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Change Logs

Version: 8.1.0-bp150.2.6
* Wed Dec 13 2017
- Added frei0r-plugins-opencv as runtime requirement to account
  for (boo#1068792)
* Tue Oct 10 2017
- Update to version 8.1.0
  * Improved startup time.
  * Deadlock when audio recording is enabled my be solved now.
    Audio recording enabled by default again.
  * Hopefully, fixed many segfaults in many platforms.
- Dropped webcamoid-fix_man.patch (merged upstream)
* Sat Jun 17 2017
- Update to version 8.0.0
  * Added support for Mac and FreeBSD (virtual camera is not
    supported  * yet).
  * Added new masks to the FaceDetect plugin.
  * Now is possible to Switch between FFmpeg and GStreamer on
  * Added support for ALSA, OSS, JACK and QAudio.
  * Added support for libuvc.
  * Now is possible to select the desired input and output device,
    and  * configure playback and capture formats.
  * More translations updates.
  * Added options for configuring plugins search paths and
    blacklist  * in GUI.
  * Added options for configuring the desired frameworks and
  * Added formats and codecs config in recording options.
  * FFmpeg >= 3.1 required.
  * Added support for MSVC2013 and MSVC2015 build.
  * Added option for configure FPS in DesktopCapture plugin.
  * Added updates options.
  * AppImage support.
- Added webcamoid-fix_man.patch to address build problem on
* Fri May 12 2017
- Update to version 7.2.1
  * Added alternative root method (VirtualCamera). See ROOT_METHOD
    on project wiki.
  * C++11 support enabled by default.
  * Using new algorithm for Cartoon plugin.
  version 7.2.0:
  * Fixed problems when recording.
  * Added timer and flash when taking photos.
  * Better virtual camera management.
  * Added Virtual camera support for Windows.
  * Added GIF recording support (FFmpeg only).
  * Improved webcam format selection.
  * UI improvements.
  * Added play on start option.
  * Added C++11 support for Clang build.
- Renamed package to webcamoid
* Fri Apr 29 2016
- Update to version 7.1.0
  * Reworked audio system.
  * Added support for compressed formats in webcams.
  * No more lags in the UI when capturing from webcam.
  * Added Windows installer.
  * Windows port finally working! EXPERIMENTAL!
  * Reworked recording options. More user friendly.
  * Removed unnecessary dependencies.
  * Many effects reworked and bugfixed.
  * Added GStreamer support, EXPERIMENTAL!
  * Fixed SEGFAULT when switching the effects.
  * Added virtual camera support (GNU/Linux only).
  * Added command line options for controlling plugins search.
  * Reworked Cartoonify plugin.
  * Some improvements in FaceDetect plugin.
  * Added Canny mode for Edge detection plugin.
  * Improved Blur and Denoise plugins.
  * Fixed QDataStream missing header.
  * Removed OpenCV as dependency (yes, again).
  * Fixed Denoise plugin SEGFAULT.
  * Translations updated.
  * New Qml UI, more user friendly.
  * Now, the effects can be customized.
  * A lot of bug fixes.
  * From now on, Webcamoid will be developed using Qt5.
  * Removed Frei0r from dependencies.
  * Added OpenCV as dependency (Face detection).
  * Removed plasmoid build since Qt5 plugins aren't compatible
    with Qt4/KDE4.
  * Now, Webcamoid can be compiled using MinGW.
  * Added webcam capture support through DirectShow.
  * There are still some patches needed to make it fully work
    in Windows.
  * Modified the effects preview for reducing resources usage.
  * Fixed stream flush on recording stop.
  * Enhanced webm video recording.
  * Release Candidate version.
  * Ported to Qt5 (without the plasmoid).
  * Removed KDElibs as dependency, but still required for
    Qt4 build.
  * Removed QImageBlitz as dependency.
  * Added more effects.
  * Fixed video sync.
  * Initial port to Windows (help needed).
- Switched to Qt5
- Switched to ffmpeg 3.0
- Spec cleanup
* Tue Sep 22 2015
- Use pkgconfig for ffmpeg BuildRequires
* Mon Feb 10 2014
- Update to version 5.0.0b2
* Fri May 03 2013
- spec for openSUSE build changes:
  + Installpath all lowercase (patch)
  + Install under kde4_appsdir
  + generate help file
  + refresh translations
  + actually register plasmoid inside kde4_servicesdir
  + fix categories for desktop file
* Sun Oct 14 2012
- initial packaging