.patch
  Fix issues with boost 1.66 (boo#1074999).
- Adding-missing-libraries-issue-6198.patch
  Fix build.
- Reduce libboost-*-devel dependencies to the ones suggested by
  upstream - see: -
  added libboost-atomic-devel.
* Wed Nov 29 2017
- Replace openssl-devel (Build)Requires with pkgconfig(openssl):
  allow OBS to pick openssl 1.0 if needed.
* Tue Feb 07 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
- boost_1_63_fix.patch: Compilation fix for Boost 1.63 (boo#1023886)
* Mon Apr 11 2016
- Update to 3.3.5:
  * WCartesianChart has several new features.
  * WAxisSliderWidget lets you easily focus on a particular range.
  * WPainter, WJavascriptHandle, WCanvasPaintDevice functionality
    was implemented by making client-side interaction possible.
  * WAnchor target (such as this window, or new window) moved to WLink.
  * A new TargetDownload target was added for links.
  * The included SQLite version was updated.
  * Support for seconds editing in WTimePicker.
  * Before it was only possible to set the partial state of the
    WCheckbox when creating the Widget.
  * The WApplication::setConnectionMonitor() method will let the
    user register a Javascript object that will be notified.
  * Support for custom HTML tags for a widgets.
  * Wt::Dbo: allow to forward declare related classes.
- Removed base64.patch as particularly merged into upstream.
- Removed doc subpackage: no content any more.
* Wed Oct 21 2015
- base64.patch: Fix invalid narrowing conversion
* Fri Apr 10 2015
- Update to version 3.3.4
  * Support for dedicated session processes with wthttp connector.
  * WIdentityProxyModel : This new proxy model simply forwards the
    structure of the source model, without any transformation, and
    can be used for implementing proxy models that reimplement data(),
    but retain all other characteristics of the source model.
  * Chart::WAbstractChart::setAutoLayoutEnabled() : Until now, you were
    responsible for configuring the padding around the chart area to
    accomodate for axis labels, titles, and legend. While this is
    still the default behaviour, we added an option to let the chart
    derive the required padding (using approximate font-metrics
    available server-side).
  * Chart::WCartesianChart::setAxis() : Whereas previously a chart axis
    was a "value class", it is now a proper polyymorphic class, and you
    can provide your own implementation. In this way you can customize
    things like for example label strings.
  * setPointSprite(): ability to define sprites for drawing a data series
  * pickSurface(): find out which points on a surface are under a given pixel
  * pickBar(): find out which points on a bar on are under a given pixel.
  * setIsoLevels(): draw iso lines (on the ground plane of the chart)
    corresponding to selected z values.
  * setClippingLinesEnabled(): ability to clip and optionally draw
    clipping planes
  * setIntersectionsEnabled(): ability to draw surface-surface
    intersection lines.
- Remove wt-boost-1.56.0.patch; merged on upstream relese
* Thu Dec 04 2014
- Add various missing dependencies and switches to ensure we build
  against system libraries
- add -dbo-* subpackages for db connectors, thus our core does not
  pull in all various database providers
- Cleanup with spec cleaner
- Remove support for < 12.3 as it failed to build there anyway
- Use %cmake macro instead of directly calling %cmake
- Version bump to 3.3.3:
  * various bugfixes
  * improved meta header support
- Add patch to build on Factory with boost 5.16.0:
  * wt-boost-1.56.0.patch
* Mon Apr 14 2014
- Added _constraints file to prevent out of memory issue.
* Thu Apr 03 2014
- Update to 3.3.2:
  * WRasterImage: now also support skia as backend.
  * Namespace Wt::Signals was created.
  * Checkboxes are rendered when CheckStateRole is present.
  * Client SSL certificates can be queried from WResources.
  * Fixed regression in resource continations.
  * Added binary WebGL VBO buffers.
  * Layouts: various bug fixes and improvements.
  * Render: added support for repeating table headers.
  * Render: added support for explicit page breaks and % widths.
  * Fix popup widgets confusing preferred size calculations.
  * New API for payment with an implementation for PayPal.
  * layouts: fix various issues.
  * WTextEdit: fix behaviour inside a WPanel.
  * Render: code reorganizations for java port.
  * QueryModel: added stableResultRow() method.
  * Dbo/Exception: add support for SQLSTATE code information.
  * Mail/Client: log configuration that will be used on first use.
  * WAnchor: use <a> tag even if no link has been provided.
  * WDoubleSpinBox: fix formatting.
  * WSlider: add more hooks for custom styles.
- Added SourceUrl.
- doxygen, firebird-devel, libharu-devel and pango-devel
  became required to build because of cmake warnings.
- Rpm_opt_flags became set via cmake option.
- DWT_CMAKE_FINDER_INSTALL_DIR cmake option became broken
  and was replaced by manual file moving.
- DBUILD_EXAMPLES cmake option was enabled
  because of FIXME comment at spec-file.
- DENABLE_EXT cmake option was enabled
  to satisfy leechcraft requirements.
- Don't package INSTALL file.
- RPM_BUILD_ROOT macro was replaced by buildroot.
- Let make be verbose: V=1.
* Sat Feb 11 2012
- Update to 3.2.0:
  * Backward incompatibile changes: WValidator::validate() now
    returns a WValidator::Result instead of a WValidator::State;
    major changes to WTestEnvironment.
  * New namespaces: Wt::Json, Wt::Mail, Wt::Auth.
  * New classes: WException, WIOService, WStringStream,
    Http::Client, Http::Message, Dbo::Firebird.
  * Add a Closeable property for dialogs.
  * Many log-related changes.
  * DOS mitigation measures.
  * Other changes (including deprecated API!) and bug fixes.
* Sat Jan 28 2012
- Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
- Parallel building using %_smp_mflags
* Mon Sep 26 2011
- Update to 3.1.11:
  * New classes: WLink, WMediaPlayer.
  * WDialog(s) can now optionally be resizeable.
  * Backward-incompatible change: the item data roles UrlRole and
    InternalPathRole have been removed, and replaced by a LinkRole.
  * Many ref(), resource(), imageRef(), url(), internalPath()
    methods have been deprecated in favor of a new link() method.
    The same has happened to the respective set*() methods.
  * WHTMLMedia, WHTMLVideo and WHTMLAudio have been renamed to
    WAbstractMedia, WVideo and WAudio. The old names are still
    available, but are now deprecated.
  * Other minor improvements (notably to WResource,
    Http::ResponseContinuation, WPopupMenu).
  * Many bug fixes.
* Tue Jul 12 2011
- Update to 3.1.10:
  * Backward-incompatibile change: The signature of the virtual
    method WWidget::setHidden() has changed. This will break
    existing code which specializes the WWidget::setHidden()
    method. This code should be updated to pass the WAnimation
  * New classes: WAnimation (for using CSS3 animations, when
    supported by the browser) and WStreamResource.
  * Now multiple WServer instances can be launched, but only when
    using the built-in httpd.
  * WTemplate and WText have now a setInternalPathEncoding()
  * WApplication has now a findWidget() method that searches among
    all widgets, even those outside WApplication::root().
  * WApplication has now a changeSessionId() method, that generates
    a new session ID (useful to prevent session fixation attacks).
  * WWidget has now an additional argument to the setToolTip()
    method, that allows to use XHTML tooltips (<div> blocks).
  * Other fixes and improvements.
* Sat Apr 09 2011
- Disable the generation of tests, because a boost bug prevents
  successful compilation of tests.
- Update to 3.1.9:
  * Refactoring of WSpinBox and WSlider widgets
  * Support the HTML5 History API
  * Font rendering improvements in WPdfImage, WRasterImage (C++)
  * Plural nouns in localization of strings (C++)
  * Thread-safe and lock-free user event delivery to sessions (C++)
* Mon Feb 21 2011
- The build requirement on postgresql-libs isn't needed anymore.
* Tue Feb 08 2011
- Update to 3.1.8:
  * New classes: WFontMetrics, Render::WTextRenderer and
  * Dbo: add support for foreign key constraints (NotNull,
    OnDeleteCascade, etc.).
  * Dbo: add SQL mappings for the C++ bool and long types.
  * wt.css was modified, so custom styles may need changes, too.
  * Wt::WBrushstyle has been renamed to Wt::BrushStyle.
* Tue Jan 11 2011
- Update to 3.1.7a:
  * fixed a regression in layout managers
- Update to 3.1.7:
  * WAbstractItemView: added support for column hiding
  * WebSession: add Web Sockets support.
  * Some bug fixes.
- Update to 3.1.6:
  * WFileUpload: allow multi-file uploads.
  * WFileUpload, WResource: support upload progress tracking (currently
    only with wthttpd).
  * WInteractWidget, WMouseEvent: add mouseWheel() event
  * Support IE9, enabling HTML5 features.
  * Wt::Dbo: handle more complex queries.
  * WPaintDevice: remove paintFlags() method; PaintUpdate is a property of
    the painted widget, and no longer something which has to do with
    WPainter. The library is reverted to the old behaviour of
    supporting multiple WPainters on a single paint device.
  * Many other improvements, too many to be listed here.
  * Some bug fixes.
* Wed Sep 22 2010
- Update to 3.1.5
  * This release contains mostly bug fixes.
- Update to 3.1.4
  * This release contains several new features, but also a few
  changes that break backwards compatibility (but are unlikely
  to affect an average application).
* Thu Jun 03 2010
- Build the Postgres libraries, too.
- Build the builtin httpd (wthttpd), too.
* Thu Jun 03 2010
- Build the Postgres libraries, too.
- Build the builtin httpd (wthttpd), too.