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Change Logs

Version: 0.11.5-bp150.2.4
* Wed Mar 15 2017
- Trim descriptions
- Replace unnecessary uses of %__ indirections in macros,
  remove redundant %clean section, do parallel build with %_smp_mflags.
* Sun Feb 19 2017
- updated to version 0.11.5
  * Fixed ActiveSync element data of code pages ResolveRecipients and
    GAL (issue #52 from Thomas F├╝hrer, fixed in pull request #53).
  * Added definitions of ActiveSync protocoll v16.0 (pull request #32 from Gil Hartmann).
  * Added support to build a static library (issue #22 and pull requests #23, #24, #25,
    [#26] and #27 from Gaurav Gupta).
  * Added support for MacOS X to Travis CI environment.
  * Added support for ccache (pull request #44 from Gaurav Gupta).
  * Fixed some memory leaks (pull requests #43 and #45 from Renu Tyagi).
  * Avoid malloc typecasts (pull requests #31, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39 and #40 from Gaurav Gupta).
  * Added support for automated testing with
  * Fixed memory leak in function wbxml_strtbl_collect_words of wbxml_encoder (pull request #21 from Gaurav Gupta).
  * Fixed memory leak in function wbxml_strtbl_check_references of wbxml_encoder (pull request #20 from Gaurav Gupta).
  * If pkg-config is used then use the provided ldflags (pull request #19 from Jeroen Dekkers).
* Mon Jan 31 2011
- updated to version 0.10.9
  * Added correct default behaviour to parse_charset. If no character
    set is specified in a WBXML document then UTF-8 is assumed until
    there is another specification in the transport meta-information.
    (ticket #52)
  * Added several tokens for Microsoft ActiveSync v14.0 revision 8.0
    (ticket #53). The patch was supplied by Amnon Aaronsohn.
  * Fixed iconv support (ticket #52)
  * Fixed wrong WBXML table token for OMA DM DDF (ticket #51)
  * Fixed locations of variable definitions and replaced strtoull by
    strtoul (changes from ticket #42 and #50).
    This fixes some compiler errors from MS VisualStudio 2008 and 9.0.
  * Fixed integer overflow in opaque data parsing (ticket #54).
    The patch was supplied by Amnon Aaronsohn.
  * Fixed unsigned integer overflow (patch from ticket #41)
    The overflow causes crashs or wrong wbxml messages.
  * Added support for recursion in wbxml_tree_node_elt_get_from_name
    (ticket #46)
* Tue Apr 20 2010
- updated to version 0.10.8
  * Added a fix for the broken vFormat handling in the SyncML
    specification. All LFs are replaced by CRLFs in every vFormat
    object inside a SyncML message (ticket #38).
  * Added Nokia ConML support (ticket #35).
    There is no public documentation available from Nokia. The
    transformation tables were created from sniffed WBXML documents.
    The patch was supplied by Anton D. Kachalov.
  * Removed OMA DM tests because the OMA did not grant a permission
    for the inclusion (ticket #36).
* Mon Aug 03 2009
- removed ddf testcases (bnc#515194)
* Wed May 13 2009
- updated to version 0.10.7
  * If the operating system environment has a built-in getopt
    implementation then the cmake environment disables the internal
    implementation of libwbxml and uses the getopt function of the
    operating system. This avoids clashes with variables which are
    declared extern and explicit but already exists in the default
    POSIX header files (e.g. optopt).
* Fri Apr 24 2009
- updated to version 0.10.6
  * Extended (updated) tables for Microsoft AirSync
    (The patch was supplied by Ossi Jormakka from Ixonos Plc.)
  * Expat splits <html> into three separate text nodes.
    Therefore it is necessary to scan for splitted text nodes and
    merge them into a single consistent text node.
  * Fixed race condition in WV datetime opaque encoding
* Mon Mar 30 2009
- updated to version 0.10.5
  * Fixed library installation path for win32 (ticket #31)
    (The patch was supplied by Jeremy Laine.)
* Thu Mar 12 2009
- updated to version 0.10.4
  * Fixed the byte order of the WV datetime opaque encoding (the bytes
    were written in the reversed order)
  * Fixed the time zone byte handling in the WV datetime opaque encoding
    (e.g. A means UTC+1, Z must be 0x5a) (ticket #30)
  * Added correct timezone handling for WV datetime opaque parser
  * Added support for WV datetime inline encoding. All timestamps which
    use the full ISO style like 2001-09-12T13:09:12+02:00 are encoded
    as inline strings. This style is strongly recommended because time
    zones like UTC+09:30 of Darwin in Australia are supported too.
    (ticket #30)
  * Added support for an EXPECTED value to the XML normalization script
* Mon Feb 23 2009
- updated to version 0.10.3
  * Added support for SourceParent in SyncML 1.1.
    This is a proprietary extension to support things like the SMS and
    bookmark synchronization of Nokia.
* Fri Feb 13 2009
- updated to version 0.10.2
  * Added support for OMA DM DDF 1.2 (ticket #7).
  * DRMREL 1.0 test cases were disabled because of the poor
    specification (e.g. hard coded names for XML namespaces and
    definition of such namespaces as (WB)XML attributes).
  * The generated XML documents of the most tests (conversion from XML
    to WBXML back to XML) are compared with the original documents.
    Only special tests are not covered (e.g. hexadecimal number
    conversion, SyncML CDATA usage).
  * If there is no PUBLIC ID then DOCTYPE must include PUBLIC "" or
    SYSTEM. libwbxml always adds SYSTEM in this case.
  * Fixed datetime support for Wireless Village (ticket #27).
  * Extension tokens must not be replaced within normal text data
    (ticket #26).
  * Ticket #13 was rejected because the mentioned specification is only
    a today outdated OMA change request. Perhaps a new specification
    must be implemented in case of a new request.
  * Created a script to normalize XML documents.
  * The getopt implementation was replaced because of a potential
    license issue. This fixed a Solaris build issue too (ticket #25).
* Fri Jan 09 2009
- updated to version 0.10.1
  * LIBDATA_INSTALL_DIR was introduced (used by pkgconfig).
  * The installation of the documentation can be disabled.
  * All tests are executed as standalone tests to get more
    detailed informations if a test fails.
  * Removed a useless buffer which only creates a memory leak.
* Tue Dec 16 2008
- updated to libwbxml 0.10.0
  * libwbxml is now maintained by the OpenSync project
  * the new homepage is
  * Build system switched to cmake from GNU autotools.
  * Tests were integrated and can be used via make test.
  * Fixed a couple of issues with SyncML
  * Fixed segfault in wbxml_encoder.c - Thanks Stijn van Drongelen
  * Size changed to MaxSize in OMA DS 1.2 DevInf
  * Fixed ticket #14 with patch from ticket (hexadecimal integer support
    for Wireless-Village)
  * Added datetime encoding support for Wireless-Village. (The encoder
    can tolerate missing seconds like in the tests.)
  * Added Sax like entity parsing
  * Namespaces support
  * Miscellaneous build fixes and anonymous document support
  * Fixed for wrong doctype detection
  * The inclusion of expat and iconv header files were moved to an
    internal header file.
  * The configuration parameters which are relevant for users are placed
    in wbxml_config.h.
  * Fixed SO naming
- changed build env to cmake
- added wbxml2-tools subpackage
- updated license to LGPL v2.1 or later
- dropped patches (all included in libwbxml 0.10.0)
* Tue Nov 18 2008
- added patch (09-devinf-doctype.patch) from Michael Bell
  - The embedded DevInf document is now prefixed with correct doctype
    during internal XML to WBXML conversion. This leeds to correct
    DevInf 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 embedded WBXML. The old code always
    embeds a SyncML 1.2 DevInf (e.g. in a SyncML 1.1 message).
* Fri Nov 07 2008
- fixed syncml-fix.diff which leads to broken libsyncml testcases
* Thu Sep 04 2008
- Size tag was changed to MaxSize in OMA DS 1.2 Device
* Mon Aug 18 2008
- updated to 0.9.2_SVN59
  * fixed segfault
- updated patches
- added new patch (syncml-fix.diff) from Michael Bell
* Sat Jan 12 2008
- remove wrong hardcoded require on libexpat0 >= 1.95.4
- fix -devel package dependencies.
- pkgconfig script wrongly injected uneeded dependencies.
- fix library-without-ldconfig-* errors
* Thu May 03 2007
- splitted wbxml2 to libwxbml2-0, libwbxml2-devel and wbxml2-tools
- updated to 0.9.2_SVN48:
  * several SyncML fixes
- removed .*a files
- updated project URL
* Thu May 03 2007
- require libexpat0 instead