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Change Logs

Version: 2.8-bp152.1.1
* Sun Mar 29 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
- update to 2.8
- New features
  * core: add variable "old_full_name" in buffer,
    set during buffer renaming (issue #1428)
  * core: add debug option "-d" in command /eval (issue #1434)
  * api: add functions crypto_hash and crypto_hash_pbkdf2
  * api: add info "auto_connect" (issue #1453)
  * api: add info "weechat_headless" (issue #1433)
  * buflist: add pointer "window" in bar item evaluation
  * irc: add support of fake servers (no I/O, for testing purposes)
  * relay: accept hash of password in init command of weechat protocol
    with option "password_hash" (PBKDF2, SHA256, SHA512)
  * relay: reject client with weechat protocol if password or totp is
    received in init command but not set in WeeChat (issue #1435)
- Bug fixes
  * core: fix memory leak in completion
  * core: flush stdout/stderr before forking
    in hook_process function (issue #1441)
  * core: fix evaluation of condition with nested "if" (issue #1434)
  * irc: split AUTHENTICATE message in 400-byte chunks (issue #1459)
  * irc: copy temporary server flag in command /server copy
  * irc: add nick changes in the hotlist (except self nick change)
  * irc: case-insensitive comparison on incoming CTCP command,
    force upper case on CTCP replies (issue #1439)
  * irc: fix memory leak when the channel topic is changed
  * logger: fix crash when logging is disabled on a buffer
    and the log file was deleted in the meanwhile, when
    option logger.file.info_lines is on (issue #1444)
  * php: fix crash when loading script with PHP 7.4 (issue #1452)
  * relay: update buffers synchronization
    when buffers are renamed (issue #1428)
  * script: fix memory leak in read of script repository file
    if it has invalid content
  * script: fix unexpected display of scripts list in buffer
    with command /script list -i
  * xfer: send signal "xfer_ended" after the received file
    has been renamed (issue #1438)
- Tests
  * scripts: fix generation of test scripts with Python 3.8
  * unit: add tests on IRC protocol functions and callbacks
  * unit: add tests on function secure_derive_key
  * unit: add tests on functions util_get_time_diff and util_file_get_content
- Build
  * core: fix Cygwin build
  * guile: add detection of Guile 3.0.0 (issue #1442)
  * irc: fix build with GnuTLS < 3.1.0 (issue #1431)
  * php: add detection of PHP 7.4
  * ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.7 (issue #1455)
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
- update to 2.7.1
- Bug fixes
  * irc: fix crash when receiving a malformed message 352 (who)
  * irc: fix crash when a new message 005 is received with longer nick prefixes
  * irc: fix crash when receiving a malformed message 324 (channel mode) (CVE-2020-8955)
- removed CVE-2020-8955.patch: fixed upstream
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
- update to 2.7
- New features
  * core: add option weechat.look.nick_color_hash_salt to shuffle nick colors (issue #635)
  * core: add different icons sizes (16x16 to 512x512) (issue #1347)
  * core: add file weechat.desktop
  * core: add reverse of string for screen in evaluation of expressions with "revscr:"
  * core: add length of string (number of chars and on screen) in evaluation of expressions with "length:xxx" and "lengthscr:xxx"
  * core: add calculation of expression in evaluation of expressions with "calc:xxx" (issue #997)
  * core: add optional default path (evaluated) in completion "filename"
  * core: add support of modifiers in evaluation of expressions with "modifier:name,data,string"
  * api: add modifier "color_encode_ansi" (issue #528)
  * api: add modifier "eval_path_home"
  * irc: add filters on raw buffer (issue #1000)
  * irc: add option irc.look.display_pv_warning_address to display a warning in private buffer if the remote nick address has changed (issue #892)
  * irc: add server option "ssl_password" (issue #115, issue #1416)
  * irc: add "user" in output of irc_message_parse (issue #136)
  * irc: add options irc.color.message_kick and irc.color.reason_kick (issue #683, issue #684)
  * logger: add option logger.file.color_lines (issue #528, issue #621)
  * script: add options "-ol" and "-il" in command "/script list" to send translated string with list of scripts loaded, display "No scripts loaded" if no scripts are loaded
  * xfer: add option xfer.file.download_temporary_suffix with default value ".part" (issue #1237)
- Bug fixes
  * core: set buffer name, short name and title only if the value has changed
  * core: fix scrolling up in bare mode when switched to bare mode at the top of the buffer (issue #899, issue #978)
  * core: optimize load of configuration files
  * core: fix window separators not respecting window splits (issue #630)
  * core: fix cursor mode info when prefix_align is none and with words split across lines (issue #610, issue #617, issue #619)
  * core: add support of reverse video in ANSI color codes
  * core: fixed segfault during excessive evaluation in function string_repeat (issue #1400)
  * buflist: fix extra spaces between buffers when conditions are used to hide buffers (regression introduced in version 2.6) (issue #1403)
  * irc: do not automatically open a channel with name "0" (issue #1429)
  * irc: remove option, add server option "charset_message" to control which part of the IRC message is decoded/encoded to the target charset (issue #832)
  * irc: use path from option xfer.file.upload_path to complete filename in command "/dcc send" (issue #60)
  * logger: fix write in log file if it has been deleted or renamed (issue #123)
  * python: send "bytes" instead of "str" to callbacks in Python 3 when the string is not UTF-8 valid (issue #1389)
  * relay: send message "_buffer_title_changed" to clients only when the title is changed
  * xfer: fix memory leak when a xfer is freed and when the plugin is unloaded
- Tests
  * unit: add tests on GUI color functions
- Build
  * core: fix build on Haiku (issue #1420)
  * core: fix build on Alpine
  * core: remove file FindTCL.cmake
  * core: display an error on missing dependency in CMake (issue #916, issue #956)
  * debian: disable Javascript plugin on Debian Sid and Ubuntu Eoan
  * debian: build with Guile 2.2
  * guile: add support of Guile 2.2, disable /guile eval (issue #1098)
  * python: add detection of Python 3.8
* Fri Sep 13 2019 Maximilian Trummer <>
- update to 2.6
  * use Python 3 by default
  * add support of 32767 color pairs
  * add option "close" in command /window
  * add infos "term_colors" and "term_color_pairs"
  * add infolist "buflist" with list of buffer pointers
  * evaluate option, change default value to "${env:SHELL}"
  * add filters "h=xxx" and "he=xxx" to filter options by description in fset buffer (translated or in English)
  * make command char optional in server option "command"
  * remove default aliases /ame and /amsg
  * many bugs fixed.
* Mon Sep 02 2019 Adriaan Struys <>
- add obsolete for weechat-aspell
* Mon Sep 02 2019 Adriaan Struys <>
- update to 2.5
  * the "aspell" plugin has been renamed to "spell", a more generic term, because it supports aspell and also enchant
  * add support of UNIX socket
  * fix memory leaks
  * more bugfixes and new options
- change subpackage 'weechat-aspell' to 'weechat-spell' to reflect plugin namechange
* Mon Feb 25 2019 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to 2.4
  * add command line option "-t" (or "--temp-dir")
  * add support of Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)
  * add option to customize the shell used with /exec -sh
  * add support of close frame in websocket connection
* Mon Nov 26 2018
- remove guile bindings as they are not compatible with guile-2.2
  Upstream work for guile-2.2:
  part of boo#1117121
- obsoletes weechat-guile
* Tue Oct 23 2018 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to version 2.3
  * add hook "line"
  * add option "-P" (or "--plugins") to customize the plugins to load at startup
  * allow multiple options "-r" ("--run-command") in command line arguments
  * allow allow partial buffer name and multiple arguments in command /buffer close
  * allow specifying buffer number/name for /buffer localvar
  * allow creation of temporary variables with the regex in trigger plugin
  * add real IP in client description in relay plugin
  * add repeat of string in evaluation of expressions with "repeat:count,string"
  * many bugs fixed.
* Tue Jul 17 2018
- update to 2.2
  * add support of list options in curl
  * allow merge of buffers by name in command /buffer
  * add reverse of string in evaluation of expressions with "rev:"
  * add indexed ban list and completion for /unban and /unquiet (IRC plugin)
  * add support for IRCv3.2 Client Capability Negotiation
  * add support for IRCv3.2 invite-notify
  * add support for IRCv3.2 chghost, add options irc.look.smart_filter_chghost
    and irc.color.message_chghost
  * add option
  * add support of Python 3.7
  * fix memory leaks scripting plugins
  * many bugs fixed.
Version: 2.1-bp150.3.3.1
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- fix boo#1163889 - CVE-2020-8955 , add patch CVE-2020-8955.patch
Version: 2.1-bp150.2.4
* Mon Mar 19 2018
- Ensure neutrality of description.
- Use -exec over xargs.
* Mon Mar 19 2018
- update to 2.1
- build python plugin against python3
  * core: add binary weechat-headless to run WeeChat without interface, with
  optional daemon mode (command line option "--daemon")
  * core: add options "-newbuffer", "-free" and "-switch" in command /print
  * core: add option "-y" in command /print, add support of buffers with free content
  * core: add option "add" in command /buffer
  * core: add option weechat.completion.partial_completion_templates to force
    partial completion on specific templates
  * api: add hashtable with variables in plugin structure
  * irc: add server option "split_msg_max_length"
  * logger: add option logger.file.fsync
  * logger: add option logger.look.backlog_conditions)
  * scripts: add configuration file for each script plugin
  * scripts: add "eval" option in script commands and info "xxx_eval"
  * scripts: add infos "xxx_interpreter" and "xxx_version" in script plugins
  * scripts: add option "version" in script commands
  * api: add time in info "date" (WeeChat compilation date/time)
  * irc: allow ${} and ${server} in server evaluated options
  * script: change default value of option script.look.sort from "p,n" to "i,p,n"
  * scripts: display the script name in stdout/stderr output from scripts
  * core: fix regression on execution of hook_print callbacks
* Thu Dec 21 2017
- update to 2.0.1
  * python: fix arguments status/gnutls_rc/sock in hook_connect() callback
  * python: fix argument fd in hook_fd() callback
  * core: add flag "input_get_empty" in buffer
  * core: add signals "buffer_filters_enabled" and "buffer_filters_disabled"
  * core: support loading of plugins from path in environment
  * alias: add infolist "alias_default" (list of default aliases)
  * buflist: add two new bar items ("buflist2" and "buflist3") using the same
    format configuration options
  * buflist: add option buflist.look.add_newline
  * fset: new plugin "fset" (fast set of WeeChat and plugins options)
  * core: make value optional in command /buffer set
  * core: allow floating point and hexadecimal numbers in comparison of evaluated values
  * core: add option weechat.look.save_config_with_fsync
  * api: add support of prefix "quiet:" in function key_unbind() to quietly remove keys
  * api: add argument "recurse_subdirs" in function exec_on_files()
  * script: add local variable "filter" in the script buffer
  * core: do not change the chat prefix size when a filtered line is added
  * core: fix display of nicks in nicklist when they are in a group with sub-groups
  * core, plugins: check return code of strftime function
  * core: fix cast of time_t (to "long long" instead of "long")
  * core: call the config hook when options are renamed or removed
  * api: change type of arguments status/gnutls_rc/sock in hook_connect() callback
    from string to integer (in scripts)
  * api: change type of argument fd in hook_fd() callback from
    string to integer (in scripts)
  * buflist: remove recursive evaluation of extra variables
  * guile: return integer (0/1) instead of boolean in API functions
  * guile: fix return value of static strings in API functions
  * irc: do not clear nicklist when joining an already joined channel if
    the option irc.look.buffer_open_before_join is on
  * irc: fix CTCP PING reply when the option is set to non-empty value
  * lua: fix boolean return value (as integer) in API functions
  * relay: fix parsing of CAP command without arguments in irc protocol, send ACK
    only if all capabilities received are OK and NAK otherwise
  * core: fix build with ncurses and separate tinfo
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- Version update to 1.9.1:
  * Security update to fix CVE-2017-14727 bsc#1060140
* Sun Jun 25 2017
- update to 1.9
  * improve speed of nicklist bar item callback
  * add auto scroll of buflist bar with new option buflist.look.auto_scroll
  * add option
  * add variables ${format_name}, ${current_buffer} and ${merged}@@ in buflist
  * display a warning in buflist when the script is loaded
  * add server/channel pointers in trigger IRC callbacks
  * add API functions config_option_get_string and hdata_compare
  * fix bind of Space key
  * many bugs fixed.
  * buflist.look.auto_scroll
  * F1/F2: scroll buflist bar
* Mon May 15 2017
- update to 1.8
  * add option weechat.completion.nick_case_sensitive
  * add wilcard matching operator, cut of string and ternary operator
    in evaluation of expressions
  * add resize of window parents with /window resize [h/v]size
  * add plugin "buflist" (bar with list of buffers)
  * add arraylist and dynamic string functions in API
  * add option "open" in command /server
  * add signal "irc_server_lag_changed" and store the lag
    in the server buffer (local variable)
  * add aspell options to control delimiters in suggestions
  * add option "-include" in commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv
  * many bugs fixed.
* Sat Apr 22 2017
- Update to version 1.7.1
  * irc: fix parsing of DCC filename CVE-2017-8073 (boo#1036467)
* Sun Jan 15 2017
- Update to version 1.7
  * New features
    + core: add option weechat.look.align_multiline_words
    + core: add optional command prefix in completion templates "commands",
  "plugins_commands" and "weechat_commands"
    + core: add optional arguments in completion template, sent to the callback
    + core: add option "time" in command /debug
    + api: add info "uptime" (WeeChat uptime)
    + api: add info "pid" (WeeChat PID)
    + fifo: add file fifo.conf and option fifo.file.path to customize
  FIFO pipe path/filename
    + irc: add server option "usermode"
    + irc: add tag "self_msg" on self messages
  * Improvements
    + core, xfer: display more information on fork errors
    + core: add a slash before commands completed in arguments of /command,
  /debug time, /key bind, /key bindctxt, /mute, /repeat, /wait
    + core: add a warning in header of configuration files to not edit by hand
    + alias: add a slash before commands completed in arguments of /alias
    + exec: add option "-oc" in command /exec to execute commands in process
  output, don?t execute commands by default with "-o"
    + irc: evaluate content of server option "ssl_fingerprint"
    + irc: change default value of option from 0 to 300
    + trigger: do not hide email in command "/msg nickserv register password email"
  * Bug fixes
    + core: fix deadlock when quitting after a signal SIGHUP/SIGQUIT/SIGTERM
  is received
    + core: fix display of empty lines in search mode
    + api: fix crash in function string_expand_home() when the HOME environment
  variable is not set
    + exec: fix memory leak in display of process output
    + irc: fix option "-temp" in command /server
    + irc: fix close of server channels which are waiting for the JOIN when
  the server buffer is closed
    + irc: fix buffer switching on manual join for forwarded channels
    + irc: add missing tags on CTCP message sent
    + lua: fix integers returned in Lua >= 5.3
    + relay: make HTTP headers case-insensitive for WebSocket connections
    + relay: set status to "authentication failed" and close immediately
  connection in case of authentication failure in weechat and irc protocols
    + script: reload a script after upgrade only if it was loaded, set autoload
  only if the script was auto-loaded
* Sun Oct 02 2016
- update to version 1.6
- removed weechat-doc subpackage, ( BuildRequires dep missing )
  * New features:
  + core: add optional argument "lowest", "highest" or level mask in command
    /input hotlist_clear
  + core: add option "cycle" in command /buffer
  + api: add "extra" argument to evaluate extra variables in function
  + relay: add option
  + trigger: add support for one-time triggers
  + core, irc, xfer: display more information in memory allocation errors
  + api: remove functions printf_date() and printf_tags()
  + irc: rename server options "default_msg_{kick|part|quit}" to
    "msg_{kick|part|quit}", evaluate them
  + relay: allow escape of comma in command "init" (weechat protocol)
  Bug fixes
  + core, irc, xfer: refresh domain name and name server addresses before
    connection to servers (fix connection to servers after suspend mode)
  + api: fix return of function string_match() when there are multiple masks
    in the string
  + api: fix crash in function network_connect_to() if address is NULL
  + api: fix connection to servers with hook_connect() on Windows 10 with
    Windows subsystem for Linux
  + api: fix crash in function string_split_command() when the separator
    is not a semicolon
  + irc: fix socket leak in connection to server
  + irc: fix display of service notice mask (message 008)
  + irc: fix NULL pointer dereference in 734 command callback
  + relay: return an empty hdata when the requested hdata or pointer is not found
  + xfer: fix crash on DCC send if option xfer.file.auto_accept_nicks is set
  + switch to asciidoctor to build docs and man page
* Tue Jun 14 2016
- fix typo in %if conditional
* Sun May 15 2016
- update to 1.5
  * New features:
  + core: add Portuguese translations
  + core: change default value of option weechat.look.nick_color_hash to "djb2"
  + core: move nick coloring from irc plugin to core, move options
  irc.look.nick_color_force, irc.look.nick_color_hash and
  irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars to core, add info "nick_color" and
  "nick_color_name", deprecate info "irc_nick_color" and "irc_color_name"
  + core: move irc bar item "away" to core, move options irc.look.item_away_message
  and irc.color.item_away to core
  + api: add support of functions in hook_process
  + api: add pointer in callbacks used in scripting API
  + irc: add option
  + irc: add multiple targets and support of "-server" in command /ctcp
  + ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.3
  + trigger: add "recover" in default triggers cmd_pass/msg_auth, and "regain"
  in default trigger "msg_auth"
  * Bugs fixed:
  + core: fix nick coloring when stop chars and a forced color are used: first
  remove chars then look for forced color
  + core: check that pointers received in arguments are not NULL in buffers
  and windows functions
  + core: fix truncation of buffer names in hotlist
  + core: fix update of window title under Tmux
  + core: fix detection of Python shared libraries
  + api: fix number of arguments returned by function string_split() when
  keep_eol is 2 and the string ends with separators
  + irc: fix first message displayed in raw buffer when the message is modified
  by a modifier
  + irc: add missing completion "*" for target in command /msg
  + irc: fix /msg command with multiple targets including "*"
  + lua: fix crash when a lua function doesn?t return a value and a string
  was expected
  + relay: do not execute any command received in a PRIVMSG message from
  an irc relay client
  + relay: fix the max number of clients connected on a port, allow value
  0 for "no limit"
  + relay: fix decoding of multiple frames in a single websocket message, send
  PONG on PING received in a websocket frame
  + relay: fix command "input" received from clients with only spaces in content
  of message (weechat protocol)
  + script: force refresh of scripts buffer after download of scripts list
  + xfer: fix DCC file received when the terminal is resized
* Sun Mar 20 2016
- Fix build-compare
- include .changes file as Source so that .src.rpm can be rebuilt
* Thu Feb 18 2016
- fix sle12 conditional
* Mon Jan 11 2016
- add weechat.keyring and verify source tarball by gpg
* Sun Jan 10 2016
- Version bump to 1.4
  + New features:
  * core: add a parent name in options, display inherited values if null in /set
  output, add option weechat.color.chat_value_null
  * core: add tag "term_warning" in warnings about wrong $TERM on startup
  * core: add option weechat.look.paste_auto_add_newline
  * core: display a more explicit error when a filter fails to be added
  * api: add function string_hex_dump()
  * api: add argument "length" in function utf8_is_valid()
  * alias: display completion in /alias list
  * fifo: add /fifo command
  * irc: evaluate content of server option "addresses"
  * irc: move option into servers
  * irc: track real names using extended-join and WHO
  * irc: add support of SNI (Server Name Indication) in SSL connection
  to IRC server
  * irc: use current channel and current server channels first in completions
  "irc_server_channels" and "irc_channels"
  * irc: add support of "cap-notify" capability
  * irc: add command /cap
  * irc: add hex dump of messages in raw buffer when debug is enabled for irc
  plugin (level 2 or more)
  * logger: display system error when the log file can not be written
  * relay: add option relay.irc.backlog_since_last_message
  * script: add completion with languages and extensions, support search by
  language/extension in /script search
  * script: add option script.scripts.download_timeout
  * doc: add Czech man page and quickstart guide
  * tests: check if all plugins are loaded
  + Bugs fixed:
  * core: fix execution of empty command name ("/" and "/ " are not valid
  * core: fix memory leak when using multiple "-d" or "-r" in command line
  * core: don?t complain any more about "tmux" and "tmux-256color" $TERM values
  when WeeChat is running under tmux
  * core: fix truncated messages after a word with a length of zero on screen
  (for example a zero width space: U+200B)
  * api: fix handle of invalid escape in function string_convert_escaped_chars()
  * alias: do not allow slashes and spaces in alias name
  * irc: fix channel forwarding when option
  irc.look.buffer_open_before_{autojoin|join} is on
  * irc: add a missing colon before the password in PASS message, if the password
  has spaces or begins with a colon
  * irc: fix charset decoding in incoming private messages
  * irc: display the arrow before server name in raw buffer
  * irc: fix display of messages sent to server in raw buffer
  * irc: fix display of invalid UTF-8 chars in raw buffer
  * relay: display the arrow before client id and protocol in raw buffer
  * ruby: fix load of scripts requiring "uri"
  * ruby: fix Ruby detection when pkg-config is not installed
  * tests: fix locale used to execute tests
* Sun Aug 16 2015
- Version bump to 1.3:
  * core: add completion "colors" (issue #481)
  * core: start/stop search in buffer at current scroll position by default, add
  key Ctrl+q to stop search and reset scroll (issue #76, issue #393)
  * core: add option weechat.look.key_grab_delay to set the default delay when
  grabbing a key with Alt+k
  * core: add option weechat.look.confirm_upgrade (issue #463)
  * core: allow Ctrl+c to exit WeeChat when the passphrase is asked on startup (issue #452)
  * core: allow pointer as list name in evaluation of hdata (issue #450)
  * core: add signal "signal_sighup"
  * api: add support of evaluated sub-strings and current date/time in function
  string_eval_expression() and command /eval
  * api: add function string_eval_path_home()
  * alias: add options "add", "addcompletion" and "del" in command /alias, remove
  command /unalias (issue #458)
  * irc: add option (issue #218, issue #482)
  * irc: add option irc.color.topic_current (issue #475)
  * irc: evaluate content of server option "nicks"
  * logger: evaluate content of option logger.file.path (issue #388)
  * relay: display value of HTTP header "X-Real-IP" for websocket connections (issue #440)
  * script: rename option script.scripts.dir to script.scripts.path, evaluate content
  of option (issue #388)
  * xfer: evaluate content of options xfer.file.download_path and xfer.file.upload_path (issue #388)
  * many bug fixes
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- Ensure we use system CA ca-bundle.pem file by hardcoding it
- Remove patch:
  * weechat-capath.patch
* Sat Jul 04 2015
- Version bump to 1.2:
  - add options to customize word chars (for detecting word boundaries)
  - add a welcome message on first WeeChat run
  - add options to customize quoted messages (in cursor mode)
  - add support of environment variables in evaluated expressions
  - add IRC SASL mechanism "ecdsa-nist256p-challenge"
  - add support of SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms in IRC server option "ssl_fingerprint"
  - add support of IRC capability "account-notify"
  - remove "freenode" server from default config
  - new script plugin for javascript
  - many bugs fixed.
- Refreshed patch:
  * weechat-capath.patch
* Mon Feb 16 2015
- Version bump to 1.1.1:
  * core: fix random error when creating symbolic link weechat-curses on make install with cmake (bug #40313)
  * core: fix crash when a root bar has conditions different from active/inactive/nicklist (closes #317)
  * irc: don?t close channel buffer on second /part when option irc.look.part_closes_buffer is off (closes #313)
  * irc: fix /join on a channel buffer opened with autojoin but which failed to join
  * irc: send QUIT to server and no PART for channels when the server buffer is closed (closes #294)
  * irc: fix order of channel buffers opened when option irc.look.server_buffer is set to "independent", irc.look.buffer_open_before_autojoin to "on" and irc.look.new_channel_position to "near_server" (closes #303)
  * irc: fix crash in buffer close when server name is the same as a channel name (closes #305)
* Wed Jan 28 2015
- Recommend lang package and perl/python scripting support as
  bare iron weechat is bit boring